No part in the fireworks

Thank you ladies for your cooperation. I don’t want any aggression towards Trump from our side. He is already neck deep with people who want to terminate his Presidency. He has 3 sharks that want to tear down his Presidency and all of them will try to use Democrats, media, intelligence and legals to target Trump. We don’t want any share in this tear down.

My work is goodness for people and greatness for leaders. This tearing down part, making people pay, punishing them and rattling them … all of this is not my cup of tea. I just use simple logic of what is right and wrong … so that leaders can make the right decisions. It is going to be a very ugly and hostile year for Trumps and we don’t want any part in this aggression. 

The crazy part was that … the Establishment was planning to trap Ivanka also in a major scandal. They will try to rope in Jared and Don Jr. in future investigations. An easy way of managing America is by understanding the sharks. I will try to help Trump understand the sharks. He doesn’t know that they know a lot about him … who he favors and what he does. He hasn’t got a knack of it yet.

The Establishment is trying to create as many lines of conflict against Trumps as possible … from SM Elements, Witch Networks, media, celebrities, Democrats, legals, Europe … it is going to be a total mess. They tried the same thing with Russia and Putin … but Putin did not do a single favor for the Establishment … not a single penny and not a single policy for the Establishment. He stood incredibly strong and came out as a winner. Today the Establishment bows to him, fears him and regrets its failure against him. Putin has played every move fantastically … keeping Russia first and he did what is best for his country. He didn’t just say it … he literally did it. And he won. Today, Putin is standing tall … with more than 80% approval rating … a splendid victory in his re-election and with a people that love him.

Trump has done everything the opposite and he is in an opposite situation. He spent trillions on the Establishment and laid out policies in favor for them … giving them a red carpet treatment and State dinners. Despite all of the favors, Trump is in a total mess with no one wanting him in the White House. It has been two years and he has still not learnt how to manage networks … or for that matter understand all network activities. 

It was a little bit easy for Putin because he already had a very strong internal control in the country. He only had to manage the international politics and build from within to manage the aggression that would come from the outside. Trump’s problem was totally the opposite. Trump had problems coming from within and help from the outside. Putin had only a few points of aggression against him … but Trump has hundreds of points of aggression against him. Trump literally had a problem 10 times more difficult than Putin to manage. To add to that … Trump didn’t follow what we said. Putin did what we said and he won. Trump did the opposite and complicated everything for himself. 

Putin built from within and managed external aggression. Trump had to build from the outside and manage internal aggression. He just failed to understand the basic nature of the problem. He kept doing the opposite of what we told him in most cases. He kept pestering a contamination that was killing his Presidency. And that contamination has now spread all across his Presidency and country. He has done no buildup from within or from outside … owing to which he has no defense system to help him. He just didn’t understand how systems function. Whatever, it is not going to be a pretty year for Trump and we don’t want to be a part of the fireworks.