Managing Chaos Clouds

Let us try to remove some misconceptions and show Trump how to manage chaos. First and foremost … when I talk about food items being tweaked, chemicals being used, negative imaginary stuff being made up and so on … any commoner will think that … all of this is “crazy” … especially Trumps because their approach is a little bit different.

Obama and Putin come from a different background. They have a psyche of fighting the bad and evil … doesn’t matter what it is. Whereas Trump comes from a background where he hires the best so that he can do the best things possible … and when he sees that the main guy is himself fighting crazy stuff like his food is being tweaked, chemicals are being used against him and he has other people making up negative imaginary stuff about him … then he thinks twice before following this person. “The guy is himself in trouble … how the hell can he help me?” This is a very normal reaction for anyone new in the system … especially when their work is adviser based.

The first thing that Trump should know is that … this is not a weakness … this is actually the most powerful strength that I have. How is being abused a person’s strength? This is what you need to know about the Matrix … it’s a very long story … I will cut it short. These are the two most important things that have happened via a phase of abuse from the Matrix.

  • Exposure of abusive tactics and systems. This is not the Establishment directly in action … its just the Matrix. They actually like me very much and they wanted me to be a part of their system … I refused and they tried to pressurize me via abusive tactics. They thought that going through the abuse and pressure … I would buckle and join their system. They had no idea that I was a system analyst … for any activity, I observe how the system functions to enable that particular activity. While showing off, they showed me a lot of their abusive tactics … via drugs, via tweaks in food, drinks and medicine … via politics, legals and finance. It provided me a full fledged study of the functioning of the entire Matrix system. It was like a bunch of thieves exposing their tactics to the policeman. Lol.
  • Breakup of the Matrix and the Rise of SM Networks. They had no idea that this guy will break down the Matrix itself and create the rise of SM Networks that will lead to the dismantling of the entire Establishment Network including the Matrix. They thought that I was one commoner that can be abused and kicked around … they had no idea that I would connect with the White House and Kremlin … and that leaders would offer me $100 Billion to break up these networks. Via this abuse that began out of love to pull me in the Matrix … it led to the creation of massive networks against the Establishment’s malice and systems.

In later phases, when the Establishment saw that this guy is unstoppable and that he is going to dismantle everything … then the Establishment started trying to use the Matrix to abuse and stop me. Most of the abuse via the Matrix is successfully stopped by SM Networks … upto 95-99% … sometimes there is seepage of malice. When there is seepage … I write about what is happening so that SM Networks can take care of it. Sometimes one or two politicians also try to direct abuse towards me … like Hillary and one or two members from the Trump Team.

Crazy Chaos Clouds
What any person might think is that … all of this is crazy. It is not crazy … these are “chaos clouds” … abuse from several angles … created by the Establishment based upon the person that they are dealing with.

  • Common Citizen. If the target person is a common citizen that cannot be touched via the legal approach then this is what they resort to … abuse via food, drinks, medicine, negative reports, character assassination and so on. Because a common citizen will not have access to the finance or technology to fight off this type of abuse. His access to technology, politics and finance will be extremely limited … he cannot do anything about it but complain … that’s why they design this gimmick for common citizens. It is a chaos cloud … abuse from several angles.
  • Billionaires and Celebrities. They use different abuse angles for billionaires and celebrities. They cannot use the same gimmicks on them as they will have access to finance, technology and politics to manage the abuse. Gimmicks used on these people are scandals, lawsuits, media demonization & ridicule, business loss and even bankruptcy. This is a different type of “chaos cloud” … abuse from several angles.
  • Politicians / Presidents. You have already seen the chaos cloud that surrounds you. Challenging of every move, media demonization, political opposition, lawsuits, investigations, impeachment and even jail traps. This is a different chaos cloud. Now, you will say … “what have I done to deserve all of this … all of this is just crazy.” You are right … it is crazy … it is just a different type of crazy designed around you. It is a chaos cloud … abuse from several angles.
  • Foreign Countries. When they have to target a country as a whole … Russia is a good example … you have already seen the type of chaos cloud that they tried to create for Russia. Isolation, sanctions, marketing of fear, dislike and insecurity, collective actions from other countries, military drills, false allegations against the government, malicious events being blamed on the government … this is a different chaos cloud … abuse from several angles.

All of this is shocking and terrifying for the common man … but for the Establishment … it is a thorough pre-planned activity … it is like baking pizza with different toppings. Just like we enjoy pizza …they sit there and enjoy these chaos clouds being implemented on their targets.

I would generally say … setup a separate team so that they can manage all of these security issues for me. But it has already been done via Obamas and Putin. All of these are very old gimmicks and security measures have already been put into place. There is no use of Trump setting up a new team for security … just make sure that it is not one of your guys that is pushing for this abuse. Lol.

Winning against the Choas Clouds
The Establishment tried to create chaos clouds for Putin and me … but we have not only overcome these chaos clouds but we have a long list of victories against the Establishment.

