Last moment deviation tactics

Yes, yes, yes … I have not forgotten Warren. We are just a phone call away from fantastic reforms for America. This is when they launched this attack on the Saudi oil facilities. And they are trying to mislead Trump into a catastrophic war, possibly via cash incentives. If Trump goes for this war then it destroys everything what we did since the past 3 years. It becomes a disaster for everyone … for Trump, his Presidency, America, Europe, Russia and the Middle East. It’s a disaster for everyone.

The Establishment is shocked at:

  • The scale of our progress
  • The scale of victories that we have delivered for Trump and
  • How close we are to fantastic victories via reforms

Once the reforms begin then the game is over for them … there will be no stopping. The reforms are designed like that. So, what you are seeing out there is a last minute gimmick by the Establishment to deviate this route and take us into a disastrous route of wars. They know … we can easily win via Trump or Warren … both of them can take America into a new fantastic era.

Many of the SM Groups are also chilling saying that … “this seems like a lovely live simulation … let’s see how Trump manages this. After all, he won against hundreds of politicians and thousands of companies … this must be as easy as tic-tac-toe for him.” They want to see our highly experienced and knowledgeable guy in the lead. They are using this as a test to see … who to rally behind. If Trump can really manage wars and not get carried away via terror events … if he can control the urge to jump for war … then they say … “yes, Trump can work with you for the next 5 years and we will support your team.” But if Trump jumps for war then … “war and reforms don’t go hand in hand … there cannot be a team … and thus we cannot support Trump in 2020”.

It was just one event but it has effects in several spheres:

  • We have to manage what the Establishment intends from this malice
  • We have to manage what SM Networks are looking in this event for
  • We have to manage what will happen to the Trump Presidency if wrong moves are made
  • We have to manage what will happen to America, Europe, Russia and the Middle East via this event

Every war move has a 4 fold management perspective required. Then you get to know the best line of action. Why should we lose Trump? He is a good guy … he is all clean … there are no issues with his Presidency now … why should we allow the Establishment to mislead him and screw it up in the final stages? Trump deserves help and protection at this stage. I liked his careful moves … I liked that he went for investigations first … and I liked that he did not resort to warmongering immediately after the event. This is good leadership. We should help him.

As far as Warren is concerned … she has a lot of baggage with her policies. These are not “her policies” but she is copying fraudulent Socialist policies from Bernie Sanders and AOC. Both of her policies … Medicare for all and climate change … both of them are King Kong disasters. And she has many more disasters but they are at a smaller scale than these.

We know … she is a lovely, humble and a wonderful person who will learn and change … we love her too. We are more than eager to help her as well … we have not abandoned her. Its an ongoing crisis out there … that’s why we had to help Trump. There is nothing more new to tell her … “just get in touch and we will help her” … she already knows it. And that’s why there is nothing much to talk about her.

Just like we made the promise to SM Groups … we like both candidates … we will work with whoever gets in touch with us first. This is our formula. Just because her policies are Socialist disasters, it does not mean that we don’t like her or that we will not work with her. She is a wonderful candidate … she will be an excellent President (when her policies are right) … we love her. And we will show her how to mold these policies without much backlash … we will show her how to do it right. She can win that way.

She is a newcomer in the game … mistakes should be expected … but after mistakes are made then “readiness to fix the mistakes” is much more important … than the mistake being made.