Criminal Structures in Chaos Clouds

I keep saying that any Presidential candidate must have “courage and consistency” in order to lead. Let me show you why we need courage and consistency. Why are these factors so important?

The Establishment uses chaos clouds on its targets. It might be a common citizen, a politician or a country … chaos clouds are unleashed against the targets … abuse from several angles is unleashed against the targets. For a normal person … this is a “chaos cloud” … but for the Establishment it is a very detailed and carefully planned activity. These guys create, direct, manage and benefit from the chaos.

Layered Malice
It is layered malice.

  • Frontend Propaganda will be run under false and misleading pretexts.
  • In the backend, the Establishment will be the major beneficiary of the propaganda.

Chaos Clouds Samples
Let me explain this via some samples.

  • War on Terror.
    • Frontend Propaganda. “America is under threat … Saddam has WMD … the world in under danger.” All of this was nothing but false and misleading propaganda.
    • Backend Benefit. While the Establishment ran this propaganda for 18 years … the bankers got hundreds of billions as interest in the massive continuous accumulation of debt in America and Europe. Israel got 70% of its national oil requirement for as low as $10 per barrel while the world was paying $50-60 per barrel.
  • Radical Islam.
    • Frontend Propaganda. The War on Terror was further expanded under a false pretext that Islam preaches hate and sponsored terrorist groups like ISIS to show this to the world. ISIS went around chopping off heads of mainly the Muslim population which shocked even Al Qaeda. Terrorist groups like even Al Qaeda started saying that we are not connected in any way to this shitty group called ISIS.
    • Backend Benefit. Obama had pulled off troops from Iraq and bombs blowing up here and there were not creating the required impact to continue the War on Terror … which is why the Establishment funded and created a group like ISIS so that the War on Terror continued throughout the Obama Administration … and so did the benefits of war continued for them.
  • NSA Spying.
    • Frontend Propaganda. It is not just war that is run under false pretexts in America. There are several systems setup in America under false pretexts which are essentially criminal in their real operation. An example is NSA spying on every phone call and every email of every individual in America. This is done under the false pretext of National Security.
    • Backend Benefit. They claim that it is done to identify terrorists and keep the country safe. If this was true then why was 9/11 not avoided? If this was true then why wasn’t Al Qaeda attacks stopped? If this was true then why wasn’t ISIS mass recruitment stopped? If this is true then why is America the hot bed for drugs, crime and criminals? Why is a major crime being committed in America every few seconds? The truth behind this is that … spying on common citizens is illegal … doesn’t matter who does it. The Establishment does this only to identify potential citizens that could be a threat to their systems … such American citizens are treated as threats and they are stopped before they make too much damage. This is the biggest use of a US Classified operation funded via American taxpayers that works for the protection of the Establishment that exploits the American people.
  • Anti-Russian Propaganda.
    • Frontend Propaganda. The frontend propaganda tries to show that Russia is a threat to the West, Russia is hacking elections, Russia is hacking electric grids and cyber warfare and what not. But in reality, the whole thing is a bogus propaganda … Russia has not hurt a single American citizen or affected a single vote in America.
    • Backend Benefit. The Establishment created an entire chaos cloud around Russia so that they could create a war between the West and Russia. They wanted to use Russia to destroy the West in order to coverup their malicious exploitation systems that are continuously creating more and more debt in the West.

There are so many more such ridiculous propaganda and systems that are run under false pretexts … but in reality at their ground level operation it is nothing but crime and abuse of the common man.

White Slavery
It is more like “white slavery”. What is the definition of slavery? This is what defines slavery:

  • You are abused and exploited against your will
  • You cannot escape from that situation wanting good for yourselves

Being locked in an abusive situation where you are exploited against your will … and you cannot escape from that situation wanting good for yourselves is called slavery.

  • Black Slavery. This is exactly what the black people faced … they were abused and exploited against their will … they could not escape from their situation wanting something good for themselves.
  • Communism. Now, take a look at what happened in the Communist East. Communism is a system that was created by the same Establishment ideology. It only abused, exploited and leeched the entire country and its population. Everything was taken away from them … their farms, their right to own property, their right to own a business … all forms of ownership were taken over by the State. The people were maintained in their weakest form with absolute control by the State. About a $100 Million Christians were killed in the Communist East under this abusive system. It was a form of slavery … where people were being exploited and abused against their will … they had no way to escape from it … they could not speak against what was going on and they could not want anything good for themselves. It was White Slavery.
  • Monopoly. While the Establishment was running a massive exploitation system in the East under the banner of Communism … they facilitated monopoly in various fields in the West to exploit and abuse the people in the West. Billions of people in America and Europe are being affected by this. This has been going on since several decades and it has entered an acute stage since Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump. 4 Presidents and still the same exploitation continues. The people cannot stop the malice nor are they able to get anything better. We are sinking in trillions every single year nonstop and living under high cost, debt and crime. This is a form of white slavery.

