It is Trump’s Reign now

Why is President Trump talking about the Democrats with me? Why is he referring about the Democrat’s obstruction to me? Does he think that I am a Democrat? Is this why he is delaying the project? Ow damit. 

No wonder, I am getting signals from the Kremlin that everything is ready ... we are waiting for the green signal from President Trump ... he is holding back. I got this signal more than two times now. I am like ... why would Trump hold back on this project. He is the one who needs this project the most ... he will be one of the highest beneficiaries of this project. What’s with Trump? Why is he holding back?

People Centric Leaders
Does Trump think that I am a Democrat? Or does he think that this project will be carried out by the Democrats? No, no, no ... this is such a big misunderstanding. It does not work that way. We don’t get involved in party politics. Party politics is your local shit ... we have nothing to do with it. All we look for is “people centric” leaders. If you love people and if you like to fight for your people then we work with you. 

Most of our writings were addressed to Obama. Obama was quite a good leader when it came to principles and people. We were helping him take the leadership role in reforming the systems in favor of the people. And I think we wrote that ... this project can be led by Democrats ... so that Obama can get some credit for this work ... as he was the current President. But since his Presidency would end very soon and it would be followed by the Trump Presidency ... this work would be continued by the Trump Administration. We suggested this leadership role for the Democrats only because Obama was the President at that time. Since he was the President ... obviously, he would need some credit and fame for the work. That’s the only reason we suggested leadership for the Democrats. Otherwise, we really don’t care if you are a Democrat or Republican ... that is your local configuration ... we have no interest in that.

It is Trump’s Reign
The issue with Obama is that ... he delayed too much and he lost the leadership role. Now, it is President Trump’s Reign ... it is your leadership, your rule, your fame and your time. Now, whatever will be done ... it will be under 100% your leadership. Democrats don’t get the lead role now ... until and unless you don’t want to work on the project. 

There are several policies that President Trump can directly initiate via Executive Order. You don’t even need Democrats or Republicans to start the show. There are some policies that you can initiate 100% on your own ... single handedly. The change of the world ... can be initiated by one single person. And the entire credit for that will not go to the Republicans or the Democrats or whatever party ... the entire credit will go to one single person and that is ... President Donald J Trump. 

If you work with us then you can forget about the Democrats leading anything. It is your rule and your reign. You will get 100% of the credit. And then we will start formulating policies and setup the entire legal framework to legalize and structure your Executive Orders in the entire Federal and State Level systems. In this second step, we will pull in the Republicans and Democrats to sign the legislation for the same.

Types of Initiatives
There is a lot of work that needs to be done and a lot of laws to be created. We will be overhauling so many things. There are 3 different types of initiatives that we can take for these works.

  • Executive Order. We can initiate some policies directly via Executive Order. President Trump believes that this is great for the country ... he signs the Executive Order and ka boom ... we are in action. No waiting time, no passing bills, no pestering any other politician ... it is direct action. From day one, it will be in action.
  • Republican Lead. There are some policies for which we need a wider framework for action. We will be using some “loyal” Republicans on the field ... to promote the requirement of this framework. They will address the concerns, market it to the people and then we start formulating the legislation for the same.
  • People’s Lead. There are some policies that need the leadership from the people itself. There needs to be widespread awareness of the malice and required legal frameworks to combat this malice. For this the involvement of the people is compulsory. This is why ... we are strongly pressing on the “media revolution” in the initial stages. Once we have the media then we have the people on our side. Formulating and passing these laws will be incredibly easy once we revolutionize the media. The media revolution is also required to promote the Trump Presidency in the right manner ... it serves both purposes.

Secure Channels of Communication
An incredibly important aspect in this work is ... across the border instant communication. We need to have a secure channel for communication ... and if that fails then we need 2-3 other channels as backup. These backup plans need to be created not only for communication but also for other elements in the project ... like security, finance, leadership and media options. Any time if one option fails then we should immediately have 2-3 other options at hand. Will give details on these aspects once the project begins.

We can burn anyone in the way
These policies are so fantastic, fabulous and people oriented that people will love them and fight for them. Anyone who would oppose this would be an idiot ... it might be Republican or Democrat. Once we revolutionize the media, we can hammer anyone who does not vote in favor of these policies. We can do the hammering directly also ... but revolutionizing the media will give us a helping hand.

Democrats will get their fair share
Democrats don’t need to worry. You will get your fair share ... after 2 terms of President Trump. It will be your leadership again and you will have your spotlight. 

Tip: A tip for President Trump would be ... don’t bother hunting info on the Matrix. In America, the Matrix is not in the country ... but it is the country.