The Language Crisis in Turkey

There seems to be a “language crisis” in Turkey. Lol. Just started learning Turkish and the Establishment is going ballistic over it. Lol. Okay ... first understand why I am learning Turkish.

  • A Lot of Time At Hand. I have a lot of time at hand. Nothing much to do. Already told Trump what he has to do ... he seems to be still working on step one. Now, until he shows any progress ... I thought of using my time more fruitfully. That’s point number one.
  • Living in Turkey. The second thing is that ... I am living in Turkey. Everything around me is in Turkish. It would help a little bit if I could understand the signs and boards ... and what is written around me. I enter a shop and pick a product ... the entire description is in Turkish. It would help understanding what the product is about.  
  • Helps Expand Clientele. Most of the businessmen speak Turkish. Being able to speak Turkish will help me get some customers and expand my marketing business. Most websites are in Turkish and it will help in understanding what I am working on.
  • Helps Active Democracy future works. In the future, we are planning to expand Active Democracy into several countries. If I know the language to some extent it will help us immensely in understanding various cultures and help in collaborating with those countries.
  • Arabic, Russian, German, Spanish and French. If time and skills permit ... I am planning to learn a few other languages also like ... Arabic, Russian, German, Spanish and French ... as these languages cover most of the planet. Not only Turkish, I will be learning several other languages as well ... it would help in the work.

If you see all of the above are normal, simple and reasonable explanations for learning a language. It fits into commonsense. 

Establishment’s Mental Voodoo Bullshit
Now, see how Establishment elements ... take one simple thing ... and give it a twist to create a crisis out of it. And it is done in a way to facilitate their objectives and goals. Here is how they are fooling elements from several different societies using the fact that I am learning Turkish.

  • America. “He’s gone ... he is learning TURKISH! He’s gone ... your savior is gone! Forget about it. Bye bye baby! He has chosen Turkish now. You are screwed. Turkey is going to be the most fantastic nation in the world now. America is screwed. America is going to suck like Obama. These Establishment wolves will eat us one by one ... our savior is gone.” This is how they are fooling Americans. What is this? Mental bullshit.
  • Turkey. “He is going to enter Turkish politics now. He is going to be a great Turkish politician. He is going to make Turkey a great fantastic stunning country.” This information is again wrong. Why they say this is because ... a few years ago several American elements wanted me to join American politics. They promised me any height in politics because they knew I had the right policies and niche for it. But being in politics is severely regionalizing my work ... and we are not interested in taking up any position in politics. I don’t care if you want to make me President ... I am not interested. These repeated requests from Americans to join politics is one of the reasons why I made sure that I did not learn any other language. Because SM goes crazy after me and starts pulling me in politics. And I wanted to be at peace without this stigma dogging me in other countries as well. It has been several years now in other countries and I did not bother to learn any new language. Now, I am learning Turkish and they are trying to create a crisis out of it. I am learning Turkish not for politics ... but for several other reasons bigger than that.
  • Arab Countries. “Hey look, he is learning Turkish. He is not learning Arabic. He likes Turkish and he does not like Arabic.” What is this? A line of friction created using mental voodoo bullshit. They are taking one event and spinning it their way.
  • Russia. “Hey look, he is learning Turkish. He came to Russia and he did not learn Russian. He does not like Russian ... he likes Turkish.” Well firstly, my dear lovely Russians ... you are the best and I love you. I have no hesitation in saying that. And it’s true. Secondly, I was busy with the work ... so I didn’t have much time. Now, I told Trump what he needs to know so that he understands what is going on. Until he plays his part, I have time at hand. That’s why I am learning Turkish. Hopefully, next time I come to Russia ... I will learn some Russian as well. Love you ... kiss, kiss, kiss.
  • Mental Breakdown. “Ow my God! He is not going to remember some words and he is going to have a mental breakdown! We have to stop him from learning Turkish. Send him back to India. If he is in India then he does not need to learn any new language. We can save his mental breakdown!” I am like ... what kind of bullshit is this? Do they stop at nothing? 

All in all ... see how they took one simple thing from a person’s life and see how they are twisting it for their objectives. Creating lines of friction with Turks, Arabs, Russians and Americans. Using one thing they are creating a conflict among 4 communities. And in the process also trying to ship me off to India ... where they have nicely planted the Modi government, a hardcore anti-Muslim entity, to take action against my work. Modi has burnt alive thousands of Muslims in Gujrat. He is a hardcore anti-Muslim candidate. They failed the Congress and brought Modi in power only to stop our work. Goto and search for “gujrat riots muslims” ... and you will know about Modi.

They will also try to use love and sympathy in order to move me to India. “Ah, look at him. He is all alone. He should be with his friends and family in India, where he belongs. He should be happy. He should have fun and friends. He should not be in Turkey all alone.” This is mental bullshit again. Because I am exactly the same in India. I am most of the time in my room doing my work ... I rarely go out ... I rarely meet people. The only reason I go out most of time is when I need to buy something or when I want to take a walk. I have lived in India in the exact same manner for more than 5 years. 

Just because I go to India, it is not going to be friends, party and fun. This project is complicated. The Establishment already knows this. They know about my lifestyle in India as well. I follow the exact same routine in India. The only thing they are doing is ... using love and sympathy this time to pull me in a trap that they have placed in India. The Modi government has very close ties to Israel and Jewish entities and it is not suitable for our work.

Why Turkey?
I will tell you why I am here in Turkey.

  • Right political atmosphere. Turkey has the perfect political atmosphere for the work. It’s a perfect match.
  • President Erdogan. President Erdogan is a simply fantastic people oriented leader. He is also a perfect match for the work. He has a very good hold of the country and he cannot be easily scandalized or removed ... giving us stable longterm prospects.
  • Democratic. Turkey is a democratic country that is very well aware of democratic norms and principles. This is important as the main theme of our work is democracy and people power.
  • Muslim Country. Turkey is a Muslim country. The plus point in being a Muslim country is that ... Muslims are very well aware of Satanic issues. It saves a lot of training time in teaching candidates about Satanism based issues.
  • Israel’s Malice Awareness. Turkey is very well aware of Israel’s malice around the world. And since the Israeli government is one of the key culprits in these exploitation systems, awareness about Israel’s malice helps to a great extent. 

Turks are 75% ready for the job. Mostly because they are from a democratic country, well aware of Satanism issues and also know Israel’s malice. All I need to do is connect the dots for them, show how these systems are setup and help them campaign. They will form a fantastic workforce. They will save me a lot of training time.

The Establishment has already tried once to remove President Erdogan via a military coup and they failed. Erdogan has gained more power and consolidated his hold on the country. And me being in Turkey makes the Establishment totally helpless. Which is why these guys sit there and create alternate bullshit mental voodoo problems in order to pull me out of Turkey. So that I am accessible to their network in other countries and they can stop the work successfully. They could not change the government in Turkey that’s why they are trying to pull me out of Turkey. This is what you need to stop.

We chose these cities as the bases for the work: Istanbul, Belgrade, Kuala Lumpur and Moscow. Because all of these cities provide the right political and cultural atmosphere to do the work. You need to be aware of the Establishment’s malicious misleading techniques in order to discard those efforts.