Breaking Cycles of Stagnation

We have to break cycles of stagnation. The great thing that SM Networks are able to manage is … who becomes the next President. We are able to fail Establishment control over this process and get a people centric candidate in the White House. We are defeating the Establishment in this aspect. But in the overall game, we are still losing because the Establishment Monopoly is intact and mountains of debt keep piling up.

Exit strategies for Trump are activated because:

  • He did not connect with us
  • Because of which he could not understand Establishment structures and he did not have the right strategies to break monopoly
  • Because of which the wealth drain continues, income gap remains the highest, the Establishment still has overwhelming control of the media, corporations and manufacturing and no exploitation system is broken down
  • Because of which Establishment aggression against the President continues under new pretexts every time … SM Networks got pissed off because Trump did not initiate moves to break monopoly … Dems are taking advantage of the anti-Trumpism for a power grab

All of the issues that Trump is facing is because of his “inaction on Establishment Monopoly”. Dems are seeing this as a fantastic opportunity to grab the power. They are banking mainly on two tactics to win the White House:

  • Anti-Trumpism … the aggression against Trump from the Establishment and the frustration of SM Networks against Trump
  • Handouts for votes … they are coming up with several schemes to give out handouts for votes

What you should see here is that … the main reason why Trump is being removed from the White House is because he did not act on Establishment Monopoly and allowed the drainage of the wealth of his country. But Dems are not showing any policy to break Establishment Monopoly in any sphere either. Many SM Groups are asking … “what is the point of removing Trump when Dems are themselves not ready to break Monopoly yet? They also don’t understand any Establishment structure nor do they have a plan to break any structure in any sphere.” Which is a good question because it would simply take us into another cycle of the same stagnation under a different banner.

  • Warren doesn’t understand Establishment structures
  • Wealth drain and Establishment Monopoly will continue
  • Again the same aggression and frustration cycle will repeat on Warren
  • Warren will come on an exit track within a couple of years just like Trump and
  • Republicans will want to take the opportunity for a power grab

Do you see the ridiculous “cycles of stagnation” under different names and banners?

What is wrong under Trump?
The question that you should ask is … what is wrong under Trump? What is that drastic thing that Trump is doing that he deserves to be removed from the White House … that is apart from inaction on monopoly.

  • Trump is not bombing any country ridiculously like Bush and Hillary. We have peace under Trump and a growing economy.
  • So what if Trump banged a few pornstars and playmates … that is a man and woman having consensual sex. Democrats are marching in gay pride rallies … as per their standards … it is okay for a two men to bang each other’s assholes but it is not okay for a man and woman to have normal sex? Which Bible are the Democrats following where man and woman having sex is not okay and it is perfectly moral for two guys to bang each other’s assholes?
  • When in fact, Trump is several steps ahead in the game with American Energy, Tariffs, Draining the Swamp, Climate Change … yes, Trump is right on Climate Change … not going for $15 per hour as minimum wage … he is right on this as well.

Dems will end up creating “Mountains of Debt”
Obama and Dems have good knowledge about Establishment malice … but it is limited to the sphere of wars. They were excellent in surpassing the Establishment when it comes to:

  • Radical Islam
  • War on Terror
  • Wars in the Middle East
  • Aggression against Russia
  • Getting rid of politics of fear and division
  • Understanding Netanyahu’s and Israel’s misleading

Dems did a fantastic job of surpassing the Establishment in all of the above fields. But do all of the above fields apply today? All of these were Obama Era problems which have already been solved … thanks to Obama’s cooperation. (We love you!). There is no more Radical Islam or War on Terror or Aggression against Russia. There are no more politics of fear and division. So, the experience that Dems got does not help in solving the current crisis because we are already in a new phase of reform via policies. It definitely gives them a base of understanding Establishment malice but it does give them the required policies for the reforms. Their know-how on internal Establishment malice is still zero. Examples will help.

  • Climate Change. Biden wants to invest a trillion dollars to address climate change issues. Dems are taking up the Climate Change issue only because it helps them stand against Trump … which is totally a childish reason to do anything. You don’t take up a stand only because you want to oppose the other person. Trump is right on climate change and he protected trillions of tax payer dollars from a malicious Establishment scheme. Yes, climate change is real but the Establishment’s scheme to make the world’s governments pay up by the trillions is simply ridiculous. We are headed towards “clear air tents and domes” on this track. This is no way to address climate change. We have not written much about Establishment malice in this zone but it is only a malicious scheme. Dems don’t know about it and they are jumping into a multi-trillion dollar scam.
  • $15/hour wage helps China. We told Trump not to go for $15/hour minimum wage. Again Democrats have no idea about the Establishment malice in this zone. Dems are seeing this as a great “handout to pull votes” … when in reality this move only helps China and takes away our industries. We should not be going for $15 per hour but we should be aiming for $5 per hour. The high cost of living is a real problem … the solution is reducing the cost of living and not just hiking the wages. America already faces a problem of expensive manpower owing to which 90% of our industries are shipped abroad. We faced this problem when the minimum wage was $8 per hour … what do you think will happen when you make it to $15 per hour? What do you think will happen to the cost of products? Do you think industries will want to manufacture in America at this cost? It is simply ridiculous to go for $15 per hour as it will only help China and not America. The Establishment Bankers don’t give a shit about this because Bankers don’t hire people for minimum wage. It is only the small businesses, manufacturers and farmers that will be adversely affected … and it will continue to drain jobs to China.

