Trump's failure will be the Establishment's biggest victory

Paul Manafort in jail is the Establishment doing everything to kill the mileage that you have got via the North Korea summit. I told you this before … they will create certain events to impact the positive mileage that you are getting. They will find ways to zero it … and change the attention of the people to another issue.

They did this with your KSA visit as well. At that time, the way to nullify your accomplishment was to demonize the Saudis … so they carried out a terrorist event in order to demonize your weapons deals with the Saudis. It was very specifically targeted to eliminate your positive mileage. In the same manner, now they cannot do anything to North Korea. Your Summit was 100% perfect. The way to pull down your mileage and nullify the positive impact of your accomplishment is sending your team members to jail. They already had this in their plan, they just expedited it seeing the right occasion.


We have been warning you of jail since a long time now. Since several months, we have been alerting you that the Establishment is planning to send Trump team members and family members to jail … Trump himself is going to get impeached or sent to jail. This is a top priority in their to-do-list. You have been getting this alert since several months again and again.

The Establishment carries out all of these activities via their monopoly. If you want to weaken the Establishment’s influence on your Administration and Presidency … then start working on eliminating their monopoly. That’s the only way you can save your Presidency. We have told you this also several times.

Now, don’t freak out when the hammers fall. You should have expected it. We have been showing you the hammer coming from a distance since several months. Your inaction and lack of any initiative to address the core issue has a huge role to play in this. Like I said … the White House is a Piranha Lake not just for you but for anyone who is not an Establishment puppet. Even if Oprah does not take action against these Piranhas then she will also face the bite. It applies to everyone.

This is a battle between SM and the Establishment. SM will not allow Establishment puppets to enter the White House and the Establishment will not allow SM guys to remain in the White House. Doesn’t matter how many favors you do for the Establishment … your basic entry into the White House was the biggest defeat that the Establishment could ever face. Now, your failure will be their biggest victory. 

I know that you did not prepare for this. But this is the battle that you are stuck in. On one side, if you favor the Establishment … you will have both sharks against you … both the Est. & SM will be against you. And on the other side, if you favor SM … at least one major shark will be on your side that will help you defeat the other shark. 

You like WWF, right? You enter the rink and both the wrestlers want to beat you up … this is scenario one. The second scenario is where you can take one powerful wrestler by your side and beat up the other. In which scenario do you think that you will stand a better chance to win? 

You already took sides with the Establishment … if these guys were honest then why are Trump team members being tossed in jail? We told you that these guys are criminal assholes. You have wasted one and half year by taking their side & doing them favors … when the only thing that they have done is ramped up demonization, lawsuits and started sending your guys to jail. 

Instead, if you had worked with us … then you could have used the same time of one and half years to do fantastic things, ramp up your image and start defeating the Establishment. The Establishment is trying to put you guys in jail and we are putting Nobel Prizes in your hands. You have seen both sides in action. It should not be difficult to understand who will deliver what.

You are on a malicious side that will eat you up. That’s what you are facing. You have already wasted one and a half years.

Asking for something that has never been done before? Yes, the times are like that … this crisis is like that. Before George Bush:

  • When was the last time that 9/11 happened?
  • When was the last time we spent trillions on ridiculous wars?
  • When was the last time we got an increase of terrorists instead of reduction, wherever our military went?
  • When was the last time you ever stopped a world war?
  • When was the last time you had to stop a nuclear war?
  • When was the last time you moved from a nuclear war to a Nobel Prize?
  • When was the last time that the Superpower of the world was $70 Trillion in debt?

All of these are extraordinary circumstances … and so is our work. You will not get any normal politician, adviser, intelligence group or any agency that will help you with this. Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures.


Seems like you are concerned about winning. I think it is mainly because you are afraid of the Establishment. I will show you how we will win. But your issue in this will be that … the  more you delay, the more you will remain out of the game … and the more you remain idle, the more you will get flushed out of the game. If all of the major works are done without your support then why do we need you in the White House? Nobody will want you in the White House. 

Bush’s and Obama’s situations were different. One guy had no freaking idea of what was going on … Obama was busy making Administrative changes … but you know exactly what you had to do. But still you have sided with the Establishment and given them full support. If the equation remains like this for long … then why will people need you in the White House … when you knew what had to be done … instead of doing what is right, you sided with the criminals. Your inaction worsens your future prospects. 

You should understand that … you are in the White House … you are the President of the United States … the leader of the free world … you are supposed to show some initiatives at some level at least. If not from the front end … at least from the backend. If you do nothing then what’s the use of having you in the White House? 

Till date … it is the SM, media, legal networks, Russia, Europe and other elements that are actively involved and trying to make a change … while you are sitting back and supporting the Establishment. We are winning because of the active involvement of intervention forces … technically these are not even your victories. You tried to start major wars 3 times … which would have destroyed America’s economy. The major credit for jobs and economy goes to Obama and Putin. Obama for creating a successful economy and Putin for stopping these wars 3 times. You share hardly a 20% credit in the economy. 80% of the work is being done by Intervention Forces. 

Same goes with North Korea … you were bent on a Nuclear War. The major work to change tracks was done by Intervention Forces. The more other elements step forward and fix your crisis … the more you lose the right to lead … the more will people not want you in leadership. That’s why at certain critical places … you need to lead. 

Which is why I told you … we will show you all of the policies first and let you choose the policies. This will create a leadership role for you and get direct fame and glory for you. But if you choose to remain silent and let others take the lead and handle this crisis … then you are making yourself dispensable. Everyone will say “the guy doesn’t do anything … we have to sit and manage his blunders … why the hell do we need him in the White House”?