Profiteering and Warren

Well, here’s what’s going on. We are getting alerts about “Presidential Profiteering” issues for you guys. Just like we helped you with the jail traps … similarly, we are being requested to help you with the Presidential Profiteering issues. Everybody knows that there have been a lot of perks and benefits driven by Trumps via the Presidency. Now, giving up the perks is something that obviously you might not be interested in. Because that would be one way to solve the crisis … since there was no profiteering, there is no case for Presidential profiteering. But since you won’t give up the perks … generally no one likes to do that … so the alternate option would be to do something good and nice … so that these good works function like security shields for you.

This is one issue what we have been working on since the past few weeks. The second issue is … pulling Warren in the top games. And to do that … we have to show her what is going on … the activities in motion … who stands where and how she can take the lead. I am not sure that it will even help her get the nomination … she seriously lacks in time … to know everything and come into action via “page by page” instruction. But she is very good Presidential material … we want her to learn … it will help her in 2020 or in 2024 … either ways it will be beneficial for her.

The content that you are seeing out there … we are not just trying to blow Trump’s horn. Those are the facts. You know from day one that we are not trumpet blowers. No one is perfect … everyone has a plus and minus … we put all facts on the table and show how to move forward successfully. The same thing we had applied to Obama … we applied the same thing to you and also to Warren. And trust me, it works magically … it always helps in making better and “successful” decisions.

So, when we show where you are lagging … where your drawbacks are … where the issues are … don’t freak out. It doesn’t mean that we hate you or that we are coming with a dagger after you. Knowing where the issues are … helps us design security shields. It might be Presidential profiteering, contracts, deal making, local and international deals, injection of funds or whatever it might be. No one is all clean … not a single person is all clean. This is politics … almost everyone has a shade. We are never going to get a Jesus Christ to lead our country. So, we have to see the overall picture and evaluate exactly:

  • How much actual damage is being done by the negative activity?
  • What is the impact financially or physically on the people via the negative activity?
  • How much good is being done by the positive activities?
  • What is the impact financially or physically via the positive activities?

This is how any leadership is evaluated. We don’t get carried away with mental voodoos of “ow, he banged a Pornstar … therefore, he is not fit to be President” … all of that is bullshit. Because in real time … it was consensual sex and she got a nice pay for it as well. Secondly, where is the damage for the country or the people if you had some consensual sex? It is bullshit mental voodoo that has absolutely no impact on the people or the country. It is just bullshit Establishment mind games trying to demonize a good guy.

So, when you look at the overall picture of the Trump Presidency … it is actually very very positive … despite some baggage that you might be having. Especially, when we compare it to the previous Administrations … you guys are way miles ahead.

There will be some assholes … that will take the issues and create a negative atmosphere. They will say … “hey look, he is blackmailing you! He knows this and that about you! There are going to be leaks about your deal making!! This is extortion!” This is again mental voodoo. It is designed to break the cooperation.

The Establishment knows very well that … if we did not guide you then:

  • There would be chaos or disastrous wars in America
  • Trump would have already been impeached or put in jail

They know very well that … the moment I write something, millions of hands come into action … and they will start protecting America and protecting the President. They know the influence that I have and the influence that SM Networks have in America. The best way to destroy Trump’s Presidency is to make sure that he doesn’t get any guidance from us. And what would be a better way to do this than use Trump himself to cut off his protective shields?

This is what happens when we stop helping the President:

  • SM Networks don’t know what to do
  • They might even think that your Presidency is not worthy being supported
  • The Establishment gets a free hand to abuse you, rattle you and mislead you
  • Protective shields are weakened or totally dropped as SM Groups don’t know what is going on or what to do
  • The Establishment gets to run its malicious plans … which is mainly impeachment or jail for Trumps
  • A new series of leaks will there … new investigations all over again and the same track to jail all over again

This is what these assholes do. As long as you are in the White House, maintaining your security is the topmost priority for the Pro-Trump groups. Almost everything has been resolved about your leadership … you are mostly clean … except for Presidential Profiteering. There are two easy ways you can handle this:

  • You are just a step away from phenomenal victories. Lead the country and revolutionize America for them … take your people into a new era.
  • But if you are not geared up for a battle with the Establishment for any reason … then at least do some good works without a conflict with them. There are truck loads of work that can be done without any conflict with the Establishment.

Both of the options will help you phenomenally. It will be very easy to manage the profiteering issue.

Why the profiteering issue is gaining mileage among SM Networks is because of the way the Establishment is marketing the issue … “America is burning in debt and Trump is busy filling his bags with cash”. SM Groups follow facts … and both of them are facts …

  • America is burning in debt and
  • Trump is benefiting financially via the Presidency

Both of them are easily verifiable … that’s why it is gaining heat. That’s why we are showing a comparative evaluation of where the Trump Presidency is … what has been accomplished and how Trump is different from previous Presidents. It helps in two ways.

  • It helps you with the profiteering issue and
  • It helps Warren understand what is going on and how far ahead Trump is in the game

The current online content helps both candidates. There are several groups out there … with any new issue that we are showing you … don’t allow any malicious guys to mislead you into thinking that “this is blackmail and harassment”. We are not directly connected with any group and our work helps to:

  • Keep the country safe
  • Keep the President and his family safe
  • Prevent blunders and disasters
  • Derail all Establishment malice
  • Keep the country on a positive track

Look around yourselves … this has been accomplished already. We do all of this by working ahead in time with SM support … before any disaster or malice falls into place. It helps everyone. And when Trump turns against us then it’s a dream come true for the Establishment. They sit there rejoicing that:

  • Yay! Trump is cutting off his own feet
  • He himself will take down all protective shields
  • There won’t be any support for Trumps
  • Let’s get into action and do the worst that we can to them now

This is how they think and function. What they have seen since the past 8 years is that … the more the cooperation with Active Democracy …

  • The more their malice has been derailed
  • The more safer America has become
  • The more positive prospects have come into place
  • The more movement is in the right direction

This is what’s happening when the President cooperates with Active Democracy. So, their formula will be to do the opposite … to reverse everything. That’s why they create these mind games of “black mail and extortion” … so that …

  • If we don’t present anything wrong that is going to happen
  • You don’t know the issue before in time
  • You will not be able to take any precautions
  • You will fall in the trap unaware
  • The Establishment gets to win in its malice and abuse you

Don’t freak out when we show any oncoming issues. Just take the necessary precautions and most of time, it will be taken care of.

The Establishment’s current nightmare is that … just by following one website such phenomenal changes were created. The more the President cooperates with Active Democracy, the more they get screwed. Now, there is going to be direct coordination between the two … under Trump or Warren … and this going to lead to the total collapse of our systems. That’s why they focus on turning the candidate against Active Democracy. Its just a malicious gimmick … to do something that they want via a false mind game.

Don’t get misled via mental voodoo crap. Keep your focus on doing good work … it will help.