Connection Misconceptions

The Matrix is a complicated place. When things get complicated … my job is to make it easy. You might be trying to do the most simple things in life … but in the Matrix, the simplest things can get complicated, stalled and even become impossible.

I already gave a simple example of getting “reports” about me. It is a very simple thing in the normal world but the Matrix can be used by malicious elements to make simple things complicated and negative. The Establishment is about controlling decision making … so, at each step they try to control the process so that the decision is as per their wish and plan. But it is also very easy to surpass the Establishment’s misleading.

I already suggested taking two very simple steps in managing reports and the environment … to keep it independent of Establishment tweaks and misleading.

  • Factual Verification. Firstly, for any negative reporting … follow factual verification. Any negative human input should be accompanied by a “digital verification” of the facts mentioned.
  • Remove Miscreants. To keep the environment clean and positive … simple redistribute the miscreants who provide false and negative information to other locations. This keeps things positive, true and constructive.

Making the Connection
Making a simple connection can also get complicated. I will show you how to simplify that as well.

Multiple Routes. Use multiple routes to make the contact. Don’t rely only on one channel to make the contact. Remember, every single move around me is tracked in the Matrix … who is around me, why they are there, what they want … every single move is monitored and attempts are made to control it. If you want to make a successful contact then don’t use one single line to contact me … you can use:

  • Phone. You can call on my mobile
  • Whatsapp … or Skype or my US number
  • Another guy’s phone … if for some reason my contact is not reachable … just use another guy’s phone that you have placed around me

Below are the misconceptions that you should avoid …

  • Personal Meeting. Time is essential in the initial contact. We are losing about $4 billion every day. You guys live in another country … a personal meeting is a total waste of time. We will meet when there is a need. There is absolutely no personal meeting required to start the work. Do not try to waste time in setting up a personal meeting.
  • Special Moment. Quit trying to make it special. “This is a historic moment and it should be done at a very special occasion and moment”. All of this is bullshit. The building is on fire and you don’t wait for a “special occasion” to step forward to save the building. This is just a stalling tactic. There is absolutely no need to wait for anything special. Everything is already special … what we do is already special … we don’t need to wait for anything more special.
  • Special Hour and Day. Similarly, quit try to make the contact on a special hour or day. If the contact is not made successfully on that special hour then you have to wait for the next special hour and day … you will end up wasting weeks and months just to make a simple contact.
  • Not Interested. For some reason, if you were not able to make a contact … don’t assume that I am not interested. It might be that you guys called on Whatsapp and the internet was not working on my phone. You might be wanting to call on one particular night and I might have dozed off owing to a long walk during the day. In such scenarios, don’t assume that I am not interested. I have already told my preferences very clearly … its Trump and Warren that I want to work with. Until and unless I myself very clearly say that … I don’t want to work with someone … don’t assume the same. I am open to contact from both sides.
  • Can be direct. There is no need to create a surprise. If Trump had contacted us in the initial months of his Presidency then it would be a surprise. Right now, it is late as hell. And we already know that both teams have their members placed in my residence. It would be wiser to quit trying to create a surprise and make a direct contact via your members and let me know who will contact me and at what time. We can avoid all of the above miscalculations and make a successful contact this way.

Communication Channels
Its only the initial contact that is hectic. After the initial contact, we need to setup a secure communication channel.

  • Direct Candidate. It is better if we have direct access to the candidate himself / herself via a secure route. It will be easier to share ideas, discuss and collaborate.
  • Contact Team. I am sure that the candidates will not be available at all times … so, I need you to setup two or three contact members that are very close to the candidate, who can keep the information confidential and work closely in the project.
  • Secure Route. Many things of national and international interest will be discussed and planned. It is very important that a very secure channel is used for further communication.

Its my job to help the candidates overcome the next immediate obstacles so that things work in a streamlined manner. Hope it helps.