The Phone Call Turning Point in American History

One phone call is going to change who will be the next President of the United States. One phone call will decide who will be the President of the most powerful country in the world and change America’s history. Lol … interesting isn’t it? Never expected to come to a turning point where the future of America will depend on just one phone call. But that’s how it is.

Trump’s Status
Everyone see Trump as a disaster who should be removed from office. But little do they realize that almost everything negative about Trump’s Presidency has been removed and he has mostly good things on his table. Trump is 90% clean … except for Establishment favors and support for Israel’s atrocities.

The main reason why many people still want to remove Trump from the White House is because he is stuck and unable to move forward since the past two years. Yes, the great thing about Trump’s Presidency is the “change” that he has brought in continuously and repeatedly. He moved away from things where he would fail and moved ahead where he saw success. This mindset of “accepting change” by Trump helped to a great extent in changing America’s path. But despite the change brought in … he is still stuck … and that is putting a huge question mark on his leadership.

Warren’s Status
She is indeed fantastic material to lead the country. The biggest advantage that she has is her courage and readiness to kick the Establishment’s ass … which is why she is one of the leading candidates among the Democrats. But her biggest disadvantage is that … she is totally new in the game … she has no idea what to do and most of her policies need to be changed … except for a few.

Both the candidates are fantastic … perfectly fit to lead America in the current crisis. Trump is mostly clean and just one step away from beautiful victories … but he is stuck. Warren is not stuck … she is hopping on every toe possible … but she doesn’t know anything and has a lot that needs change.

  • First, everyone wanted Trump out of the White House because of his lack of leadership
  • Then Warren announced her Presidential campaign … the majority of the support moved towards Warren
  • And then Warren launched her policies … she launched total shockers and the majority were like … “holy shit! She doesn’t know anything! She has to learn”. A huge section moved back to support Trump seeing how far he is ahead in the game.

Now, it is a divided scene between Trump and Warren. Will Trump move ahead? Or will Warren learn and win?

Never knew that we would be in such a situation … did you? Lol. Well, its just a turning point … we still need to see how it will fall into place. Let’s maintain America on the right track … let’s make sure that only good things move forward and that the wrong and bad things are held back … doesn’t matter whose leadership it will be. This is a good formula to manage the leadership.