Never ask for respect

Is someone telling Trump that I don't "respect" America? Lol. Well, firstly if you knew me then it would be weird to ask me to respect America. Because love is more important than respect. Love comes before respect. If someone respects you but he does not love you then I am not sure if you want that kind of respect. Such of kind of respect may be out of fear or mere formality or out of self-interest ... such respect is generally hollow and it can be discarded at the tap of a finger. What is more important is love and then respect ... respect that comes out of love ... that is very important.

Secondly, if you understood the current state of your country then it is like the Titanic. At least the Titanic was brand new ... but the current American state is of a huge ship with rusted iron and shredding wood ... a ship that is about to sink. And I am the guy standing on the cliff working on saving you from sinking ... protecting you from elements that want you to sink ... and not only that but I will lift you up to a stunning and fabulous status where your ship will become the shining gold for the entire world to follow. Asking me to respect you is like ... standing in a sinking ship and then telling the guy who is saving your ship ... "respect me, respect me". Lol. That would be weird.

Thirdly, never ever "ask" for respect. That is something that you never ask for. Check any Holy book ... the Torah, Bible or the Quran. How many times has God asked for respect? Out of 100 times, it might be just one time. But 99% of the times, God Himself is all about loving you, helping you, guiding you, protecting you from evil, showing you beautiful ways, bringing you close to Him, lifting you up in life, saving you from everything that might hurt you ... God's Holy books are themselves all about you. 

As the President of the United States, one of the greatest countries in the world ... you should stop asking people to "respect" your flag or anthem or country. This is something that should happen on its own. When God Himself is all about you ... 99% of the time He is paying attention to your concerns and loving you and caring for you ... then as the President, you should also try to do the same. 99% of your efforts, policies and regulations that you work on ... should be filled with love and concern for the people. The respect will come on its own. Never ever ask for it.

Fourthly, yes ... there is a place for respect as well. Just because you love God, it does not mean that you don't respect Him. Of course, there is a place for respect. You respect God, you respect places of worship and you respect the Holy Books. But if someone is having an issue and not respecting the flag or the anthem ... then as a good leader who loves his people and country ... you should address their concerns. Those are not hooligans who don't how to behave in public ... who need to be given lessons on how to standup for the Anthem. Those are your citizens ... you need to show them love and concern. The moment you address their concerns with love then the respect comes automatically. 

Did you even bother to ask what is going on? Why are they kneeling? What are their concerns? Conduct meetings, find out their concerns and show them the steps you can take as President to address those concerns. This is the path that you should work on. Don't take out a whipping stick and don't try to punish them ... that will only create more backlash and make the situation worse.

And lastly ... people are the country. Don't stomp on the people in the name of the country. If there are no people then it will not be a country ... it will be a jungle. Its "people first" remember? People make the flag, people write the anthem and people write the constitution ... without people none of them will even exist. Keep people first.

And yeah, I respect America. Respect has its place. When I see or pass by a cemetery that hosts thousands of soldiers that died fighting for the country and its honor ... that sight fills my heart with respect. Don't allow some idiots that surround you to fill your mind with negative thoughts that are designed only to derail and delay our work.

Why they are bringing up the issue of "respect" now is because we will be talking about a long list of flaws in the country ... flaws in the media system, political system, corporate systems, family laws, education system ... and when we point out those flaws in order to provide better solutions ... they will say "hey look, this guy doesn't respect America. He is saying everything bad about us. He is saying our media system is bad, our political system is bad and everything about us is bad. He does not like America and he does not respect America. If he respects America then he should say only nice things about America and he should only praise everything about America." 

Lol ... this is their strategy. This is their next step. Utterly pathetic and total bullshit. The Establishment has no way out ... they are totally cornered. These are the best ideas that they can come up with. We will totally stomp on them and totally eliminate their strategies and monopolies. Keep people first and be aware of deviants.