Modes of Operation from a Sponsor Perspective

Just saying that “you have my full support” does not help. In fact, only words show zero action. Unfortunately, till date you have been learning and following the Establishment. Instead of standing up to the Establishment … very interestingly, you are following them and supporting them. This is a major issue with the Trump Presidency. 

  • Block the work. The Establishment has been trying to block the work and you have eliminated Net Neutrality rules … this can be effectively used to block our online content. 
  • Suppress Support and Sponsors. Instead of pulling strings to finance our work, you have suppressed support and suppressed sponsors for our work from many sources. The Establishment also likes to control finance in order to control companies, media and politics in the country. You are again doing what the Establishment would want you to do against us.
  • Legal Action. The Establishment would want to take legal action to stop our work and you were trying to use the FBI to frame us for Collusion.
  • Calling countries to stop support. We are trying to pull countries together to handle the Establishment’s global malice and you were calling countries to stop supporting our work.

My dear friend, you have done everything possible word by word … action by action … that the Establishment would want you to do against us. Now, sitting there and making blunt and blank statements that “we support you” … does not help.

It is kind of shocking that you still stick to a criminal Establishment that has been backstabbing you … pressurizing Michael Cohen so that they can get all of your secrets out in public … while we have been helping you to do fantastic work that will help you get Nobel Prizes. Our strategy in North Korea works and it has a 90% chance of success. I am putting a Nobel Prize in your hands and you still stick to criminals who want to impeach you and to put you in jail. It is not exactly a wise choice. 

Policy Opposition
One concern that you might have in mind is that … “hey, you will stand there opposing our policies”. No, it does not work like that. You are the elected President … it is your job to run the country. We are not going to run the country or micromanage your decisions. We are “problem solvers”. Our priorities are the major policies that affect the entire country and the world. We work on malicious and exploitation systems and provide solutions for that. This is our line of work. 

We are not bothered about being the President or running your country or any other country for that matter. Our concern is only “people centric policies” and how to pull leaders and countries into as many PC policies as possible.

Cash Deals
I know you have a lot of cash deals with the Establishment … but what’s the use of these cash deals when they are working on sending you guys to jail? It is kind of ridiculous to stick with them. We will show you how to systematically change strategies without affecting any of your cash flows. Deals may change but flows will be better. There will be a transition process that we will work out together.

Open Mode
As of now, we are in an open mode and can offer flexibility. But the moment we get our first sponsors … then things start changing. Because every sponsor will have their own priorities. Our work has a lot of media power and fame & glory behind it. Every sponsor would want himself or his team to get the fame and glory. 

Just because the sponsor is different … it does not mean that we will change the work for the people. No, the work remains the same. But the person who implements it … he gets to rise and shine … and win Nobel Prizes. Just like we gave you the lead for North Korea. All of your friends and foes … the world combined has to recognize this fantastic move and give you recognition for it. Its still the beginning of the process … you have to incorporate a few more things out there. But even in these simple steps that you took … that cost you absolutely nothing … it was simple pulling of strings … it put you on the global stage. Our almost every policy is like that. It will change a lot of things and it will be phenomenal for the people.

Trump Mode
When you work with us … you get the lead and you get to shine in every policy and every move … through the next several years.

Democrat Mode
If Democrats get in touch with us first … then they will want 2020. They will want all policies for themselves and they will not want to give you any policies. They will actively use these policies to win 2020. They will win the Presidency and they will also do a lot of people-centric work. The policies remain the same but who will implement it changes.

Russia Mode
If not Trump or Democrats … even Russia can pull sponsors for the project. Russia has its own concerns of uniting with Europe and restarting trade with Europe. Our policies are fabulous and fantastic … if Putin starts implementing these policies in Russia … then Russia will very quickly rise to fantastic levels. They will be massive industrial and technological growth in Russia. Several countries will move into Russia’s fold and seeing this massive movement … Europe will easily restart trade with Russia. 

Russia becomes the key leader of the movement. In many ways, Russia has already taken a lead to control Establishment’s wars in the world. Now, if they take the lead in revamping their cities, technology and industries … it will raise Russia to fantastic heights … to new and modern levels that no one could ever expect.

Turkey and ME Mode
Other fantastic countries that are free from Establishment control and who can get instant benefit from this project are Turkey and Middle East countries. If they get involved, even they can start reforming their countries.

But when these other countries take the lead … it might be Russia, Turkey or GCC … they could try to control who gets the policies in America. If Russia says … help Trump then we help Trump. If Turkey says … help Democrats then we help Democrats. 

Training Class
In short, it is like a training class. Whoever joins the class, they get the training. The only thing we will try to do is manage the political opposition in a country. Since politicians will be the ones who will implement the systems … we have to cooperate with their Party to some extent.