There is a long list of schemes that Dems are coming up with that will only:

  • Create mountains of debt for the country
  • Facilitate even more drain of wealth from the country
  • Promote drugs and decadence in America

How is it advisable to remove Trump and install someone who will create mountains of additional debt, who will drain even more wealth from the country and promote drugs and decadence in America? We are not solving anything with such a replacement. We are just entering an even worse state of stagnation and exploitation. We have to break these cycles of stagnation, misleading and exploitation.

Help Trump surpass Warren
We can follow two options to break these cycles of stagnation. We cannot be carried away by the routine party politics and power grab moves of each party. The country and people keep getting screwed while politicians are focused on their own hunger for power. One option is to help Trump surpass Warren.

  • Trump needs to figure out some issues that he is facing from within his family
  • Other than that, he is pretty much ahead in the game having already taken several steps against the Establishment’s malicious schemes
  • It would be an easier option to give Trump a push and help him break Establishment Monopoly … which will generate trillions of new wealth and unleash a fantastic new people centric era
  • These policies and reforms will help Trump easily surpass Warren.
  • The issue of Trump’s inaction on monopoly will be addressed and Trump can work on the key issues that he has been chosen for.
  • There will be no more stagnation or drainage of wealth by the trillions and exploitation systems will be broken down.

We can work on this option if Trump can solve his internal issues and be ready to lead. This is one option which will help us snap out of the cycles of more and more stagnation and deprivation.

Help Warren surpass Trump
The only thing that most Democrat Presidential candidates know is that Israel is a major culprit that must not be followed … owing to which they did not attend AIPAC meetings. It’s a good thing not attending AIPAC meetings but then they are falling for all Establishment traps when it comes to policies:

  • Spending trillions on Climate Change
  • Legalization of Marijuana at a National Level
  • Promotion of LGBTQ
  • Against American Energy and Tariffs
  • Designating trillions of more for handouts for votes

What is the point of not attending AIPAC meetings when you are falling for all of their traps in internal policies? Current Dem policies don’t even put a dent in the Establishment monopoly. If Trump doesn’t show successful leadership in breaking monopoly then we have help Warren surpass Trump.

  • When Warren understands Establishment structures and knows how to break them then she does not have to rely on handouts for votes
  • Breaking of the monopoly will itself give her massive wealth with which she can do many fabulous things for the people.
  • These new systems and regulations will help her easily pull the people on her side and help her surpass Trump

This way we can solve the key issues that our country faces and also make fruitful use of the Presidency … rather than just sit back and be used for the power grab moves of each political party at a time where no issue is resolved. The Establishment is having a gala time in stalling and stagnating the country … and keeping the country busy in each party fighting against each other. As per the Establishment, this should be the priority of the country … where we are busy kicking out one President after another.

  • Clinton had a sex scandal therefore he had to be removed
  • Bush was an asshole and therefore he had to be removed
  • There was stagnation under Obama therefore Democrats had to be removed
  • Now, Trump has to be removed because he is not playing his role
  • Then Warren will have to be removed because she doesn’t know what is going on and she does not have the solutions

Do you see this ridiculous cycle of President after President being removed while the Establishment remains intact and enjoys the show? They maintain us bitching against each other while they keep looting our country and people. These cycles of stagnation, exploitation and misleading need to stop. We have to either help Trump surpass Warren … or help Warren surpass Trump.

Verifiable Checklist
It was easy to guide the country when it was choosing between Obama and Mitt Romney … it was an easy choice of profile which could be done via one website. It was very easy to stop wars via one website. But now, we are in an advanced state of creating reforms for the entire country … we have to creates laws, regulations and systems. Relying merely on the profile or blank promises of politicians will not help.

Trump was marketing himself as the most people centric leader during his campaign and now Warren is promising big structural change. Both of them are empty promises of politicians seeking power. Trump has not broken monopoly in any sphere and Warren’s policies do not even put a dent on the Establishment, let alone make any structural change. We need a “verifiable checklist” to determine the right candidate for the country … who will actually take us into a new era by breaking monopoly and by creating fantastic systems. These are your “verifiable steps” that you must keep an eye on … it might be for Trump or Warren or any other politician … keep an eye on these steps to see where they stand.

  • Connect with Active Democracy
  • Learn and understand Establishment structures and malice
  • Agree to dismantle these structures and stop the malice
  • Formulate strategies and systems to dismantle these exploitation structures
  • Campaign for new policies and systems
  • Create coalitions and successfully create new systems and regulations

These are the most basic steps you are looking at. Don’t fall for blank rhetoric that has interest only in grabbing power and doing nothing but giving speeches. While we dismantle Establishment Monopoly, we also have to surpass the “hollow politicians” who don’t intend to do shit. Putting such hollow politicians in the White House will be a waste of time. Follow the above checklist and that will help you in real time to understand the true leader that must be supported and that must be maintained in the White House.