Every untrained President costing America $6 Trillion

Yes, yes … Ivanka has great potential. She has 3 times more potential than Donald Trump himself. 

  • First Daughter. She is already there in the White House as the First Daughter and a Senior Adviser. She has already moved beyond her siblings, husband and father … and led in the correction of her father’s mistakes … which created peace in Syria, Venezuela and North Korea. She is already being instrumental in leading the country, molding her father’s Presidency and doing what is right for the people. 
  • The President. At least one term as Senator will give her the sparring practice that she needs for the fight … just like Elizabeth Warren has brushed up her skills. And Ivanka can be a fantastic President all by herself. She is already learning the key issues of Establishment systems and policies … and this will give her the info for fantastic leadership. As it is everyone likes her for being “caring, responsible, articulate and positive”. 
  • First Mother. And only God knows that there might be some budding Presidents in her cradle itself. Ivanka is the one that is getting the highest amount of experience in Establishment malice, which is the biggest problem of our country & world right now. It is going to take several Presidents to work on rooting out all of their systems and policies. And this makes Ivanka the ideal candidate, as First Daughter, Senator, President and First Mother to lead and direct the country.

She can end up being the most powerful woman of our time. Powerful not because she is the First Daughter, President and the First Mother … but powerful because she is caring, responsible, positive and will do what is right for the people. “Doing what is right for the people” is the most important attribute that will take her a long way ahead than any other citizen in America.

We will have to just wait and see how much “right she will do for America”. The potential is there in the Trump Family … actually immense potential but the same amount of initiative is not there till now. They are lagging in initiatives to bring about change for America and the world. 

Yes, I like Warren and the Trump Family. Warren is herself fantastic material … who is already prepped up and keen to take the lead. Warren is 8 years of greatness for America but the Trump Family can provide several Presidents for America with generations of greatness for America. 

However, the potential is on one side and the actual initiatives are on the other side. And the lack of action and initiatives is costing America $6 Trillion for every term. Yes, we woo both sides … leading is more important than having potential. Warren should know that she is not the first candidate being invited to lead America to greatness. 

  • Barack Obama. Obama was actually the first candidate that we had endorsed and said that he will lead America to greatness. He has all of the attributes to understand this malice and lead the country with fantastic reforms. This helped in knocking out Mitt Romney and getting Obama re-elected. We couldn’t launch any policies during the Obama Administration because we had so many wars at hand … where we were draining trillions of wealth. The top most priority was to stop the wars … which, thank God, we did very soon after Obama.
  • Donald Trump. With the same reason, we got Donald Trump elected as President but this time it was a Republican President. The reason was the same … to lead the country by being “Establishment independent” and creating fantastic reforms for the people. We showed all Major Networks that Trump is the most suitable candidate to lead this work … as we had Hillary on the other side.
  • Elizabeth Warren. This makes Warren the third candidate that is being invited to lead … only because Trump has created a huge leadership vacuum. 

And each time if you see … the country has lost Trillions in debt by not taking action on fixing this major crisis. 

  • We got $9 Trillion of additional debt under Obama
  • We got $3 Trillion in Trump’s first two years … on a track of getting $6 Trillion by the end of his term.

As of now, we are losing $6 Trillion … that is $6000 Billion every term by having “untrained Presidents” in the White House. Presidents who know that there is malice … but they don’t understand the systems behind the malice or have any solutions to rectify this malice. We are only consumed by two things by the Establishment.

  • Fear. Either something is blowing up or people are dying … they are trying to consume us with fear and also attempt to create racial hate.
  • Chaos. If not fear … we are consumed by chaos … Mueller, Collusion, Russia Hoax, investigating the President and bla bla bla. 

These are the two major activities of the Establishment since their malice has been busted. They still retain their monopoly and their systems are intact … they are using all of that to maintain us in fear and chaos. If you see the entire second term of Obama … we were occupied with fear … and Trump’s first two years have been nothing but noise making chaos from the Establishment. Under both Presidents we have lost trillions in debt … with no change in any system whatsoever.

Warren has lots of plans
Warren is very good material … no doubt about that. She is also coming up with lots of plans … as she knows that this is the time for change in policies. But the issue with all of her plans is that … they are “handouts” … take from one hand and give to another.

  • They do not rectify any Establishment exploitation system or malice. Forget about rectifying, they don’t even show an understanding of Establishment systems.
  • She is working only on the frontend layer … taking money from one hand and giving to another
  • Taxing the rich to create healthcare for children
  • Taking Federal money to bail out students from Student Loan Debt
  • Putting some funds to create housing units
  • She doesn’t understand the systems behind this frontend that are creating these issues … nor does she know how to dismantle these systems

All of the above are nice works with a good intention. But we already had “nice” under Obama … taxing the rich was already done under Obama … taking money from one hand and giving to another was already done under Obama. But we still got Trillions in debt under Obama. Being good natured and being caring was not Obama’s shortcoming … but not understanding the Establishment’s exploitation systems, not understanding how the wealth from the country is being drained and not having solutions to fix this crisis was Obama’s shortcoming. The same applies to Trump and the same applies to Warren.

Establishment working on Racial Hate propaganda
This crisis is so horrendous that the criminals behind this are working on destroying several countries only to use this destruction as a coverup for their malice. As we speak Churches are being burnt down and bombed to create a Christian Vs Jew hate propaganda in the West. Wars have been stopped … thanks to Russia’s world leadership. Now, the Establishment is exploiting routes to destabilize countries via internal radical movements. The more we avoid solving these issues … the more debt gets accumulated … the more the Establishment freaks out … the more destructive planning they do. It is this debt crisis because of which our countries are being maintained in “fear and chaos”. Solving this debt crisis is good for our people, good for our countries and it is good for the Establishment itself. No more crisis … no more guilt … no more destructive planning … no more fear and hate.

We have to understand the bigger picture … work with leaders who will take the initiative in solving this crisis … who will create a new fantastic era for the people. We need to provide phenomenal support to such leaders with security, media coverage, finance and political success. Because these will be the leaders that will change the world as we know it … they will solve the biggest crisis that the world has known and they will create the most phenomenal reforms that the world can expect in this era. Work together with such leaders and empower them.