Cannot train Warren page by page

It is not possible to help Warren via single page instructions. We did that for Trump and it worked to some extent. Warren doesn’t have the time to learn things page by page. It is very possible that she will miss the nomination itself.

Trump has followed more than 500 pages of instructions and he has 3 years of on-the-job training. He is far ahead in the game and he has strong on the ground support. Warren is good material but she knows nothing … in fact, her policies are mostly disastrous. Page by page instructions will not help her at all. We don’t have a Hillary out there who doesn’t listen to us … we have Trump who has 3 years of seniority and experience as of now. Trump has already been changing and molding his Presidency accordingly … which is why he gets this enormous support. She needs to catch up where Trump is stuck. She cannot afford to start at the ground level. The time factor is not on her side … that is, if she wants to win in 2020.

But if she is aiming for 2024, then she has all the time that she needs. She can chill and read and learn as much as she wants. If she wants to win in 2020 … her major problem is the time to market and pull more support than Trump has … and her second major problem is the policies. Her policies are either disastrous or don’t affect the Establishment at all.

We are getting a lot of inputs on her policies and hardly any of them are positive. Well, this was expected. She is a new comer in the game. Obviously, she doesn’t know the Establishment structures or the parameters at play … and she is bound to follow party politics or get misled by Establishment elements. This is how all new comers are. She is not deliberately creating disastrous policies … she is actually a good person … but she doesn’t know.

If she wants to win then it is a must for her to jump into the game and catch up from where Trump is stuck. That will give her an insight of what is happening and what actually needs to be done and the revolutionary change that she can bring about. This will give her the winning edge.

This is what Pro-Warren groups need to understand. Every page that I will write hereon … Warren will follow … but Trump will also follow. He has already been doing that since the past 3 years. This will just add on to the experience and knowledge that Trump already has. Warren will be on Page 1 but Trump will be on Page 501. He will be continuously expanding his knowledge base and understanding … and he will continue to maintain his lead in the game. This is the competitor that Warren is facing.

In 2016, it was a choice between Trump and Hillary. Hillary never followed a single thing that we said … that’s why there was overwhelming support for Trump. They knew that Trump would mold and change his Presidency for the better. And they were right about it … Trump has changed a lot.

Now the choice is between Trump and Warren … Trump is already on Page 500 and Warren is on Page 1. Yes, Trump gets phenomenal support and he gets victories in every field by just following what one person says. You are protected from all aggression and victories are given to you on a platter. This should give you a glance of what SM Networks can do. Just by following page by page instructions … Trumps have been protected from all malice and they have been given the support to win in every right policy.

But the issue with Trump is that he doesn’t break the Establishment. He has moved ahead a lot in the game … he is a hairline away from fantastic victories. If he takes just one more step … he will revolutionize the entire American industries, manufacturing, infrastructure and media … just to start with, that is. He will be known as the “Father of Modern America”. Trump himself doesn’t know this. Just a little bit of courage is holding him back.

But Warren cannot go out there and break the Establishment with those disastrous policies that she has. She doesn’t even know how terrible those policies are. That’s why we tell Warren … please first learn … learn what is going on … and then formulate the right strategies and policies. Courage without wisdom can be disastrous.