No time for petty stuff

The White House is only one of the security shells that secure me and my work. You have no idea of how all of the security shells are designed and who is behind them. Relax. We have a bigger game to play. No time for petty stuff. 

Want me to be grateful? Okay fine. Put a $100 Billion in my account for my work and I will be grateful. Lol. Because the shortage is of the funds right now. We have ample security and many people involved in security. Since several years the Establishment is trying to screw my work. Forget about legal cases, they also tried to rattle about half a dozen countries one after another ... only to stop my work. This happened even before you stepped into the White House. And I was secured from all of these schemes by the Matrix and their political connections. They did not even let me know what was going on and they handled the aggression as if it did not even happen.

Don't gratify yourself for a role that you might have played in handling one aggressive move. I am in this since the past 17 years. There have been a long list of aggressive moves in the past and they will also continue in the future. The Matrix is already informed of all of these moves ... since several years that is. Even Obama has played quite a good role in security. Not once he has bragged about it. 

When you deal with aggressive moves for 17 years ... you get used to it. It becomes the routine. You are new in the game ... everything is new for you. Forget legal cases or prison ... these guys will use even more aggressive moves against your Presidency, against America, Europe and Russia. Dealing with Establishment schemes of aggression is a part of the job. 

Do you know what Hillary wanted to do to us? Forget about prison ... she wanted to lock us up, torture us and get us killed. Why? Because we are kind of popular in the Matrix system within the US. Our writings were being followed and it was affecting her image. Obama was a great guy ... he was trying to do whatever good he could for the country ... while Hillary GodDamn Clinton was doing the war mongering. You haven't seen us in campaign mode yet. Let me just say ... it affects pretty much anyone across the entire US spectrum. Hillary wanted us jailed, tortured and killed ... but owing to the Matrix and God's help ... she got fired from her job, lost the election and spent one month crying over her loss.

Look at more critical things that are holding the work back. For example financiers and change in systems. You are standing there and bragging about the economy. What you dont know is that the economy is the problem statement. 96-97% of employment is not victory, my dear friend ... it is the "problem statement". You dont know that because you are seeing only one side of the coin and you dont know what is going on the other side. 

How can a massive country like the United States have 96% plus employment rate and still be in $20 Trillion in debt? This is the problem statement. There is a direct correlation between the debt and the Establishment monopoly. Despite the economy's success and having the most highly educated and talented people in the world ... America still goes in debt. This is because of Establishment monopoly ... all profits go into the hands of a few. The Establishment benefits while the wealth is  drained from the people and the country. 

What you should know is the National Debt is $20 Trillion plus and the private debt ... that people owe to the banks is also $20 Trillion plus. The combined debt of America and the American people is more than $40 Trillion. And it is all because of the Establishment schemes and monopoly. Do you have a plan to wipe out $40 Trillion debt? Do you think a bunch of people getting  employed will eliminate $40 Trillion debt? This is the crisis President Donald J Trump ... this is the crisis.

Even if you solve the debt crisis in America somehow then how will you solve the debt crisis in Europe? There is trillions of debt all over Europe. You want to donate trillions to them to solve the crisis? 

You are innocently praising yourself for the jobs and economy ... jobs and economy ... jobs and economy. But you dont know that doesnt matter how many Americans are hired ... almost all wealth still drains to the Establishment. This $40 Trillion issue is far more greater than some security issue that you played a role in. There are a lot of people who are handling it. And if you played a role in our security ... thank you my friend ... your role is appreciated. Lets focus on bigger stuff that is more critical for billions of lives out there who don't know what is going on.

Security will be important but not now. It will be important when we reach the peak of "malice marketing". When we start exposing the Establishment malice to hundreds of millions of people. At that time, security will be a major requirement. Right now, it is not a major concern.

The major requirement right now is finance and networking. We have to launch our programs and network with people and politicians at a massive scale. These are the highest priorities right now.

(The Matrix is having a blast seeing our exchanges, by the way. Lol.)