Applying White Slavery to Trump
Slavery is not necessarily black men standing semi-nude while getting whipped by another guy over which they have no control. Let me show you the whips in the form of slavery that exists in America.

  • Media demonization and ridicule. This non-stop media demonization and ridicule that you are getting every single day … these are whips on your back that you are getting in the slavery via monopoly.
  • Lawsuits and Investigations. You are being rattled via nonstop lawsuits and investigations … dear President Trump, these are the whips on your back that you are getting in the slavery via monopoly.
  • Exploit and Benefits for them. While they are whipping you every single day, they are benefiting from you via your long list of favors for them.

Not only the American people but the American President … he himself is a victim via these exploitation systems. And what is Trump doing in this slave situation?

  • Jobs, jobs, jobs. Trump praising jobs, jobs, jobs in this situation is equivalent to a black guy standing in the cotton field and saying … “jobs, jobs, jobs … look at the jobs … look at the record number of jobs that black people are getting!”
  • America is great. Trump saying that America is great in this situation where we just went $3000 Billion of additional debt under his Presidency is equivalent to a black guy saying … “America is doing just great. Look at the fantastic system that we live in. Keep America great!” … when in reality the people continue to live in high cost, debt, crime and nothing changes.
  • Establishment Favors. Trump doing favors for the Establishment in this state is equivalent to black guys working silently in cotton fields so that the White owners keep on benefiting from the slave systems.

Why isn’t America more courageous than Russia?
The question at this critical moment in time is not whether there was collusion with Russia … the question is not what the Trump Campaign did with Russia … the main question is why isn’t America more courageous than Russia?

  • America competes with Russia in technology, defense systems and world dominance … but why is America so scared of the Establishment when Russia is not?
  • Why is America so scared of a tiny country of 7 million people in the Middle East called Israel … when Russia is not?
  • When Russia boldly questions Israel and stands up to their malice … what scares America?
  • America is a world superpower with more than 5000 nuclear warheads … why is it terrified to utter a few words against a tiny country?
  • When Russian politicians don’t have this fear then why do American politicians have this fear?
  • What is scaring America … what is creating this fear … what is putting them under this suppressive control … why are we allowing this form of slavery to hold us back when Russia is totally independent of it?

The answer is … Russia already had its battle against a malicious exploitation system designed by the Establishment. They already overthrew this abusive system. This is why … Russia is free … Russia is bold … Russia is courageous … Russia is independent … Russia makes instantaneous moves when America remains afraid and fearful. It’s the Establishment Monopoly that’s the problem in America.

The need for courage and consistency
Just like black slavery was failed … just like Communism was failed … in the same manner we have to fail Establishment Monopoly. This is not like a hotel business, it is not like a casino, it is not deal making across the table … it requires an entire revolution. Asking for the aggression to stop … asking for Mueller and Dem investigations to stop before you act on these issues is like a black guy saying “okay fine, get rid of the abuse … stop exploiting us … start showing us respect and then we will fight against black slavery”. We told you long before you entered the White House that you are entering a shark tank.

This is the fight that is required. One black guy could not get rid of black slavery and one Russian could not get rid of Communism … it required a collective effort of the masses to create a new era for themselves … a new government, a new set of rules and a rise to a new level. This is exactly what every one is working towards … a new era of people power.

This is the type of fight that is required … which is why we say … courage and consistency is required. This is not simple deal making … it will be a major revolution. Huge masses will be involved … the entire country will be involved … the world will watch and change with you following your lead. Victories are guaranteed but courage and consistency is a must.

Now, the question about Trump Leadership is that … what is he going to do about this slavery? Is he going to remain on a track where he is too scared and turns a blind eye to everything … and allows the abusers to benefit from him and his people? Is he going to be seen as a President who was too scared and weak to act, lead and protect his country? Is he going to be seen as a President who knew everything, turned a blind eye and did not save his people? Or is he going to be a great President who liberates, saves and leads his people into a new era?

The army of Democrats that are rising to take the leadership role … it is mainly because of this problem statement and that you have left a huge leadership vacuum. Everyone is interested in going down in history as the greatest leaders of modern time.