An untrained Warren will be as good as Trump

Making Trump understand where he is going wrong and giving him some courage to initiate some good policies. If he doesn’t respond then please don’t blame me. You can move ahead with the replacement program.

But the issue is … an untrained Warren is as good as Trump. Warren shows a lot of enthusiasm and energy in fighting against the Establishment … but so did Trump. He also went around on his campaign saying that … “he is the most people centric person ever”. Someone told him that we work with people centric leaders … and that we are very popular with a lot of Network support … so, Trump kept claiming that he is the most people centric in order to pull our support. We gave him the support and he won. But what happened after he got in the office? What is the people centric thing that he is doing? Absolutely nothing. 

He initiated a few moves and he failed miserably in both of the moves. The same will happen to Warren. She doesn’t understand the structure of the Establishment and she has no idea of how to break down anything. She picked up a point from our writings that … “we have to break monopoly” and she is ready to break down Google, Amazon and Facebook. Breaking down 3 companies is not called breaking down Establishment Monopoly. You have to create systems that apply to all companies and not just 3 companies. 

She is ready for “structural reform” … and she calls an additional tax to create healthcare for children as a “structural reform”. Putting an additional tax … taking money from one hand and giving it to another is not called structural reform. So, you are getting a lot of talk in the right direction from Warren but in real time she will be as good as Trump. Trump also took one or two moves … it didn’t change anything whatsoever … we are $22 Trillion in debt now with the highest trade deficits … absolutely nothing changed. 

The same thing will happen to Warren if she also moves blindly into the White House. We have wasted two years under Trump because Trump was never trained. 

  • He didn’t understand the crisis. 
  • He didn’t understand Establishment structure, systems or ideology.
  • He didn’t know how to tackle any of them.
  • He had no solutions at hand.
  • He had no idea of how to activate global elements in his support in order to win.
  • He got repeatedly rattled by the Establishment and spent two years of his Presidency mainly defending himself.
  • To add to that there was a lot of Establishment misleading and aggression towards him.

Warren is not going to be anything different if she enters raw in the White House. The same time consuming and stagnation cycle will be repeated under Warren. You should understand that it is incredibly important to “train the President” before they enter the White House. 

  • They should understand the current forces into play
  • They should understand the nature of malice that they are dealing with
  • They should understand how wealth is being drained from the people and the country
  • They should understand the solutions for each of these malicious systems
  • They should understand the need for “global cooperation” to get rid of these malicious systems
  • They should be fully aware of the winning track

And then we can give them the necessary support to win. This is how we can win. This is how it will make sense and help us get a lot of victories.

What are we doing now? We are celebrating the end of Collusion. Bravo … what is this actually? This is a bunch of Satanic Families who have rattled the two most powerful Presidents of our time … namely from America and Russia … that the two of them met and did something illegal supposedly. We spent two years justifying and protecting the US President that nothing illegal was done. They have consumed two years of our time with bullshit. We are celebrating the end of just one of their bullshit programs. 

This is how pathetic we are. A bunch of Satanic families are sitting there and rattling the most powerful Presidents of our time … and we are busy keeping the US President from impeachment. We are not celebrating the end of the Establishment Monopoly or the start of a new era … we are celebrating the end of only one of their bullshit programs after two years of effort. This is how pathetically we are spending years of our lives. 

Expect the same shit show to continue … as long as you don’t tackle Establishment Monopoly. They will keep using the “media and politicians” as propaganda tools and keep us occupied with one bullshit propaganda or the other. 

It is a must to understand the crisis and to train the current and future Presidents … so that they can remain in the right line of action. So that it becomes very easy for us to win … so that the cooperation can be seamless. Trump has to learn and Warren needs to hit the ground running. Warren has immense potential but so did Trump … Trump also had immense potential … but look where his Presidency is after two years. Training is a must … training is a must. We cannot afford to waste time like this under Warren.

If I throw my support behind Warren it means that:

  • SM Networks will come immediately in her favor
  • She will be given billions of free media mileage
  • We will help her defeat all Democratic candidates
  • We will bring enormous public support in her favor
  • We will help her defeat Trump
  • We will make her the President of the United States
  • We will protect her from all Establishment malice

But hello! Hello, hello, hello … isn’t this dejavu? Haven’t we already done this for Trump? Where is the major mistake that we made? We had no direct coordination with the main guy and the main guy did not understand the main work that he has been chosen for. After getting elected …he was like “I am the President and you are not. I will do this and I will do that.” And he went on some other God damned track where we lost trillions for the country and no change for the people. Just throwing support behind this or that candidate is not the main objective here. The main objective here is to “dismantle malicious systems and create a new era for the people”. This is something that these Presidential candidates or even Trump has no idea about. How do you expect their cooperation and support when they don’t even know what is going on or what has to be done?

This is where we lost 2 years under the Trump Presidency. The guy had no idea what he was entering into and he had no idea what measures to take. The only thing that he was told was … “hey, this Active Democracy guy is kinda good … follow what he writes … it will help”. Lol … that’s the only thing that he was told. One line is not good enough. It helped Obama because during his era … the only major task was to stop wars and understand Establishment traps. Which we did quite successfully. 

Now, to take things forward … it cannot be done without proper training and know-how. The Guardians of Trump get worried that Trump is being planned to be removed and we get continuous alerts about this. But they should understand that … this is as best as we can go with one website. We have established peace in the world and we also are helping Trump stay away from all Establishment traps. This is as best as we can get. But to create reforms … to establish new systems … we have to move forward with its respective modules and teams. So, don’t blame me for “not helping” Trump. It is these Presidential candidates that need to show proper coordination and cooperation.