Negative guy in Team Trump?

Check who is the negative guy in Team Trump. This flip-flop negativity is becoming a problem. We cannot afford Trump to flip whenever. These flips will become a major problem if they continue. Leadership needs consistency and direction. We need to surround Trump with positive and supportive people maintaining the right atmosphere. If he flips, he suddenly goes off track. We can't have a leader jumping on and off the track. We will get nothing done this way.

This negative guy probably thought that Mueller is going to press charges on Trump or on his family. Which is why he was tweeting for help ... "what happened ... do something!" But when I showed him that Mueller is a long term game and gave them ideas of how to deal with Mueller ... he switched back to negativity. Seems like when the hammer is on the head then this guy is positive and cooperative ... but when you remove the hammer and secure him ... then he gets all boasty and negative. 

We cannot afford Trump to flip. We cannot Trump to go off track. Every single day, Trump needs to be positive, think constructively and move forward ... despite any info from our side that might not be blowing his horn. We are critical thinkers and we show the positive as well as the negative. With just one page of info that is not blowing Trump's horn ... if this guy uses this one page to flip Trump then it will be a disaster. Check who is this guy and see how he can be controlled. 

I know Trump is a little bit sensitive but changing the lives of 330 million Americans while dealing with a nasty Establishment is not all blow horn material. Put better thinkers and analysts around Trump. 


And yes ... don't be upset about the Matrix training. Once we start the work, you will learn about it. Automatically you will learn about it. You have to understand the Matrix and its activities in order to understand what is being done, why it is being done and the importance of the same. It is a terribly lengthy topic ... which is why we don't want to get into it as of now.

You have 7 more years of your Presidency ... you have a lot of time to learn and work at the same time. This is why we are planning to launch two programs ... People Power and Under the Skin. The "Under the Skin" program will teach you a lot about the Matrix. These programs are essentially meant for the general public ... so that everybody knows what is going on.

And for key world leaders like you ... President Trump, President Putin and other European leaders ... we will be formulating separate presentations and content ... that will illustrate the entire system, how it is created and why it is created this way ... and the main Matrix issues that it addresses. For special world leaders, we will have special presentations that will combine all of the content from all spheres ... so that you understand everything. You will understand all parameters involved once we start.

The main reason why I am not talking about the Matrix right now is that ... because it would turn into a stagnation technique. That's what they did to Obama ... they stagnated him for 8 years. He got nothing done. Learning about the Matrix beforehand is not important. It will turn into a lengthy stagnation period. But once you start working on the Establishment then automatically you will learn about the Matrix because the Matrix system is one of their tools. If you have to combat the Establishment then you have to manage their tools as well. Its quite easy ... not complicated.