Choose what is right and win

The reason I am being asked to train Trump about the Matrix is so that ... he knows about the parameters in play. Which is why, I am giving you the most important points about the Matrix that you should know ... that concern you and your Presidency as of now.

It is nothing to be afraid of ... provided you are honest. Matrix activities as far as the Trump Presidency goes ... they have been mostly protective and serve as a guiding light. This is one of the reasons I never felt the need for you to know about the Matrix ... they are perfectly in sync with the program. The simulations created by the Matrix were essentially to guide you ... as to what was going on, who is behind it and the ideology that they support. All of these simulations were designed only to make the problem statement more clear for you. If you understand where the problem is and who is behind it ... then it is easy for you to take action to solve the problem.

The Matrix is on our side
Don’t fear the Matrix ... they are on our side. In fact, it is a very helpful medium. It makes a lot of things very easy which would otherwise be pretty darn difficult to achieve. The entire Matrix system was setup by none other than the Establishment. The whole thing is setup based upon their ideology and techniques. Mostly, it used to serve their interests. It is a fantastic network of hundreds of thousands of powerful companies and hundreds of millions of people from various walks of life ... it might be legal, intelligence, political, media, medical ... any and every field ... it is an entire human network.

Before starting our work in politics ... this is one of the first entity that we flipped on our side. It was a very lengthy process ... took almost 10 years. But every bit of it was worth it. We trained the Matrix on who their actual designers were. It has several levels ... spread across several countries and cities. The people on the frontend don’t even know who are the main designers of this system, who provides the directions and who the entire system actually benefits. It took a lot of time to turn this entity around and make it work for us ... but trust me, every bit of it was worth it. 

Can’t go much in detail on how the conversion took place ... but most of the people in the Matrix are Christians and Muslims. Let’s just say it was pretty easy for me to show the difference in ideology and practices between these lovely people that form the Matrix ... and those who created the Matrix. And eventually we got the majority of the Matrix on our side. 

A Parallel Medium
The complicated part of it is ... how it functions, how it communicates and how the work is done. The whole thing is essentially a “criminal system” ... almost everything about it is criminal. Why? Because the main designers designed it based upon such an ideology. This network was supposed to work for the Jewish Establishment ... track everything that goes on in peoples lives, manage and control them, oppress and silence them ... create silent and obedient workers while all benefits flow to the Establishment. And for everything they have used highend technology ... for which you don’t even have the tools to track. Which is how they are able to maintain the Matrix as a “parallel” medium.

Examples will help. You remember Hillary fainting during the campaign? Lol. That was Matrix activity. Now, how will you verify ... how Hillary fainted? What did she drink? Who put what in her drink? She had the highest security ... who surpassed the security and got that done? That’s what ... right now, we don’t have the tools to verify anything about the Matrix.

Another example ... John McCain’s brain cancer ... it didn’t just happen. There is a 99% chance that the Matrix induced it medically. This is one of the highend activities of the Matrix. They have a long list of “diseases” on the menu which they can induce into anyone they want. It might be a simple weakness which will lead to fainting to complicated diseases like brain cancer. Like I said ... it is a “criminal” system. The justification of the Matrix is that ... both of them deserved it. One woman was a vicious and murderous liar running for President and the other guy was an Establishment puppet selling off his country to defense companies while working with terrorists at the ground level. 

Well, you can argue that these people could have been taken to normal courts for trial on their mischief ... but then again who are you arguing with? In reality, the Matrix does not even exist. Are you going to argue that a non-existent entity put cancer in McCain’s brain? 

The Establishment’s malice is not limited to “financial gain” via corrupt politicians. There are several abusive exploitation systems that have been setup for their benefit. This club has crossed all lines and it needs to be terminated. Everybody in the Matrix knows that. 

The Establishment threat to the Trump Presidency
Here is the basic reason why the Trump Presidency is a threat to the Establishment.