The success in North Korea should demonstrate … as to how easy it is … to break barriers and to do groundbreaking work. Having a full understanding of the crisis matters … making the right decisions matters … it is then that you succeed. North Korea was an easy shot. Its abcd work. The debt crisis in America and Europe is 100 times more complicated. Forget about getting solutions, you will hardly get anyone who understands this crisis.


Seems like you are trying hard to maintain North Korea in the News. It will fade away within a few days.


So, economy and North Korea … is it? Lol. This is why you have so many blunders in your Presidency. The only thing that your Dad takes care of is himself. Its all about his money and his image. He cannot separate himself from his cash deals and he chases only those works that get him something. As a hotel owner that would be fine … but as the President of the United States … the people will kick you out of politics for good. On top of that, you have the Establishment monopoly that wants to send you guys to jail. 

This is what will happen in this configuration:

Cash Deals – Establishment Monopoly. Trump does not want to touch Establishment monopoly because he does not want it to affect his cash deals. Thus the drain of wealth from the country & people will continue to move into the hands of a few. All companies will remain being owned by a few. You will just brag “jobs, jobs, jobs” … when in reality, people are living in the highest possible cost of living … trying to survive on 2-3 credit cards and 2-3 jobs. This is the reality of America despite the record breaking jobs. 

Why does this happen? Establishment monopoly. They own everything and as per their ideology we should work for them like animals work for their farmers. People save nothing and keep being dependent on the Establishment owners. This is the system that you will be supporting via inaction on monopoly.

Impeachment and Jail. Secondly, doesn’t matter how many favors you do … the Establishment will continue to support your impeachment and try to send you to jail. This is how they are. 

Democrats – Oprah. We designed simple steps that help you move towards a Nobel Prize for North Korea. We know all of the problems in the country and we have solutions for all of them. Oprah has a stunning and extremely positive image among the public. If we associate with them … then you will automatically be toast. 

SM Networks. This support that you are getting … because of which your Presidency has survived for more than 500 days is mainly because of SM networks. The moment I change direction and support … this entire network moves in that direction. Not only you will be under the Establishment’s hammer but there will be none to save you either. 

The Establishment is planning a terribly ugly exit for you guys. We know, you are not the Establishment … that’s why we give you a helping hand here and there. So that the worst does not happen to you. But if you insist on inaction and insist on remaining attached to the Establishment … then like I said … it is like floating in a Piranha Lake. You are just floating enjoying the breeze and the sun … thinking that the Piranhas are your friends. You know what will happen next. 


Settle the case? You don’t need to pay a single penny and we are not suing you. This is not a legal case against you. See … as President, your role is pretty darn simple. All you do is pull strings from the background. You don’t even need to come on the frontend and put your name on it … if you don’t want to. 

GCC countries do all of the financing. Our work is about human rights and functions like an international news agency. We are not a government organization nor are we government workers. There is absolutely no limitation to how much or from whom we take financial assistance. Anyone from around the world can donate to a human rights group as much as he wants. This is 100% legal and legit. This is the financial aspect.

Now, coming to the implementation of the policies … here is a variety of choice. We told you these options before. You get to choose which policies you want to launch 

  • Directly yourself via Executive Order
  • Indirectly via Republicans or 
  • Invite both Republicans and Democrats to the Stage

You have already seen the impact of our policies and advice … following simple pages on one website … you are able to create historic never done work before and move towards Nobel Prizes. Our every policy is like that. If you pull the strings for sponsorship first then … you get to pick and choose … which policy you want to take full credit for and which policies you want to allow others to take the initiatives. 

  • Zero Risk. Some policies have zero risk against the Establishment … where the Establishment will not be affected at all. There will be no opposition and you can smoothly run these policies via Executive Order.
  • Medium Risk. Some policies will have a long term impact on the Establishment. You will need Congressional support.
  • High Risk. Some policies will have a direct impact on the Establishment. Like the NRA and gun laws … you want such high risk policies to be moved by the people themselves. People Power will help you a lot in such policies. When the initiative is from the people’s side then the risk on you becomes negligible.

Its all detailed strategies that you will come to know once the work begins. The work is fantastic and stunning … and we have to work via one politician or another. If you pull the strings then you get to be the “first” to create history. Just like in North Korea … you are the “First” President to meet their leader … the First and only President to create peace between North & South Korea … the First and only President to remove Communism & free 25 million people in North Korea. Your name is everywhere … wherever there will be progress in North Korea ... all credit goes to you. 

In the same manner, there are enormous amounts of work to do in several fields … domestically and internationally. Some will be incredibly easy and some will require detailed structuring. But all of them will bring enormous amounts of fame, glory and publicity. The first ones to work with us will be the biggest winners … as they will form the key leadership in all of the projects. From America … it could be you or it could be Oprah.