Don’t blame everything on Trump

Isn’t it interesting that we are always working two years ahead of time? Lol. When Trump got elected … we were telling him about demonization, lawsuits and impeachment. He was like … “what the hell … I just got elected … I just became President”. He got to witness everything that we said two years ago. And now … Mueller Investigation has been winded up and we are talking about how Trump is being planned to be removed from the office in the next two years. Should we keep him or should we remove him? If we remove him then how to remove him? Lol.

Well, firstly … this is what I would say … don’t blame everything on Trump. You were expecting a hero out of Trump and he is not hero material. Trump cannot play Rambo. Someone who has been through the system, fought their battles, know how to build their teams and know how to cooperate and use the system for their fight … they can be Rambo. Obama and Warren are Rambo material … not Trump. 

Trump is 5 Star material. The way he runs his business is by hiring the best advisers and the best people to do the job. If anything goes wrong … the guy gets fired and he hires the next best guy. Trump is not a fighter right from the basics. He gets scared when things go wrong. And you picked this guy to rectify a major worldwide criminal crisis. Fighting the world’s mega criminals is not what 5 Star hotel owners do. 

Look at Putin … for Putin this job is tic tac toe. Why? Because he is from intelligence … he has several years of experience in dealing with malicious criminals, their techniques, systems & psychology. Putin operates instantly and very successfully on these issues. 

Trying to bring out the hero in Trump
You spent two years in trying to bring out the hero in Trump. We showed the major issues of the country to Trump and Trump said that “all of this is fake news”. You guys were like … “Okay so, Mr.President does not believe us. He thinks that this is fake news … that all of these problems are fake news … so let’s show him the real.” And you just mulitiplied everything that the Establishment wanted to do to Trumps … just to make him realize that these are “real problems” and that he needs to save America.

What did that result in? Did Trump save America? Trump saw the mountains of demonization, ridicule and investigations … and he crawled under his table and started doing a long list of favors for the Establishment. He was like … “ow my God … these guys can pull off so much bullshit? I cannot afford to go against them. I will do whatever they want.” Trump entered this mindset seeing the aggression that was coming at him. Since two years Trump has been stuck in this mindset. 

Instead of becoming a hero and fighting for what is right … he ended up becoming a supporter and facilitator for these criminals. Now, you are coming to me saying that … “this guy should be eliminated for good and he needs to pay for what he did”. You need to hold that thought … because before you activated the mountains of ridicule and investigations on him … I saw a very good people centric leader who would fight for his people. The guy started off with an America First campaign and started putting tariffs on other countries … which was good for America. Trump was good for America.

The current Trump that we have out there is not totally his fault … a part of the fault lies in you. What I would suggest is … let him breathe. Do not start another aggressive on him. We wasted two years with nothing but bullshit. I agree Trump has a lot to change and a lot to make up for. This is what I need you to keep the focus on:

  • Continue rooting out Establishment puppets from all key positions of power & media
  • Continue to stand up against the Establishment and its malicious ideology and systems
  • Continue to support all leaders who dare to challenge the Establishment
  • Continue to bring in fresh leaders who are independent of the Establishment
  • Continue to empower media channels who stand up and expose the Establishment’s malicious moves

SM Networks are doing a fantastic job that is creating peace and stability all across the world. We are very close to launching a new era. All of the above moves will help to a great extent in the work. It will consolidate the courage and energy for leaders who challenge the Establishment … so that we never get another President who crawls under the table.

As far as Trump is concerned … always remember, he is only one person in the Matrix. And one person should never define our success or failure. Trump’s success can be our success … but Trump’s failure cannot be our failure. Trump should have understood what was going on … we told him openly that … “we control both sides most of the time and all of this is nothing but mental voodoo … don’t be afraid, just fight back” … but I guess, it didn’t work. The best solution is … don’t rely only on Trump. Keep other leaders activated … make sure that they are suitable for the job. We need a Rambo … not Mr.Comfy-Cosy. We need fighters who can handle failures … who fight back and make those failures into successes. That’s the type of leaders we need in the White House.

Trump already saved America
Yes, Trump has failed in the simulations. But always keep in mind that … the Republican Party was full of trash and they would obviously win against Hillary. If Trump hadn’t stepped in … then our President would be Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich or Ted Cruz. Trust me, Trump saved us from all of these disastrous possibilities. 

Trump is the guy that put $200 Million of his own personal money to fight and become President. Give me any other guy who would step up at a time of crisis in the country and put $200 million of his own money to save the country. Yes, now a few billionaires want to invest in becoming President seeing Trump’s success … but in 2016, he was the only one who stepped forward. Trump might not have solved America’s problems but he definitely saved America from other disastrous leaders. 

When you guys come to me with options like … “let’s toss Trump into prison” and I respond saying … “no, no, no, no … we cannot do that” … this is one of the reasons why I defend Trump from prison. The guy already saved America by investing $200 Million of his own personal money … which he could have very well lost if Hillary won. Trump already saved America by sacrificing a huge fortune.

It’s a different argument that the Presidency is a business transaction for him and he is busy blowing up cash by the trillions. But you cannot deny the fact that Trump saved America from other disastrous leaders who could have been terribly worse. 

No for another aggressive against Trump
It’s a big no for another aggressive against Trump. Mueller has just winded up … let him breathe. Focus on policies now. We have wasted two years with bullshit. We went down from $19 Trillion to $22 Trillion … that is $3 Trillion in debt. France has a total debt of $2.7 Trillion … and they have riots, protests and banks being torched on the streets. France is burning in a debt crisis with just $2.7 Trillion. We have accumulated the total debt of France within 2 years and what are we celebrating? The End of Collusion … the end of a tiny bullshit program by the Establishment. 

We cannot remain blinded with only anti-Trump agendas. We need to focus on our country and people. Let’s do whatever best we can do with Trump’s remaining two years and then we will take it forward under Warren. Which is why I said … let 2020 be about “good, better and best”. Let Trump be as best as he can and let Warren be as best as she can … and then let the people choose.

And what Trump deserves … let’s not decide that right now. Only half of his Presidency is over … give him some time. He still has two years to go.