  • You are a patriot and you are not a puppet
  • You are actually doing what is right for the country and the people

As per the Establishment, the only thing that you should do is:

  • Make false promises
  • Sell off the country to the Establishment
  • While doing nothing for the people

The Establishment likes two types of people:

  • Traitors ... who sell off the country and drain tax payer money to the Establishment
  • Do-nothing politicians ... only false promises while doing nothing for the people

Examples will help. Bush and Hillary were total traitors ... they sold off the country and drained tax payer money to the Establishment. Obama, in his first term, was a do nothing politician. A long list of fabulous promises and absolutely nothing done. It’s a different story that Matrix elements connected with Obama and helped him change the tide in his second term. By Obama’s first term we had the Matrix on our side ... in the second term, we started making actual change. And we started off the second term by firing Hillary Clinton and changing the direction of the Administration.

The thing with President Trump is that ... he is an immensely positive person and aims at fantastic targets. One example will help. Trade. America is in negative trade with almost all countries in the world. And when Trump campaigned on this agenda against Global Trade and putting our own country first ... this idea spread like wildfire around the world. Several other leading politicians accepted, acknowledged and used the same concept in their campaigns. Trump’s agendas are being replicated around the world. You can’t give me one agenda from Obama that was replicated around the world. 

President Trump has not been even one year in office ... and several world leaders are fascinated and copying his agenda ... of keeping their countries first and doing what is right for their people and country. This is what happens with “goodness” ... it spreads like wildfire. Something that is right ... something that is good ... something that is useful and beneficial ... people will copy very eagerly. And the thing is ... this is just the beginning ... there will be several agendas and several policies where the world will follow President Donald Trump. And there is nothing that the Establishment can do to stop this.

I know it ... the Matrix knows this ... but Trump does not know this. This Global Trade issue we had already put it in our writings. There are several other fantastic and fabulous things that we have not even digitized. When President Trump takes up those policies then he will be the leading and most respected figure in the entire world. 

The glitch is with the Establishment ... because it reverses the game for the Establishment. And the Establishment will be a major obstacle in these policies. Which is why the Establisment media never talks anything nice about Trump ... doesn’t matter what he does. They will find some glitch or some error in the entire event and promote only negative content about Trump. Why? Because they don’t want Trump to become a world leader ... they don’t want several countries following Trump. They don’t want an unstoppable movement in the world. 

Their solution to hold back on Trump’s rise is to continuously maintain Trump in negative light ... file several lawsuits, start several investigations, form several committees and remove Trump from the game. This is what they are working on.

Here is where the Matrix pitches in. The simulations that were created ... they were created to show you where the problem is ... to show you the main obstacle in your victory. They are showing you the obstacle so that you gather up the forces to eliminate the obstacle. They are guiding you on your path to victory.

Choose what is right and win
Don’t be afraid. Doesn’t matter who is in the opposition ... don’t be afraid. Just be honest about your commitment to the people and country ... then choose what is right ... choose what is right for the country and your people ... and then automatically victory will be yours.

Don’t try to worship the snake. Don’t try to make a deal with the snake. We have this snake under our hammer. We just need to put the right forces into play to eliminate this snake. Don’t be afraid of the aggressions coming against you ... it might be real or simulations. They are designed only to show you whom you have to take down. You have the power and we will give you enormous more powers and widespread support to take them down. 

If you are in a boxing ring ... you have been in WWF, right? You can pay the guy to take a beating ... it can happen. But when you have a snake on the other side of the ring ... he will take whatever you give, nod along and then in the ring ... he will be what he is and that is a snake. This is the major difference between you and the Establishment. You are a fantastic and positive person with enormous amount of goodness in you. I am not sure if you yourself know that ... you have immense positive potential in you. On the other side, the Establishment is a bloody snake ... the only thing that they do is leech and abuse while benefiting only themselves. 

The snake will stab you in the back saying ... “no, no, no ... all of this aggression is actually from the Democrats ... open lawsuits against the Dems ... fight against the Dems.” They will consume your time and pitch you in local battles while they will move Mueller ahead and work on ways to impeach you. That’s what they did to Obama. They stagnated Obama and blamed everything on the Republicans ... and maintained both parties bitching against each other. Now, it is the same entity that is trying to impeach you ... this time they are blaming the Democrats. They are treacherous snakes, don’t trust them. 

Don’t be afraid of them. Enormous amount of support will be given to you. Prepare to take down the snake. The moment you start initiating policies to take down the real snake then all of these Matrix based simulations will disappear. These simulations are not meant to hurt you. They are there for your guidance. All you need to do is ... choose what is right and win.