Find Balance

Ivanka is freaking out on our work. Lol … lol. Poor thing … she is so sweet. She hasn’t still learnt how we work … has she? Lol … goodness gracious. 

She does not know that … we work at least 2 years ahead in time. We take the current parameters and elements at play … and predict what is going to happen in the next 2 years. We generally publish the “worst case scenarios”. It is not because we want these worst case scenarios to happen … but this is how we put in measures to make sure that these worst case scenarios don’t happen. 

It is like an “alert system” … like weather forecast. But unlike the weather forecast … we can activate networks to make sure that the worst does not happen. 

  • This is one of the techniques of how we keep the people and some key leaders safe. 
  • This is how we eliminate the Establishment’s malicious moves. 
  • This is how we keep things on a positive and progressive track.

And another part of the work that is done via “one website” is molding movements and making a few key decisions. One of the most important key decisions that we have to control in the next 2 years is the 2020 Presidential race. The activities on 2020 have already begun. We are not talking about the now. You see the now and plan moves as per the now. That’s not how we work. We plan 2 years ahead and prepare the now accordingly.

This is one of the best ways to defeat the Establishment … predict its next 10 steps … and make sure that they fail. This is one of the places where SM has been phenomenal and surpassed the Establishment again and again. The Establishment has been helpless 90% of the time when SM has come into action. 

See if you can calm down Ivanka and Trump … at least as far as our writings are concerned, that is. Trump is going to have a tough time in the next two years. I am myself reducing the amount of guidance that I give to Trump. He doesn’t listen to most of it … so, why waste time. 

Actually, I am myself feeling so bad that the Trump Presidency is going to come to an end. He is a nice guy … he could have been so great. Damn it … I am gonna miss him. He could have been phenomenal. He just didn’t get what was going on … he didn’t know that he could easily win against the Establishment. We had victories on the platter for him. Everything was already set up so that he could win. 

You know … sometimes when Dems request for 2020 and ask me to knock out Trump for them … I gather up my forces and look at Trump … and my body fills up with pity. My whole body would be like … why should I destroy this guy? He is not the enemy. He is not a Satanist that is running exploitation systems on the masses. He is just a simple hotel owner. He has not destroyed any country or killed millions of people or destroyed any cities. He is not a monster. He is just a simple hotel owner. He doesn’t deserve total decimation. The way we go after Establishment elements … he doesn’t deserve that.

Everytime I look at him … something in me tells me that … he doesn’t deserve it. Yes, he might not have done great things for the country but at the same time he has not been a monster either … he has not done the worst. The conscience calls for “balance” in dealing with Trump. 

This is one of the reasons … I keep a window open for him. Something in me tells me that he is a nice person … maybe he is the one … maybe he could take the lead. I don’t know … “just may be”. For the same reason … if the Establishment tries to do anything worse to Trump & Ivanka … I try to protect them. Because they don’t deserve the hate and anger that the Establishment wants to put on them.

While doing all of this … guiding Trump and protecting Trump … I have to keep people first and bring out the best leader that is most suitable for the people. Because the movement is all about the people … and not about just one leader. Its going to be complicated times ahead … but we all must keep in mind to use “balance” in dealing with everyone. I strongly strongly advise the use of balance in dealing with the Trump family.

And not just Trumps … but with everyone involved … we have to maintain the right balance … in dealing with Establishment Elements, with Establishment puppets, with Common Jews, with Corporations … we have to formulate the “right balance” in dealing with them appropriately. We cannot allow emotions and anger to carry us away and cause undue aggression on anyone. We cannot allow hate to dictate us. We cannot allow the Establishment to use us as pawns to implement the actions that they want to get done. Being anti-Trump is a major Establishment activity. We need the right balance in dealing with, guiding and helping Trumps & others.

Yes, the work is going to be phenomenal. Any politician who takes up the work will be creating history like it has never been before. But it does not mean that we stomp on the guys who didn’t take the lead. Find balance … very important … find balance. After Trump, almost every US President is not going to be an Establishment puppet … as long as we are keeping the watch. Establishment puppetry in the White House ended with Bush. We are going to get non-Establishment Presidents … and the Establishment is going to be a vicious hateful asshole who will want the worst for US Presidents. Which is exactly what is going on for Trump right now. We have to find balance in dealing with almost all future US Presidents.

More important than hammering is … getting them on the right track. We should put in efforts to make that happen … that should be a higher priority. If we are just doing the hammering then we are just being the pawns of a Satanic Establishment and running their agenda of hate against the President. Right track and right decisions are far more important. Focus on that.