Manafort is just a “sample” of what is going to happen to Trump? 

And you want me to help Trump because a huge number of Networks are pissed off at Trump? Great … congratulations … this is where our work is right now? We told him a hundred times … change your track, change your track, change your track … he didn’t listen. He kept accusing us of “harassment”. Now, instead of bringing in phenomenal reforms and changing lives of hundreds of millions of people … we are supposed to save Trumpy from going to jail. This is what you think our work is about? This is ridiculous. 

He went around doing hundreds of favors for the guys stabbing him in the back and spending trillions on them. We told him this would happen. He just didn’t understand or listen. He went crazily running in another direction. Now, he is neck deep in trouble … trouble that he himself brought on him by supporting criminals and thinking that they would be his friends … and nothing wrong is going to happen to him. Everybody hates him now … nobody wants him in the White House. And we get the request … “go save Trump … things are going to get real bad for him”. 

This is bullshit. He doesn’t listen … not once he has contacted us … he is not ready to break monopoly … on top of that … he keeps taking action against us trying to stop our work and calling us “harassers”. Why should we help him? Just because he is not blowing up countries … we are supposed to be his guardians now? He is openly blowing up trillions of tax payer money in defense … he is busy making bombs while his country is burning in debt … he is seen as a “thief” by the majority of the Networks … and I am supposed to defend this thief?

Hell yes, I am pissed at this request. We sent him “hundreds” of invitations … invitations to do good and nice things for the people … he didn’t give a rat’s ass. He kept saying that this is collusion and there will be no collusion. Mark my words … “we are not guardians of leaders who don’t do shit for their people … we don’t give a shit about leaders who don’t give a shit about their people”.  Go tell the Guardians of Trump that if shit is going to happen to Trump then it is because he didn’t give a shit about his people drowning in debt and kept blowing up trillions of their taxpayer money. 

There was a major group that the Establishment was pushing in support of “jail for Trumps”. They were designing new wars and conflicts to show that Trump is a murderous monster like Hillary and he deserves jail. We informed this to Trumps and helped them change direction. We saved him from this trap. But now, working on international policies is complicated work … we have to figure out work not related to monopoly.

I will figure out what we can do for Trump. The guy doesn’t have the courage to break monopoly … it will be an empty plate as far as the American people are concerned. We will look for a few other activities that does not involve breaking monopoly. Let’s see if Trump will atleast work with us on these activities. If Trump doesn’t work with us on even these activities … then please don’t blame us for anything that happens to Trumps. 

I am already excusing myself in the shitshow that is happening in America against Trumps. I am clearly telling Ivanka … “hey, these are American networks … the monopoly exists in your country … it is your problem … please don’t blame us for all of this.” A lot of shitshow might be unleashed on Trumps and I don’t want to be blamed for it. We will send him a request … if they don’t follow through then please don’t blame us.