Torching of Notre Dame Cathedral is a tit for tat measure

The Yellow Vest protesters torched a bank and these bankers torched a historic and memorable Church. It clearly shows their thinking pattern ... it shows the ideology they follow and how they think and respond. This is what we are dealing with ... a bunch of Satanists ... who hate Christianity, Christians and Churches. You attacked their bank ... they attack your Church.

Do you see how they are connecting the two elements. They are Satanists and believe that all hatred towards them is caused because of God ... because of the Bible, because of Christians and Christianity. Because God and Bible preach against Satan and its works. This is not racism. They are not against one race or color or country. These guys are against God and the Bible. Because all of their systems are based upon exploiting people, stealing from them and misleading them. Since God and the Bible are against such activities ... their automatic enemy is God and the Bible.

Since Yellow Vest Protesters are openly targeting the Corporations and Bankers ... speaking against how they are being abused by these Bankers ... to the extent of even torching a bank in Paris ... the automatic response from these Bankers was to torch a Church. 

Establishment Puppet Governments in France
If you see the government of France ... since the past two Administrations ... it is being run via Socialists or Establishment puppets ... namely Hollande and Macron. Both of these elements are strongly controlled and puppeted by the Establishment. Which is why the Government of France is running all anti-people policies ... and making the people pay for the enormous debt accumulated on their country via austerity measures.

On one side we have a people ... who believe in Christianity ... who believe in God ... who believe in right and wrong. And on the other side ... we have a government that is puppeted by a Satanic Establishment that hates God, Bible, Christianity and Christians. We are seeing both of these elements live in action in France as of now. Protesters are torching banks and Estalishment elements are torching Churches. 

A Preview of the Coming Crisis
This is not only a live proof of the Satanic and hateful ideology followed by the Establishment and its networks ... but it also shows the crisis where we are headed towards. We are headed towards extreme anti-Semitism. This torching of the Church was carried out to facilitate this anti-Semitism. Very quickly this news of "tit for tat measure" will spread and guess who will be targeted? Yes, the Common Jews.

Multiple Benefits of torching a Church
This is nothing but the Establishment on one side ... getting its revenge for the torching of a bank ... and on the other side ... it is also getting to facilitate anti-Semitism ... which has been a critical tool used in the previous world wars to populate Israel and get more Jews under the Establishment's influence. The only thing that Netanyahu and other Establishment leaders will say is ... "come to Israel ... these Christians hate you ... they have been hating you for thousands of years. We are there for you. We have cities in China waiting for you." This will give the Establishment a huge new army of recruits to run their exploitation systems all around the world. The Jewish Establishment is a strong "beneficiary" of anti-Semitism around the world. It gets recruits from every corner of the world.

Establishment hiding under anti-Semitism
We already warned before about this ... with the anti-Semitism laws in the US. The Establishment is trying to hide under the cloak of anti-Semitism ... and we warned that the next targets will be the Common Jews. This is exactly what they are facilitating in France. The torching of a major historic Church in Paris is designed to create attacks on Common Jews. These are the dual benefits that the Establishment is looking at by torching an important Church.

Criminal Science
As per Criminal Science … you have all elements in place.

  • The Culprit … Bankers.
  • Motive … revenge and to create anti-Semitism
  • Means … unlimited cash and a government run by them

Just like 911 … they carried out this event right in front of you in plain sight. 911 was blamed on Islam and Muslims. Notre Dame will be blamed on an accident. But the interesting thing is that both of these events were carried out when the Establishment had its puppet running the government in these countries. We had Bush in America and now Macron, a banker puppet in France. The interesting thing is that … Notre Dame will not be blamed on Muslims. Because the Establishment wants to infuriate Christians and to create anti-Semitic events.

Trump says … “we will not forget” for 911. Okay fine my friend. 911 was 20 years ago … right now, they torched a lovely and historic Church right in front of you. You clearly know who it is. But amusingly, you will never get the evidence for this because all technology and equipment supplied for surveillance is provided by the Establishment itself. Which is why we have no proper evidence for 911. We were made to believe what we were told … but as per science buildings do not go down like that with a plane crash. Detonators have to be installed for a building to go down like that.

We have witnesses who say that they have heard “loud sounds” like bombs going off in the buildings during evacuation. But you can never verify it because the very surveillance systems and equipment supplied in the buildings are from Establishment companies. The major events that were used to promote the War on Terror have nothing captured on surveillance cameras. Bombs went off in subways in Madrid … but nothing was captured in cameras and no one saw anything. How can you blow up buildings and blow up bombs in public place and not get seen by anyone or by any camera? That too when these locations are under highest surveillance. 

Because all of this is designed by a “criminal mindset” that already pre-calculated all of these moves and options. The majority of Establishment events are carried out in their strongholds … where their companies are dominant and where they control the government & media. 

They torched a Church right front of you … you will have no proof of who did it and how it happened … other than take some cheesy excuse that they will provide. 

Why France?

  • France is burning in debt
  • A lot of protests against the Establishment and Bankers
  • It has the highest Jewish population in Europe.
  • Establishment puppeted Government
  • Serves as an ideal ground to run anti-Semitic agendas

What to do?

  • Protect Common Jews. Put all Jewish Centers and Synagogues in France on high alert. Every Jewish Community Center must be on high alert. The Establishment is trying to create “religion based riots and violence” in France. Protect all Common Jews. 
  • Stop publicizing the event. Media channels and newspapers should stop publicizing this event so much. Change the subject.
  • Rebuilding. Initiate rebuilding of the Church asap.

Work 10 Steps Ahead
The best way to combat Establishment malice is to work 10 steps ahead. They are looking for an anti-Semitic agenda in France. France is the perfect breeding ground for this agenda. Look at what they are planning ahead and kill their plan in the initial steps itself.