SM is divided in their support for Trump and Warren

Warren wants me to “persist and continue” … so that we can pull support for her. This is what she needs to know about SM Networks. Its not just about me rallying for one person … its more about “facts and logic”. Its not that SM follows me … they actually follow facts and logic … I tend to lead in SM Networks mainly because I use facts and logic in my work. So, the base of the work is facts and logic.

And based upon facts and logic … SM Networks are divided in their support for Trump and Warren. There are several groups out there with varying levels of support for each candidate. Let me give an overview.

  • Strongly Supporting Warren. There is a section of about 10-20% that strongly supports Warren. These guys say that … “Trump has failed in his leadership and in solving the Establishment crisis that the country faces … we need a new leader for the movement and Warren is simply perfect for the job. Warren will work seamlessly with Active Democracy. Right now, her funding options are quite limited … once she becomes President, there will be a spectrum of countries at her display … she can activate the funding at a push of a button. She loves this project and she is the best candidate to lead the country.” This group is already rallying for Warren.
  • Leaning towards Warren. And then there is another group that says … “hey, we already did this for Trump. We already rallied for Trump under the impression that he will work with Active Democracy and create a new era for our country. Why should we repeat the same mistake with the next candidate? We love Warren and support her … but let her first work with Active Democracy and then we will rally for her and raise her in status.” This group is in favor of Warren but they are waiting for confirmed real moves so that they don’t get an empty Presidency like with Trump.
  • Learning towards Trump. This group likes both candidates but they are leaning towards Trump as they want to see Trump run two terms while fighting for the people. They are seeing that Trump has already begun on tariffs and American Energy … they like Trump’s moves and they are not sure about Democrat promises of free education and healthcare which will create mountains of new debt while we are already being crushed under debt. Trump is not creating new debt but he is trying to make new money for America. This group leans towards Trump because they see that the Democrats are not ready to lead yet.
  • Strongly Supporting Trump. Another group is strongly in favor of Trump and already see him as the new change in American leadership. He is already much ahead in the game and a hairline away from victories. They strongly believe that Trump should be protected as he might be the one who will break Establishment monopoly and take America into a new era. This group strongly protects Trump and rallies for Trump.

If you see all of the above groups … all of them are using facts and logic to make their decisions. All of them are people centric and support candidates that will do good for America. All of them are interested in a new era for America and the world. But this breakup in the SM Networks has been created because:

  • We already brought an Establishment independent candidate in the White House
  • But he did not muster up the courage to go all the way
  • This is leading to the rise of other people centric candidates which is causing a split in the support
  • And none of the candidates are working with Active Democracy yet … which is creating even more splits and suspicion as to who should be supported

If Warren wants me to rally for her … then the problem will be that, I will be catering to only 10-20% of the SM Networks … and it will not bring about the required effect. The remaining 80-90% of the SM Networks will not be convinced. That’s why I said 2020 is not about picking the candidate with the right profile. It was very easy with Mitt Romney & Obama … with Trump & Hillary … it was a simple profile pick. It was very easy to rally the entire SM Network in favor of the right candidate.

Right now, America is in a transition state. Nobody knows if Trump will muster up the courage … or what Warren will do … there is no defined path of leadership yet. Once we define a proper path for leadership with the right policies being campaigned by the right candidate … then pulling SM support for one candidate will be very easy.

That’s why what I am doing right now is … not getting into a conflict with Trump and Warren … instead I am focusing on Establishment based issues. Howard Schultz, Bernie Sanders and Tom Steyer … voting process … census citizenship question … in all of these issues we can clearly define right from wrong … we can clearly define what SM should work on collectively. Getting SM to rally behind Warren will not work right now … as she herself does not have the right policies. But it should be pretty easy to hammer out Establishment malice in 2020 … this is something that should interest Trump and Warren … Republicans and Democrats. If Republicans and Democrats join hands in eliminating all loopholes that the Establishment can use to sway elections via malicious means then it will help both of them … it will help both of their parties … and it will safeguard the integrity of American elections while suppressing Establishment malice. This is something that is pretty darn easy that we can handle collectively.