Russia and Europe taking up world leadership

Good job on Harvey Weinstein.

Excellent job in pulling Europe into world leadership. If we had waited for Trump then we would have ended nowhere. Trump only shows interest in himself and in Establishment interests. Europe is much wiser in understanding and acting against the Establishment. They have shown a lot of clarity and tactful moves when it comes to dealing with Establishment malice … thanks to Obama’s cooperation with Europe and training them for the same. Europe has a long history of understanding what the Establishment is all about. They are much wiser on this front. The great thing that they have done is snapped out of America's control and moved ahead in doing what is right. It might be about Jerusalem or the Iran deal or dealing with Russia or combating any other Establishment move.

G8 has to come into action first and then this will spread all across the UN. The Matrix should congratulate itself in doing a fantastic job since the past 10 years. Look how things were during Bush’s first year and how they are now. During Bush people were afraid of Islam and Muslims. People were scared to even talk on such topics. But today, they are defying America and holding onto treaties with Muslim countries. Russia is supporting Muslim countries and Europe is mixing with and supporting Russia’s world leadership. The days of Establishment’s unilateral suppression and aggression via America are over.

Trump does not even understand what is going on. Its wise not to wait for him or take his leadership. Stand up, join what is right and lead the world in doing what is right. It might be under Russia or Europe or Democrats or Republicans. Quit waiting for Trump. The Democrats should start exploring building direct relations with Europe, Russia and the Middle East. The world needs direction and leadership … start working on alternate ways to lead.