Sex Setups and Consequences

Since “sex setups” is one of the techniques being used by some malicious Establishment elements … let us discuss what is true and fake in this … and also what happens after the fake setups.

Why Fake Sex Setups?

The first thing you should know is … why does the Establishment use Fake Sex Setups? This is a very old gimmick that they have been trying to use since the past 10 years and at almost every new place, they try to repeat the same gimmick. Why?

  • Image Demonization. Firstly, they cannot find any major fault in me. I am not breaking any laws or hurting anyone or stealing from anyone or killing anyone. But my work affects their “money making systems” … out of desperation, they will use fake sex setups to delegitimize my work. “The guy is gay … why are you following him”. This is the argument that they want to make.
  • Satanic background. The main reason why they use a “demonization” tactic against their opposition is because we know that these guys are Satanists at their core base. All of their policies and systems are based upon Satanism. And when we point out that these guys are Satanists and all of their policies are exploitation and abusive systems … then they see it as an attack on their image and it delegitimizes all of their work. So, the most appropriate response that they can come up with is with a counter attack on the image and authenticity of the other person. That’s why they design “gay sex setups” against the other person and say don’t follow him. These are the main two reasons why some malicious Establishment elements try to use gay sex setups.
  • Establishment on the verge of termination. Despite their fake setups … thanks to the cooperation of SM Elements … we have continuously busted their fake setups and moved forward with the work. Today, almost all Establishment war based activity is contained. There is no more fear of any terror or war … we have peace in the world. And today, we are on the verge of the beginning of the termination of all malicious systems of the Establishment. All of these fake wars against fake terrorism has been busted. Now, we move in to the actual main criminal systems. This is what rattles and disturbs the Estalishment the most. They have been failed on every front and now we will take down their systems and there is nothing they can do about it … other than some noise making.
  • Creating hate and conflict. What they tried to do at one place was put “haters” around me in order to create fights and conflicts to stop and disturb my work. The technique that was followed to eliminate this hate and conflict was to remove the haters from the environment. Now, the Establishment cannot put haters in my environment to create conflicts. So they upgraded their tactic to “gay sex setups” … “no, no, no … we are not hating him. We love him to the extent that we are having sex with him.” This is another upgraded gimmick and again puts hate, friction and conflict in the next steps. 

Signs of Fake Sex Setups

The Establishment resorts to fake sex setups … mainly because of the above reasons. I will give you some basic signs to detect fake sex setups.

  • Present a full clear video that includes one hour before and after sex. This is something that has never been presented nor will it ever be presented … unless some digital superimposing is used.
  • Use of “clips”. Most of the time … clips and photos will be used. In one scene they will show some exchange of cash … in another scene two people enter a room … in another scene sex is going on and a “narration” will be provided to connect all of the 3 clips. In reality … the exchange of cash might have happened because someone needed to borrow cash for an emergency … they might have entered the room because it was crowded … and the guy in the sex scene could be an imposter faking it to be me. What is basically being done here is … a collection of clips put together to suit the narration.
  • Voice and language. The reason one should request for a full video and not just some clips is because … the full video will also contain my voice, expressions and language. If it is 2 hour video … then you will clearly recognize my voice and language.
  • Facial Expressions. If it is a full video then you will see my face and facial expressions from all angles … which will again confirm if it is me or someone faking it to be me from a particular angle.
  • Impersonators. The main reason why till date a full video has not yet been created is because … if they actually record the full video then this is what would be recorded … “okay, stand in this pose … you look like him from this angle. No, no, no … don’t stand like this … they can figure it out that it is not you. Give me this pose so that your face is not completely seen. Yes, yes this pose is good … they cannot make it out that it is you. Okay … this clip will do … this photo should do the work”. This is the conversation and work that goes on during these “fake sex setups”. Now, who the hell will record his malice and show it as proof? This is why make-belief clips are used.
  • Digital Superimposing. Till date, no such video exists. They may try to create it in the future using digital superimposing. So what you have to do with such videos is … cross check them for digital superimposing. In my environment, they will place guys of my height, color and hair so that superimposing will be easy. There is technology involved … you have to use technology to cross check it.

This is nothing new. These setups are being created since the past 10 years. This is not the weird part … the weird part comes with the consequences.

Consequences for lying and fake setups

Most of the people used in the fake setups have no idea what is going on and who is behind it. They just follow instructions of the guys telling them what to do. They think that they are superior with a high end technology and that nobody is watching them. What they don’t know is that … it’s the most basic level of the Matrix. The person at the ground level being instructed by one adviser is the most basic level one of the Matrix.

