Protect James Comey

I like James Comey. Help him. Get him into politics. He is a promising Presidential candidate. We can pull him in after Trump's second term. Tell him to run as Senator from the Democratic Party. The guy is very good material. 

I know he has some glitches with Hillary and Trump as of now. Screw those glitches. Protect him ... move him up. 

  • Excellent personality
  • Great communication skills
  • Immensely talented and capable
  • Fantastic leadership skills
  • Good values and principles
  • Clean slate
  • Has a very positive vibe
  • He can be the second Reagan ... people will love him.

All I need is a fire to reach the skies and I will take him there. Tell him it is not about entering politics ... it is about being the President of the United States. That's what he is aiming for. And I will help him get there ... that's if he follows the course properly. And yeah, tell him to go easy on the anti-Russia stand. 

James-Warren ticket will sell like hot fire in 2024. Both of them are extremely strong and fantastic personalities. Lol.