Finding the Truth in Chaos

Finding the Truth in Chaos

Crime and chaos is a surprise for the common man but it is a planned activity for the criminal. For the criminal Establishment … its like baking pizza for them. We make pizza to enjoy a nice snack … with the right ingredients, flavor and toppings … just to have a nice meal. In the same manner, the Establishment sits there planning crime and chaos … with the required ingredients, flavor and elements … just to make sure that the end result of the chaos is to their benefit. Lol.

Let me show you this with a few examples … so that you understand this better. Let’s use some prominent Establishment targets such as … Putin, Trump and myself … to understand the Establishment’s use of chaos. I will show you the below points with respect to all three subjects:

  • Establishment Activity
  • The Truth - Actual Facts
  • Means - How they do it?
  • Temporary Solution - How to overcome?
  • Permanent Solution - How to fix it for good?

President Vladimir Putin
Let’s start with Putin and Russia.

  • Establishment Activity. Their major activity since the past few years was the anti-Russian propaganda. Blaming Russia for collusion, election interference, hacking electric grids, cyber warfare, destroying Western democracies and so on.
  • The Truth – Actual Facts. A lot of media outlets and politicians were used in this blame game. But if you see in real time … did a single American get hurt because of Russia? Did Russia kill any citizen of America or Europe? No, not a single American got hurt because of Russia and not a single vote was affected by Russia. Russia was being portrayed as the enemy that wants to destroy the West but in real time the aggression from Russia was totally zero. It was all Establishment bogus propaganda with no truth to it.
  • Means – How they do it? It’s a simple use of Establishment Monopoly in the Western Media and with the use Establishment puppets in politics. This noise making and chaos that was being designed around Russia was being done via Establishment Monopoly.
  • Temporary Solution – How to overcome? We have to not only identify the truth but also provide an appropriate solution to this chaos. So, what we told President Putin was that … all of this is Establishment malice. America does not want war with you … Europe does not want war with you … it is only Establishment puppets that are being used by the Establishment to run an anti-Russian propaganda. The temporary solution that we gave him for this is … be patient, defend yourself to the fullest and always be ready to be friends & work with the West positively. This formula helped Putin understand what is going on, stand tall firmly and not buckle under aggression. The world saw that Russia has absolutely no aggression towards the West and it repeatedly extended the hand of friendship. This broke the Establishment’s false aggression towards Russia and several European countries knocked on Russian doors to be friends again.
  • Permanent Solution – How to fix it for good? With just one formula we failed the Establishment’s multinational scheme against a major world power. But this is just a temporary solution … the root of this problem is Establishment Monopoly in the West. Eliminating Establishment monopoly in the West will help create fantastic world relations and it will greatly help in the positive and constructive development of the world.

President Donald J Trump

  • Establishment Activity. President Trump is the most mistreated and demonized President in the history of the country. They try to show him as the worst President of all time who is a disaster for the world. They stand against him in everything he wants to do and show everything in bad light.
  • The Truth – Actual Facts. But if you separate this noise and chaos … and look at the actual facts … then you will not get a single American citizen who got hurt or killed because of Trump’s actions or policies. Trump wants to build a wall … tell me how is that wrong … how many American citizens did the wall hurt or kill? In reality, it does the opposite … it safeguards the American citizens from hurt, drugs and crime. He created a travel ban for several countries … how many American citizens got hurt? He put tariffs on other countries … how many American citizens got hurt or killed? None whatsoever … in fact, it is doing the opposite … it is keeping the American people safe … the peace under the Trump Presidency has created an economic boom with record number of jobs. Under the previous Administration’s wars, thousands of our children were returning back home in coffins … under Trump, no coffins are coming back home but American hostages are coming back home alive and with respect. The ground level facts are totally the opposite of what the Establishment propaganda is in the media. Yes, I agree, Trump’s rhetoric and tactics were not very right … but he is working on the right issues.
  • Means – How they do it? It’s the same tactic … using monopoly in the media and by using Establishment puppets in politics, the Establishment runs false propaganda in the country. If you see … targeting Russia and Putin is in the Establishment’s interest … targeting Iran is in the Establishment’s interest … targeting Trump is in the Establishment’s interest. They “create this chaos” in order to benefit from it. They literally sit there and design this chaos, run this chaos and direct this chaos … and make sure that this chaos works for their benefit. This is the crisis that the world is facing … Establishment Monopoly … false and misleading propaganda being run against innocent leaders and to help a malicious organization to run its destructive schemes around the world.
  • Temporary Solution – How to overcome? We have asked Trumps to remain calm and patient … they don’t need to worry about anything when they have done nothing wrong. We save them repeatedly from destructive and misleading traps designed by the Establishment and we have activated SM Networks to protect Trumps. This is functioning as a temporary solution to hold the Trump Presidency and save the country from destruction.
  • Permanent Solution – How to fix it for good? It’s the same here … the root of the problems is Establishment Monopoly. If we dismantle the monopoly then we take away the means that the Establishment is using to create these false propaganda … by dismantling monopoly, we eliminate their criminal and wealth drain systems.

