Italy and Germany

So, couldn’t form the security shield in Georgia? Not ready to trust Trump yet? Lol. No problem. Armenia is doing quite fine when it comes to security. 

Well, the good news is that, Germany is showing keen interest in sponsoring the project. I thought I will start off with Gulf countries first and then since European countries are themselves the biggest victims of Establishment’s malicious systems … they would obviously step-up in the second round. But if they are willing to move forward right from the beginning then that is good news.

Italy and Germany already support Russia … both of them are quite good with respect to our project. Firstly, Italy has Rome … the Catholic Church that has been fighting witchcraft since more than a thousand years. And Germany itself has faced 2 world wars owing to this Establishment. Both of them are quite good in supporting the project. 

Germany actually has several benefits in the project.

  • Germany, Japan and Russia will be the key countries that will fight against malicious Establishment “technology” along with America. Germany will provide a lot of technical expertise in detecting, suppressing and eliminating Establishment malice via technology. Germany will get a key leading role as far as technology is concerned.
  • Manufacturing industries … we will be promoting a lot of “independent manufacturing” for each country around the world which would require a lot of manufacturing technology and industrial supplies. And since Germany is one of the key leaders of the world in “making machines that make machines” … Germany would again get enormous amounts of revenue from the change in the worldwide manufacturing spectrum.
  • A major victim Germany has been a major victim of the Establishment that has caused two world wars on them. Two times Germany has been destroyed by them. Germany’s rise in this movement will give Germany global recognition as a world leader of “doing what is right” and annul a lot of unnecessary demonization that has been levied up on Germany after WWII.
  • Angela Merkel … the Establishment elements have been giving her a tough time since recently. With our people centric policies … she can rise to a phenomenal extent and consolidate her position in the party … if she wants to.

We would gladly welcome sponsors from Italy and Germany. The same rules apply. 

I preferred Gulf countries because they have a lot of trade relations with America and the American President could easily pull the strings to make it happen. They are very easy sponsors of the project. However, the American President seems busy with other stuff. President Putin can easily pull strings to make this happen while Democrats give him the necessary backing. The disadvantage with Dems is that … they are not the ruling party … otherwise, we would have launched the project a long time ago. However, they can lead from the backend and provide the necessary support and guidance from the background.

In the meanwhile, keep an eye on gay setups and food tweaking … until the project takes off. After that, I will myself launch policies and systems to show you how all of this malice is carried out and how it has to be stopped.