Presidential Teamwork

Excellent job in pulling Tulsi Gabbard in the Presidential race. She is a strong anti-war candidate. The more the anti-Establishment candidates the better it is. 

  • Elizabeth Warren will not be standing alone out there speaking against the Establishment and Corporations. 
  • More candidates will provide team work and create a movement.
  • You should keep in mind that “Presidential races” are an excellent marketing platform to create awareness of major issues among the people. More the Establishment bashing, the better it is. The more the number of anti-Establishment candidates, the better it is.
  • Yes, at the end of the day … only one candidate will win … but if you look at the bigger picture then the entire team hammered down the common enemy … that is the Establishment. In reality, the entire team wins. 

This is quite important for America as a lot of teamwork is necessary to solve the internal crisis in the US. Putin has been simply fantastic in Russia. He has an incredibly strong hold internally as well as he is winning internationally. The Establishment wanted isolation, debt and war for Russia … but Putin’s fantastic leadership has resulted in the opposite for Russia. Russia has won many friends … it has a fantastic growing economy and Putin’s leadership remains unrivaled. Putin has got nothing but success and glory by doing what is right for his country.

Trump has wasted two years of time. He has not built any network from within or outside. He has done the opposite of what we say 98% of the time and everything is the opposite for Trump. Trump has very limited time to save his Presidency. 2019 is do or die for his Presidency.

However, make sure that no hammering is done on Trump in my name. Do not use my name. He has been one of our victories. Yes, he has favored the Establishment 98% of the time but still, he is not the Establishment. He is not their puppet. We have already informed him about the “fake tweets” issue. This should also help other US politicians as well … that they cannot simply “fake tweet” and use our base to build their political platform. 

Hammering politicians is not the solution … they should know that fake tweeting does not help. Instead of hammering them … they should be encouraged to be realistic and take real measures. This approach will be helpful for the people … rather than just follow the Establishment and do what they want. Hammering of politicians on fake tweets is what the Establishment wants … don’t allow it to happen … instead, change their path.

There is going to be a lot of hammering of the Establishment and corporations in 2020. Pool is as many anti-Establishment Presidential candidates as possible. Trump can change his fate by taking the lead in hammering the Establishment himself … but I don’t know what he is going to do about his record of favoring the Establishment 98% of the time till date. He has a lot to change. Trump wasn’t supposed to be this person that he is right now. We had so much glory and greatness planned for him.

Whatever, we work with what we have got.