Jobs, jobs, jobs

Dark and dangerous? Okay fine … show me the darkness and danger. You followed a few simple steps … and you yourself are bragging non-stop of how good things are. You simply can’t stop talking about “economy, North Korea, economy, North Korea, economy and North Korea”. You yourself love this so much that you brag endlessly about it. We just took a few itsy bitsy steps for some minor works … you like the results so much that you can’t stop bragging about it. There is no darkness … it is all light, lovely, peaceful, progressive and fantastic.

Double standard? Look at it from my perspective. I work for the people. All Presidencies are “packages” … there is no perfect leader. I have to show the good things as well as the bad things. I have to support the people with the good things and protect them from the bad things. In your Presidency, the tariffs are good and use of diplomacy with North Korea is good. Other than that, you have nothing … and you have massive inaction to Establishment malice that is draining the country’s wealth … this is a major disaster happening under your Presidency. The people need to be protected from your inaction and the Establishment malice. 

I am supporting you where you are doing right and I am protecting the people where you are wrong or inactive. You might look at it as plus and minus for you … but when it comes to the people … I am in favor of the people in both cases. 

You keep bragging about numbers and think that these numbers will save you. You need to look back and see what happened to Bill Clinton. He was a super fantastic President with the highest employment ever. He created 23.5 million jobs. But with just one tiny scandal, they flushed him out with utmost humiliation. He was the best diplomat ever … stunning record … America loved him and the entire world loved him. He met with Boris Yeltsin during the Soviet times and created peace with the Soviet Union. Forget about today’s Russia … during the Communist times, he made friends with the Soviet Union. 

What happened to this fantastic President? He got worldwide humiliation and ended up millions in “debt” before leaving the White House. They gave him nothing but debt and humiliation. Using one simple Monica Lewinsky. Look what they are piling against you … you have a fantastic line of women with scandals, a line of lawsuits, criminal charges against team members and almost every media channel pisses over you. And you are thinking that “jobs, jobs, jobs” will save you. Bill Clinton created 23.5 million jobs and it didn’t do shit for him. 

You are thinking that North Korea will save you. The population of North Korea is 25 million. Bill Clinton created jobs for almost the entire North Korean population in America … for “American citizens”. Even then he was humiliated and ended his Presidency in “debt”.

Same guys, running the same show and they are ten times more vicious to you than Bill Clinton. Do you still want to wait and see all of the trash that they will do to you?