Both parties signal readiness

Well, a major storm is headed towards the US … that’s why I am taking the weekend off. Managing and responding to natural calamities should always be a priority. May God bless everyone in harm’s way and may He keep them in His love, mercy and care.

While that is being managed … let’s kill time talking on something more subtle. Got some reports … it seems both parties are ready to work with us … Trump and the Democrats. The first thing that they should know is that just “signaling” is not enough. SM Networks don’t rely only on signals … they work on hardcore facts and logic. Whichever party is ready … they need to show verifiable actions related to the three phases of leadership … connect, learn and campaign. Seeing how you move in these 3 phases will change SM Networks to either side.

Trump doesn’t need to change anything much now … he has already left behind all of the negative issues of his Presidency … it might be the racism or wars … all of that is already over. He has only good and positive things left in his Presidency of Tariffs, American Energy and an America First agenda. Trump has already worked a lot since the past two years. Trump is at a state where he just needs to take a step forward and start winning. There are no more corrections or fixing that need to be done with his Presidency.

When Warren is concerned … we have to overhaul her entire Presidential campaign. It has either disasters or no change to any system at all. Her Presidency in its current form can either be disastrous or totally hollow. Warren has a lot of learning to do … she needs to slide away from a few of her policies … mold them … and launch a new approach … with very powerful policies. She has a lot to change.

Either ways, we love both candidates. Both candidates are Establishment independent … being Establishment independent is the need of the hour. Both candidates will excel phenomenally with the right approach, policies and systems.

Observe and Report
Another report that we got was on some guys being planted at my residence to “observe and report”. These are the issues with such reporters:

  • Waste of time. I know if the “President” has to work with someone then there will be verifications. But all of this is a waste of time … because we are the ones who put the President in the White House. Secondly, because we already have the power of “millions of hands” at the ground level who keep moving the work forward. Thirdly, because we have already written more than 3,000 pages on the Establishment issue and everything that we say has been verified via facts & logic and then acted upon by SM Networks. And lastly because we already have hundreds of pages of interaction between Obamas and the Trump Presidency … so, why are you wasting time on “observe and report” games?
  • Misleading. Many a times these reports can be misleading. The reporter will have his own mindset and perspective … and they will report whatever they will feel fit. You guys already know me much better than these reporters.
  • Establishment Malice. At the previous location, they sent gays from Cuba, a communist country and an Atheist from Catalonia, Spain to report about me. I write against LGBTQ … do you think gays from a communist country will report correctly about me? I wrote against the separation of Catalonia … do you think an Atheist from Catalonia will report correctly about me? All of this is a waste of time and malice. The Establishment knows that their end days are near … this is one way with which they can stall.
  • Sex Inputs. Among all things … there will always be inputs about “sex”. Why? Because this is something that can be easily manufactured. There are dozens of formulas that the Establishment uses to “use sex as a tool” to demonize or control the target. This is why almost all of these “reporters” that you place around me … will come up with nothing but sex based inputs. Because there is absolutely nothing wrong they can find and they rely on manufactured information. “I saw this and I saw that … he did this and I did that” … all of that is bullshit information. This again leads to stalling and a waste of time … fitting very well into the Establishment plans.

 Its not that all reporters are negative and not that all of them resort to negative reporting. But those who do … this is what they do. They cannot find anything else wrong with me … that’s why they sit and manufacture sex related inputs. The only thing they observe is that … I eat, work, pray and help poor people. There is nothing much negative they can report on that. That’s why they go for sex. Lol.

However, quit wasting time on “observe and report” bullshit. The decision in 2016 was made based upon the fact that “who has higher chances of following me”. SM Networks saw that Trump was definitely the right choice … as we had written hundreds of pages against the wars and Hillary didn’t give a shit. They knew that Trump would follow and change. They were right about it … Trump did follow and he definitely changed. Now in 2020, the decision will be based upon “who will work with me directly”. Yes, the phase of reading each other’s content … signaling via Tweets and media channels … all of that is over now. We have already reached to a point where the Establishment is on the verge of being crushed and we have to make it happen via new systems. We have to work together and directly correspond with each other … and implement new systems in the country. This is the top most priority right now … the implementation of new systems. 2020 is where the candidate for the implementation of new systems is being selected.

That’s why I said … “connect, learn and campaign” … this will give you the keys to the White House and it will give you the support for phenomenal victories.