Georgia Security Shell

Planning a visit to Georgia as English is more common there. We would need to set up a security shell in Georgia. The concern is more about Trump than the Establishment. There are a lot of activities designed to push Trump out of office since the beginning of the year. No one is happy with Trump and the majority of the groups want him out. I am reducing the amount of information being given to Trump on these activities as he is accusing us of "Presidential harassment" and trying to take action to stop our work. 

However, below are useful elements that will help in securing our work in Georgia.

  • The Georgian Government. It itself is quite religious and Christian oriented. They have 5 crosses on their flag and our work is all about empowering Christians & saving Christian countries from malicious Satanic groups. 
  • Russia and allies. Georgian exports are mainly to Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, China and Bulgaria ... all of these countries are Russian allies or already friendly to our work. More than 50% of Georgia's exports are to Russia and its allies.
  • Turkey. Turkey is a very close ally of Georgia who can coordinate to maintain the security.
  • Democrats. Based upon Trump's current track, it is quite unlikely that his Presidency will survive the next two years. A direct contact from the Democrats with the Georgian government will provide the necessary courage and reason to maintain the security. They can simply say that "he is protected by the Democrats and we cannot do anything about it". 
  • Europe. Georgia is keen on good relations with Europe. We already have European countries standing against Trump’s aggression against Iran. EU is already cooperating in the work. EU will also serve as a good support factor.