Trump Team is asking me to cut prices? Let me explain how it works. It is not like a regular business deal where bargaining can be done for the product price. It is the cost for the entire project of several modules. We are not going to spend $1 Billion in one year. The costing is for upto 4-5 years. Average cost per year is $200-250 Million.

How it would work is ... whatever funds we get ... we distribute it over the next 5 years. For example, if we start off with $500 Million ... then we spread this amount into 5 years ... which is $100 million per year. And we start off modules that we can within this budget.

If we have to start all of the modules then we need to have a confirmed amount of $1 Billion in our account. Then we can start all of the modules. Why is it done like this? This is a long term project. It is not going to windup within an year or two. You will get to know the scale of the work once we start. You are looking at atleast 2 decades of work only for the USA for all of the main works to be realized at a considerable level ... for the remaining 194 countries ... different levels of accomplishments will be there ... probably, I will train my next generations to take the work forward.

That's point number one. Point number two is ... we can't hire people only for one year and then fire them if we dont get additional funds for the next year. Coz the hiring and training process itself will take upto 6 months. If we plan on an yearly basis and we dont get funds for the next year ... we would have to fire the guys within 6 months after their training. That's why we don't plan on an yearly basis. Whatever we do ... it will be on a 5 year plan. 

Whatever x amount we get ... we distribute it into the next 5 years ... initiate modules that are possible in that amount and hire the staff for those modules. The staff would know that their jobs are secure for atleast 5 years, this way. As it is ... it is new and risky work ... the least I can do is give them some job security.

Third point ... you already know that a National level campaign easily takes about $1 Billion for one year. Each Presidential candidate raises about that much ... you know how the cost of advertising works.

Fourth point ... this quotation of $1 Billion for 4-5 years ... is only for USA at a National Level. We may again campaign at a local level in local elections ... in order to bring patriotic candidates in power who would support our policies ... this costing will be evaluated separately. And then we would also need to do some promotion work in Europe ... that is again not included.

Fifth and most important ... we need to launch asap. Based upon the lead that we have given to the Establishment since the past few years, based upon the entities that they are using and based upon the pace at which they are working ... we should have started all of the modules a long time ago.

The concept of discount is not there. If the full amount cannot be arranged then we will start the basic modules initially ... like data collection, journalism, research in ex-communist countries and so on. While we do that ... we will continue to reach out to other governments and leaders to arrange for the remaining funds. It will delay the other modules.

Honestly, $1 Billion is peanuts for the Saudis ... they will contribute on your request. It should not be a problem. Its a tiny amount for them. 

The usage of the amount is very simple. 10% is our fees and 10% goes to setting up educational institutions like schools, colleges or online training sites ... as we dont want our work to depend solely upon donations. And the remaining is spent completely on the work.

Another important thing, you need to keep me out of the news. Don't do anything that will put me in the news. The last thing I want to be is in the focus ... it will threaten the entire project. It might be trying to meet me, forwarding funds, promoting policies, promoting our work or our website ... you have to keep in mind to maintain me off the news. 

The main reason for this is that ... it is an Establishment strategy to demonize the work by demonizing the person behind it. In the first step they will shine the spotlight on the person for the "wonderful idea and bravery and bla bla bla" and then after a while ... once the people know you .. then they start the demonization. There doesn't have to be anything wrong with you ... you don't need to do anything wrong to be demonized. I dont need to explain this to you ... just look at yourself and Putin. Have you done anything wrong for the country? Has Putin done anything wrong for America? No, but aren't they demonizing you in one way or the other on a false pretext?

Even if anyone tries to maliciously shine the spotlight on me ... I will give them the finger and play it all down. I will play down my entire role and walk out of that stupid spotlight. It risks the entire project. It is not fame ... it can easily lead to a termination strategy.

I will give you an example. All of exploitation systems that are run by the Establishment ... they are essentially designed by the Bankers. Do you see any Bankers on the frontend campaigning for each strategy? No, they don't. They sit in the background and use some politicians and media channels to run their agenda. Politicians come and go ... media personnel fall and rise ... and the Bankers continue their agenda timelessly. This is what we are dealing with. 

Like a diamond cuts a diamond ... we need to design a system to combat their system. Just like these Bankers remain in the backend. I need to remain in the backend and setup several frontend systems to combat this malice. And I need to do this on a timeless basis ... so that this malice is not only eliminated from around the world but it is also checked upon and maintained down. 

Some guys may suggest you to give me a boost and refer my name. All of that is rubbish. This is not routine business or work. We need to setup strictly confidential routes for communication once the work begins. There needs to be a lot of coordination ... mainly with the White House because our primary initial focus in America. Similarly, for other countries there will be interaction with the top leaders in the design and facilitation of the systems in their countries. And then there will be a separate section that will be live and available for the general public's access.

In all scenarios, it is not required for me to be public.