There are higher levels of the Matrix with far more higher technology and powers. And any building or hotel that I stay is … it is in full surveillance. They know what is happening in each and every room 24/7 … they know who is who and who is doing what at what time. They know who is screwing who through day and night in every corner of the building. And when such lies and fake setups are designed then Senior Members of the Matrix come into play with consequences.

I will give you an example of one place. The Matrix tries to maintain two teams … one plus and one minus. The plus team supports me and the minus one is supposed to find faults in me. All of them report back to what was found. They took the report from the minus team … the minus team said … “the only thing he does is work, pray and help poor people … we did not find anything negative in him”. At this place … the Matrix members offered cash for negative information. 

What one guy who works in the building does is … comes to my apartment … says that someone from his family is hospitalized and they need help with cash. I said okay fine and gave him some cash. He goes out and tells others that … he had sex with me and got paid for it. Everyone is surprised in the building and they ask him to do it again. He again comes to my apartment after a couple of days requesting some more help. I give him a little bit more cash. He walks out of the apartment as if adjusting his trousers … I am like … why is this guy adjusting his trousers like that?

The word spreads that I am gay and that I am paying this guy for sex. The Senior Matrix members are watching what this guy is doing … he is taking money saying that it is for someone in the hospital and then saying that he got paid for sex. This information reached a higher level … the decision was made that … if he does it again then break his leg. 

After a few days, a Matrix team comes on the site … talks to this guy and tells him to go and have sex with me again. He comes again to my apartment … this time saying that he needs some cash for medicines. They are watching him … the Matrix does not need any camera to be placed … if there is electricity in the building then they are watching you. These guys are watching him from the site itself. He takes the money, goes down and tells them … yes, I had sex again and here’s the cash for sex that I got. 

The Matrix team confirms that he is lying about sex again and doing this repeatedly. And the next day, they break his leg. He was crossing the road … they rammed a motorbike on his leg … in a way to break it. He is hospitalized with a broken leg and starts crying saying that “God punished me because I lied. God punished me because I lied.” 

I don’t even know what the hell is going on with him and his setups. I don’t see him for a few days and then I ask … what happened to so and so guy that used to work here? The other person says … “I am his son. I am working in his place. He broke his leg and he is in the hospital.” I was shocked to know what happened … again I give him some cash to help for his treatment.

After a few days, one member leaks the story to me of what he was actually doing … about this lies about sex, how his leg was broken and how he is crying in the hospital saying that God punished him because he lied. After this incident … I had to give very strict instructions to all Matrix members that “breaking bones” is forbidden in my name. There cannot be any breaking bones in my name … and I don’t care what lie he told. 

The only response from the Matrix was that … he lied and he deserved it. But since I was so concerned about such severe consequences … so they made an adjustment. They stopped punishing liars and culprits on the site itself in front of me. They started pulling the person out of the scene and then started hammering him. I am like … where is this guy … I am not seeing him anymore. The other guys say … he is on vacation. After 2-3 months, he will show up … first he will say that he was on vacation. After a few days … he says … no, actually I got into an accident and I was in the hospital. And then after a few days he says … actually I got into a fight with someone and I was hospitalized. 

But luckily … I checked … none of his bones were broken. I have no idea of what the Matrix members keep doing around me … it starts from beating up people, hospitalization to firing of employees and shutting down of businesses. And all of this is a part of “consequences” for mischief and lying. People do stuff thinking that no one is watching and that they can get away with lies and mischief. They put chemicals on my clothes, on my floor and on my bed … thinking that no one is watching. But they don’t know that every nook and corner of the entire building where I stay is under surveillance. And there are consequences for all mischief.

The advice I will give to any “minus team” is that …

  • Don’t make up stuff
  • Say exactly what you saw or know
  • Always speak the truth
  • Don’t make up negative stuff just because you are in the minus team
  • Because the moment you start lying and making up stuff … then there will be consequences
  • It is for your own good to remain honest say exactly what happened or what you saw

I myself pity the people who stand against me and try to find fault in me … because the only thing that goes in my head is … ow my God, what is going to happen to them now? Hospital? Fired? Business shutdown? Can they remain honest and not make up stuff? How should I protect them from the worst happening to them? How can I make them stop lying?

I have started entering a phase … where I defend and protect my own enemy. I find myself defending my own opposition so that the worst does not happen to them. The Matrix system is great to do good works but then I also have to constantly monitor and control its actions … especially on my opposition.