Work on obstacles

I know … I know … “support what is right and hold back what is wrong” … this is the formula. As per this formula Trump is far ahead in game. As per the Pro-Trump groups, “There is no wrong policy that he is running now … he is all clean. He can be the perfect leader. Warren does not know anything … she is the new comer with a lot of baggage. As per the formula, Trump should be supported and not Warren.”

But as per Pro-Warren groups … “Warren will learn and win. She has far more courage than Trump and she is most likely to work with you.”

Pro-Trump groups say that Trump should be supported … Pro-Warren groups say that Warren should be supported. Now, what can I do in this glitch? I have already shown the pros and cons of both candidates. I am already keeping the options open for both of them … as both of them are Establishment independent.

You should not come to me with this issue. You should rather work with the candidates and help them lead. From my side, I can show the pros and cons of both of them. I can show what is better for America. I can help avoid deviation and stalling tactics. Deviation tactics that can be used directly with the leaders or at the ground level in my surroundings … I can show how to dodge these deviation tactics.

If you want to break this shell where the country is stuck … then someone has to lead. Without a key leader on the frontend … we cannot break this shell. So now, what you need to do is … look for all possible obstacles in the way:

  • It might be false reporting
  • It might be people trying to create security issues
  • It might be working with the wrong people who are not interested
  • It might be agents installed in the surroundings who provide negative information
  • It might be misleading via ownership or control of the work
  • It might be in the form of thinking that this is a business investment and not a donation
  • It might be misleading or stalling the candidates themselves

You have to figure out all possible:

  • Mental voodoo games
  • Legal tactics
  • Deviation tactics
  • Demonization tactics
  • False information tactics
  • Control or ownership tactics

You have to figure out anything and everything that can be used to stall or deviate. And then put in measured tools to move beyond that. That’s how things move forward. These guys that we are dealing with are Satanists. This is how they function. Playing with minds … deviating and stalling good work … create conflicts and friction … these are their gimmicks. They literally have a long list of tactics that are used in all of this. They permeate through different societies, religions, cultures, political levels and try to run these tactics in each of those levels. We can win when we go beyond them.

Its like this at every level. Every step that we will design for People Centrism … this is the initial analysis that will be made … “what can this Satanic Establishment do to derail the work?” When you design steps beyond this Satanic Establishment then you enter the winning phase.

If you are concerned about America being stalled … then work on rooting out the obstacles from the path. The lesser the obstacles, the faster the work gets done. In fact, in every step of the work … we will enlist all possible obstacles … getting rid of obstacles greatly helps in the work. And don’t waste a lot of time in just working on obstacles. Working only on obstacles is another stalling tactic … try to move beyond.