The Moses Moment

Dear lady … just tweeting support is not enough. I told both candidates the same thing. “Forget about arranging for funds. First call and confirm the collaboration. We need to know who is going to lead America … we can arrange for the funds as we go along.” This applies to you and Warren.

What’s happening at the ground level is … if I support Warren then Pro-Trump groups are complaining that … “hey, Trump has experienced and withstood it all. He is ready to win. He is just one step away. Why are you giving up on Trump?” If I support Trump then Pro-Warren groups are saying that … “hey, this guy didn’t do anything for you … instead, he took all of the help that he could from you and went on an appeasement track for the Establishment. We had to bring in Warren just to work with you. She is in the game only to work with you. Why are you turning your back on her?”

This is the current issue. America is standing at a turning point between Trump and Warren. If I choose either of you there is a problem in the Networks. I would personally prefer Trump … because by choosing Trump, I would not lose Warren. I can raise Warren in the game again in 2024. This way both of them get to win. But even making this choice is creating an issue because till date there has been no response from Trump.

That’s why the formula that I have put out there is … I will work with whoever gets in touch with me first … let us use the initiative from the other side to justify supporting the candidate. The candidate made the initiative … that’s why we are working with him / her. This justifies the choice that we made. Doesn’t matter who is ahead in the game or not … doesn’t matter who is at what state … we can train them and move them forward. This proposal has been accepted among the SM Networks.

The Moses Moment
Lol … millions of members in the SM groups are waiting for the “Moses Moment”. Do you know what that is? You know when … Moses went to Nemeses … all magicians were doing their own magic and they were creating snakes out of ropes … and Moses throws down the shaft that he was holding … it turns into a big python that eats away all of the little snakes created by the other magicians. This is the Moses Moment … it was the triumph of truth over false … triumph of right over wrong … triumph of divine over Satan.

The current situation in America is almost the same. The tide in America has changed … it has moved from war to reforms. Everyone out there has a “plan, plan, plan”. Most of these plans are rigged with misleading that the candidates themselves don’t understand. Most of these plans will result in trillions of wealth being drained to the same Satanic Establishment. So now, we need a Moses out there … who will release a “Master Massive Plan” … that will eat away all of the little plans that are nothing but malice. This Master Plan will be people centric that will actually create trillions of new wealth and will take America into a new people centric era. This will be a victory of truth over false … victory of right over wrong … victory of divine over Satan.

All SM members already know about this. They are just sitting back and watching … who is going to be the Moses of our time? Trump or Warren? Will Trump launch the Mighty Python that will eat away all of the little malicious plans? Or will Warren launch the Mighty Python that will eat away all of the little malicious plans? The victory will be as easy as Moses’s … the truth, facts and logic will defeat all of the wrong and malicious plans.

The question that you might be thinking is that … “if I am Moses then is Active Democracy God?” No, no … we are not God. Every one of us plays his role … the world is a stage and everyone plays his or her role. Our job is to save the world from the Establishment’s malicious and exploitation systems … and design fantastic people centric systems. And we are simply playing our role.