Active Democracy Victories
They tried to abuse us, silence us and stop us … but instead of all of that happening … we got beautiful victories.

  • Radical Islam. We eliminated the concept of Radical Islam for good from the world. No one talks about Radical Islam anymore.
  • War on Terror. We vaporized the War on Terror. There is no more marketing of fear and insecurity from the US Administration.
  • Trump Presidency. We defeated the Establishment and brought a leader in the White House that is not an Establishment puppet.
  • People Centric Leaders. SM Networks are actively rooting out Establishment puppets and bringing in people centric leaders in the Congress.
  • Bankers ran with their gold. The trillionaire Federal Reserve Bankers ran with their gold from Israel to South China Sea.
  • Campaigns for policies. We have changed the entire spectrum of American politics … we moved them away from war, hate and division … and brought them to focus on policies that the American people need. Look at all of the Presidential candidates … all of them are about policies and not war & hate.

All of these are victories accomplished by working directly against the Establishment, against its systems and policies. All of these were accomplished via direct opposition of the Establishment. Despite of them trying to create an abusive chaos cloud around us … we defeated them and got victories on several fronts.

President Putin’s Victories
Similary they tried to consume Russia and President Putin via a different type of chaos cloud. Putin stood up and directly fought against the Establishment which gave him several victories.

  • European Support. Putin withstood all aggression with patience and responded only with love & support. European countries that were fearsome and suspicious … they went knocking on Russian doors to be friends again.
  • Economy Boost. They wanted to isolate and strangle Russia’s economy but instead of that happening … Russia is now competing with Germany, the most developed and the largest economy in Europe.
  • Netanyahu and Israel. Putin openly pulled up Netanyahu and exposed Israel’s malicious activities in the region via RT … something that the American politicians dread.
  • Peace and Stability. Putin led the world and secured Syria, Iran and Venezuela from unnecessary wars and destruction.
  • World Peace. This world peace is leading to fantastic economic growth in America. Instead of hate and dislike for Russia … Russia has become a reliable and trusted world leader.

Putin got all of these victories by openly fighting against the Establishment, despite of a chaos cloud surrounding their country.

President Trump’s Victories
The question is … yes, there is a chaos cloud around Trump also … but where is your fight and where are your victories? Just sitting there and saying jobs, jobs, jobs … this is your victory? Lol.

This is what all Presidential candidates are seeing … “all you need to do is just sit there and say jobs, jobs, jobs … even I can do that … if Trump can do it then even I can do it. I can actually do better than Trump.” And there is a huge line of candidates … an entire army of Democrats lining up to lead the country. Why? There is no fight, no victories and no leadership under Trump. Everyone is keen on taking up the leadership.

Impeachment calls from Republicans
To add to your chaos cloud … you are also getting impeachment calls from your own Party members. You thought that it is just the Democrats against you … the Dems are doing everything … but look around, we told you about this before. There is a split in your Party … many Republicans want you gone. This guy is just the first one to step forward, he has many backing him.

Chaos Cloud Configuration
As of now, the chaos cloud around you has 3 layers of aggression.

  • The Establishment. They are making their own moves.
  • SM Networks. They see that you cannot handle the chaos cloud and don’t see a need for you to remain in the White House.
  • Democrats. They want to fill the leadership vacuum.

We told you this before … there will be so many aggressive moves made against you that it will be difficult to figure out who is doing what.

Yes, I am with you … in defending you from jail. Trump is maintaining the peace in the world and I am vehemently against jail for any Trump. But the leadership of the country will depend upon the candidate … that has the courage to take up this fight and remain consistent in the fight … that’s how you get actual real victories.

Few other misconceptions that you might have

  • “I am with you” does not mean that we endorse you. It only means that we will save you from jail and keep you safe. We will configure our work based upon who takes the lead … Trump or Warren. Many networks are hesitant in supporting Warren because she is not ready and they don’t want to lose a fantastic candidate like Warren.
  • Praise is not approval … sometimes we give you praise and compliments … but it is not an approval … it is done mainly to activate support elements in your favor. It is done to defend you from aggressive moves such as jail.
  • Showing other’s aggressive moves are not threats. When we show you the chaos clouds or any aggressive moves that are being planned by any element out there … it might be the Establishment or SM Networks or the Democrats … it is not a threat from our side. We are an independent entity from all of these networks. This is a major misconception that your team has.
  • Dems are not the enemy. They form 50% of your people and government. Treating 50% of your own people and government as the enemy is not right leadership. You need to formulate better ways of working with the Dems.

This is a part of my work … to clear the clouds and show exactly what is going on … to provide clarity so that very precise actions can be taken. I have to surpass the chaos cloud around me and then help you with the chaos cloud around you … and help Russia, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Spain, Britain and other countries with the chaos clouds around them. Yes, the chaos clouds are crazy … anyone can manage normal … but when you can manage the abnormal, then you become extra-ordinary. This is what you have to become … an extra-ordinary fantastic President.