Coming to myself
This is the interesting part … the same Establishment that runs false propaganda against world leaders like Putin and Trump … they have created systems to target and abuse common citizens like me as well. The tactics and the patterns are the same … it is done via the Matrix system. This page should be helpful for the Democrats and Trump for now and the future as well. It will help them identify the truth in chaos.

  • Establishment Activity. A demonization campaign is run via the Matrix against common citizens. Their objective is to show the person in bad light and they will come up with stuff like … “he is gay … he is bad … because of him this bad thing happened to you … and because of him that bad thing happened” and bla bla bla. When several people start saying this … who will you believe? Is everyone wrong or is one person wrong?
  • The Truth – Actual Facts. The truth of my daily routine is … I get up, pray, work and help others where I can. That’s it … “pray, work and help” … these are the three words that define most of my daily activity. But the question is who are you going to believe … the several people who make false statements or myself?
  • Means – How they do it? The technique of the Establishment for controlling a common person is the Matrix system. The Matrix is a lengthy topic … can’t go much in detail. But let’s just say … it’s a system that can be used to mislead people and push them for wrong activities.
  • Temporary Solution – How to overcome? Coming to the truth … how will you find out who is right and who is wrong? The tactic of surpassing the Establishment when the Matrix is concerned is … don’t rely only on human input … also ask for the corresponding “digital verification”. Don’t fall for mental voodoo from the people placed around me … also ask for actual evidence for the same.

I will give an example … if someone says that I am gay … okay fine, where is the corresponding evidence for this? Every human input should also be accompanied by digital verification in the form of a photo or video. This will help you ward off all of the bogus and false information being supplied by anyone around me. The Matrix is actually being incredibly helpful in our work as it is a massive platform for networking … but it can also be a shitty place when the Establishment uses it for false propaganda.

The Establishment tries to show off its superiority via its “upper edge” in the media, politics and Matrix systems … but when it comes to the truth … then it gets screwed. Doesn’t matter how much technology, power or money it has … a false propaganda is false … and it gets screwed. The best way to separate the truth from false is going for the facts … going for real time verifiable techniques.

  • Don’t rely only on human input. When the Matrix is concerned, the easiest corruptible element is the human being … as several pressure elements can be applied to a human being.
  • Also ask for digital verification. For any negative input … also ask for genuine digital verification … a recording, a photo or video … that clearly confirms the input. Several pressure elements can be applied to a human being … but when it comes to technology … it turns out to be more trustworthy in the Matrix system. Because the Matrix is all about how many people can be controlled rather than what is the truth. Some digital evidence can be fabricated by using look alikes … but it is very easy to identify the same.

I am writing this page not only to address the current circus and to curb the flow of the current negative information … but this tactic will help in the future flow of negative information as well. The Matrix is a large system and it will take time to dismantle its components. This tactic will help identify the truth from false … and it will greatly limit the amount of negative information being supplied. Because it will put a restriction on the reporters to provide only verified inputs.

Bogus Inputs from the Matrix
One or two examples will help you understand how shitty the Matrix can be when it comes to providing wrong information. The Matrix is all about controlling people and controlling how they think & respond.

  • For example … I go to the washroom to wash my hands and another guy comes into the washroom to do the laundry or whatever … a third guy comes along and sees me with another guy in the washroom. And he is made to think that “he is with another guy in the washroom … there is something fishy … aaahhh, he is gay”. Lol. This is the amount of bullshit that happens in the Matrix. All I did is go out there and wash my hands … this is the truth. The false mental voodoo using the “human factor” that is created is … “aaahh something is going on … he must be gay”. Lol.
  • Another example … I walk to the right of one guy … in the Matrix mental voodoo, it is interpreted as that I want that guy. So, if I walk from the left … I am not gay and if I walk from the right then I am gay. Lol.
  • Another example … “ah he wrote about being gay … this what disturbs him … he is guilty … he is gay!” This is again mental voodoo with no real time verification. Lol.

And the guys that you put around me … use this information as a “higher and modern way” of verifying things and they create reports about me saying that “he is gay … we saw him in the same room … he walked to the right … we really think that he is gay”. Lol … it is bullshit and kind of crazy. Well yes, this is how the Matrix is misused by the Establishment. Which is why … I suggest as a temporary solution … always ask for “digital verification” for any negative input … do not rely only on human inputs or thoughts or thinking or assumptions or mental voodoo.

Permanent Solution – How to fix it for good? The Matrix is not just a behavioral problem of some people. It is systematic design of environments to control the target subject in a manner suitable for the Establishment’s interests. Fixing the issues in the Matrix system … all of this again goes back to Establishment Monopoly in media and corporations.

Right now … thanks to the cooperation of SM Networks within the Matrix … we have activated temporary solutions for major issues. But these are just temporary fixes that will not hold for long. To get rid of these issues … it is a must to dismantle the Establishment monopoly and take our country back. We cannot afford to have our media, corporations and politics be run by a handful of Satanic families sitting in one corner of the world. We have to empower people and bring the rightful ownership in the hands of the people that form the country.