Easy solution for sex setups


Do you know what the above is? Those are bandages. Do you know what is below those bandages? Take a look.


Do you know what that is? That is a one inch square wound … it is bleeding and there is puss coming out of it as well. Do you know whose wound is that? Yeah, that is my leg. Yeah, I have a disgusting wound on my inner right thigh that is about 5 inches above the knee. 

It started off with two pimples coming out of nowhere. Since my pant continuously rubs over the thigh when I walk … those pimples turned into a wound. And it is not healing quickly. I am trying to fix this since the past two weeks. It hurts when I stretch my leg … it hurts if I walk quickly … it hurts if my pant squeezes against my leg. I am going to the pharmacy repeatedly to buy anti-biotics, creams and bandages. 

Since two weeks I am trying to fix this damn wound on my leg. And what is the circus going around me? He banged this ass … he banged that ass … he is gay … he is having sex with this guy and that guy. And I can’t even stretch my leg properly. I conceal the pain on my face when I walk outside and when I pray. If you want to run some sex setups … at least choose an appropriate time.


The issue in this accommodation is that … there is only one bathroom on the entire floor. And there are about 20 guys living on each floor. The bathroom has two sections … one for shower and another with the wash basin and wc. To accommodate the large number of people who want to use the bathroom … what we have to do is … if you have to use only the washbasin to brush your teeth then you can allow another guy to use the shower section on the other side of the partition.

The issue comes in the sex setups. A lot of sex activity apparently happens in the bathroom. Most of the sex scenes will be shot in the bathroom. Because they can get another person with me in the same room. So, what I should do is … just switch on the record button on my phone the moment another guy enters the bathroom. Lol. So that there is a genuine record of what actually happened in the bathroom. And no one is relying on anyone’s “narration” of what happened in the bathroom. 

There will actually be real evidence that can be verified … instead of listening to anyone’s lies or fake evidence or fake witnesses. I will carry the proof with me itself. I think a simple use of technology will provide the real and proper evidence in these stupid sex setups. This will help simplify everything.

This is a simple example of how technology beats technology. Lol. Matrix activity is based upon networking and technology … that they can interconnect with anyone and create any setup. Okay fine, I will put the record button on … and let’s see what the real truth is. Lol. 

I have done this at one or two places before … and the moment I press the record button on … all malice disappears. Everyone becomes fine well behaved gentlemen. No one wants to get on record with any malice. This should solve these “sex setup” issues for good. “Press the record button” … and it takes care of everything. It takes care of the fake event, fake witness and the fake evidence. All fake elements eliminated using one record button. 

(Just see that they are genuine files recorded by my device only and not files maliciously put on my phone. This tweak is also possible. Just alerting you in advance.)