Bill De Blasio is good material

Firstly … it is a good idea to keep both options open. Keeping the options open for Trump … so that he can rise and lead … and at the same time … keeping the options open for Democrats to lead. Its nice that we are holding off on the worst case scenarios for Trump so that his Presidency doesn’t cripple under fear and pressure … and he still has the chance to lead. And it is also nice to gear up the Democrats … just in case, Trump does not lead.

Among the current Presidential candidates … apart from Elizabeth Warren … Bill De Blasio is good material. We should consider him for future President options. He is made of good fabric. We are looking at two major attributes … apart from being Establishment independent.

  • Fear. The candidate should not cripple under fear when we show the scale of the Establishment, their networks and their operations.
  • Money Mania. The candidate should not be a sell out. If cash can easily move him then also the candidate becomes redundant.

Both of the above are major issues in the Trump Presidency. We got an Establishment independent candidate … but his Presidency is mainly consumed with fear and money mania. Either he is too afraid to take any action … or money mania is pulling him in another direction. As we know, the fear and money mania is consolidated via Don Jr. and Jared in the Trump Presidency.

Seeing Trump’s incompetence … it is a must to work on issues of “fear and money” in the next Presidential candidates. Only Establishment independence has not resulted in proper results. Fear and money has diminished the potential and progress of the candidate. While Trump works on rising from his issues … it’s a good idea to consider other options.

Elizabeth Warren has good chances on managing both attributes of fear and money mania. But Warren’s two terms are not enough. If Warren takes the lead in hammering out the Establishment and creating structural reforms … then we have to prepare the next Democrat to continue the work. Two terms are not enough to manage all Establishment malice and issues.

Look at Obama’s works … he took two terms only to end the War on Terror. That’s the only major positive accomplishment he made … ending the War on Terror. While we help Warren … we have to prepare the next President as well. A President who has the same attributes:

  • Establishment independent
  • No fear … courage to take down the Establishment
  • No Money Mania … should not be crazy for money

Bill De Blasio seems quite good on all of these 3 fronts. He would serve as a good successor for Warren. If we prepare Bill De Blasio well during the Warren Presidency itself … then he would provide a seamless transition.

It would be 4 terms of Democrat rule … 16 years under the Democrats … this timeline should be quite sufficient to consolidate some of the major policies and systems.

Its not that Bill De Blasio is finalized as the next President … I am just saying that he is good material. It is a must to design the next successor for the fruitful implementation and consolidation of the new systems. We have to keep an eye for candidates who are Establishment independent, have the courage to stand up to the Establishment and are not crazy after money. Bill De Blasio fits well. Look for more similar candidates.

Another thing is … it is great to bring candidates like:

  • Bill De Blasio
  • Kamala Harris
  • Kirsten Gillibrand
  • Amy Klobuchar
  • Tim Ryan and
  • Tulsi Gabbard

In the Presidential race. It is helping in full-fledged Establishment bashing at the National Level. What we have to do in the Warren Presidency is that … we have to give top level National Level positions to these candidates … like Vice President, Secretary of State, UN Ambassador and other key positions to them. The Presidential elections are plain marketing with no real time action. Since these candidates understand the Establishment to some level … and they are already bashing the Establishment … we also need to give them the top key positions in the Warren Administration so that they collectively hammer the Establishment in real time with real policies and real actions.

It should not be that they ran for President and only one of them won while others lost. No, everyone should be a winner. Everyone is already winning in hammering the Establishment right now … they should also get top positions to continue and realize the work in real time. It will create a fantastic team at the top level under a common purpose.

Bill De Blasio should be chosen as the VP or the Secretary of State so that:

  • Experience. He gets an international experience
  • Learning. He gets to learn all about Establishment’s malice by being right under Warren
  • Publicity. He gets a National Level of publicity so that it is easy for him to win after Warren

Move him up the ranks.