Trump and Matrix Training

Training Trump about the Matrix will be a waste of time. It will be of no use ... because by the time Trump learns even 25% about the Matrix, he will most probably be impeached. Learning and understanding the Matrix will take another 500 pages ... even if I write 2 pages per week and show the correspondence events, people and behaviors ... it will take 5 years for him to learn about the Matrix. But the more  pressing issue with the Trump Presidency is that he is looking at very aggressive legal issues. 

We had this liberty of time with Obama. Nobody was investigating Obama. I spent 6 years training Obama about the Establishment because it was required to stop WWIII. We had the available parameters to facilitate the online training. But with Trump ... there are 5 Committees investigating him ... there is 5 times more pressure on him than Bill Clinton and they are moving at a pace 5 times faster. Within the first year itself, they are pressing charges ... putting people on the wire, tracking every nook and corner ... all it requires is one person to flip against Trump and the allegations begin. Within 1-2 years you are looking at possible serious legal issues for Trump ... which may lead to possible impeachment. 

I know you want me to train Trump on the Matrix ... but for what? He wont even be there in the office in the next couple of years, possibly. Learning about the Matrix will only help him understand how these terror events are being placed by the Establishment. That understanding is not going to result into any major change or reform. The season of Radical Islam is over. There are no more countries that can be invaded on this pretext. The only thing that they will do is create some events here and there periodically. 

60,000 people are dying owing to gun violence in the USA every year ... which is about 164 people being killed every single day. The handful of people that will go based upon the pretext of Radical Islam is only a tiny fraction of that. Training Trump on the Matrix is not the priority here. 

I know you want me to. I know he should know about the Matrix. But this will be better done on the job ... simultaneously as we move ahead with the work. The more pressing issue at the moment is saving the Trump Presidency from Mueller. Trump may take some counter action against Mueller as suggested ... it will be good but it will not be enough. Trump has to eliminate all Establishment control points in order to win. That will happen only when he will work with us and start setting up systems to eliminate Establishment monopoly. 

While he works on each system ... he will be simultaneously trained on the Matrix. He will get a full understanding of what is going on. This way he will win on both fronts ... he will win against the investigations and as well ... he will eliminate all other possible control points that may arise against him. This way he gets an overwhelming victory.

We cannot repeat the mistakes of Obama. The parameters are not the same. Obama ended up being a zero President. It was mainly because of lack of coordination and lack of ground level action. Trump is a man of action. He has immense potential. 8 years will not be enough to fully accomplish everything that Trump can do for the country. Trump's policies will have to be followed by the next President. And during the next 8 years after Trump, many policies will reach maturity. Trust me, we simply cannot do an online training of the issues. We have to get into action.

The first things we need to do is initiate moves to save Trump from Mueller and revolutionize the media. Then we will have the full game on our side. After that its just ... win, win and win.