Trump is our guy?

Trump is our guy?

Trump is our guy? Why didn’t you guys tell me that Trump was our guy? Did you know how much worried I was? Yeah, yeah ... I saw some signals but it was so confusing this time and Trump was sending conflicting signals. 


I liked his profile. I had told you to bring in a candidate who:

  • Was an outsider. We knew that Washington contains only junk. We needed an outsider who could change the system. Just like Barack Obama ... he was an outsider ... new to Washington politics ... very less Establishment control ... that’s why he could make moves to change the system. We needed another outsider to carry on the work after Obama.
  • Pure White. I needed a guy who was pure white American. A guy who did not have a Jewish wife. If he had a Jewish wife then the game was over then and there itself.
  • Who loves America. We needed someone who loves America ... who would fight for America ... who would place America ahead of the Establishment. 
  • Killer Instinct. And I asked you to give me a guy with a killer instinct. A guy who will fight in slit throat style ... someone who can totally obliterate the opposition. 

And I looked at Trump’s profile ... he seemed to be the perfect guy. I was actually amused at how he was the exact profile that I wanted. And he comes up with a punchline “Make America Great Again”. I was like ... yeah, really? It’s perfect. But I had my doubts and wanted to know more ... I waited to see his policies and what work he would do.

Conflicting Signals

When Trump moved on with his campaign ... he started giving “conflicting signals”. On one hand, he wants to make America great again ... and on the other hand he is coming up with racist policies targeting Blacks, Latinos and Muslims. I saw his racist policies and understood that ... there is some Jewish Establishment influence here. 

But then on the other side, we had Hillary God-Damn Clinton. She was a total Establishment candidate. She already had a fantastic track record of several wars and the worst part of her would be that ... she would be totally blindly dedicated to those wars ... she would take absolutely no inputs and she would not change in any way. She had a total monster profile. 

What we had to do was ... choose between an Establishment monster or a guy with some Establishment influence. Obviously, we chose Trump. The choice in the previous elections were so much easier. It was Mc Cain and Obama ... Mitt Romney and Obama ... junk on one side and gold on the other side. It was easy to choose. But this election was very confusing and conflicting.

Establishment influence on Trump

We thought Trump has a lot of Jewish Establishment influence because of two factors:

  • Media Mileage. 90% of the media is owned by Jewish groups and Trump is getting a lot of media attention.
  • Chaotic Policies. Trump is promoting chaotic racist policies. We were thinking ... is this a deal given to Trump? Promote racist policies in return for media mileage? What the hell is going on?

But it turned out to be something else later on. 

Reaching out to Team Trump

We needed to find out who is behind these policies. So, we reached out to the Trump Campaign and informed them of how these malicious policies are designed only bring about chaos in the country. And to our surprise Trump immediately shifted his policies. If Trump had a deal with the Establishment to run these policies then why would Trump change? He would be the same cold hearted Hillary Clinton and not waver to any reason or logic. This showed two things about Trump:

  • Good heart. He as a good heart. He listens when people are concerned. He listens when it is about the benefit for his country.
  • Access. Second thing we came to know is that ... we had access to Trump. We had positive Crew Teams working with Trump.

Design of Chaotic Policies

Now, if you look back at what happened during the elections ... then this is how it falls into place. The Crew Teams were working on bringing in a guy who would fight for America ... who would fight to make America great again. This was in sharp contrast to what the Jewish Establishment wanted. This was an unusual move. Our lovely Establishment spies on everyone with the tools that they have and they saw how the Crew was teaming up with Trump to bring about a positive change in America. A major political change was coming in America.

Trump + Crew = Great America

This was the equation that was falling into place. Now, to take this equation down ... to fail this program ... what they did was ... they put chaos in Trump’s plans. These guys have access to almost every politician. They sit right next to you and advise you on a totally disastrous path. They did the same to George Bush and Obama. They started doing the same with Trump. They did not want this to happen ... they did not want this candidate to succeed ... they wanted the regular puppets from Washington in power over whom they had full control. America moving in a new direction was not in their plan.

In order to succeed in failing Trump ... they had to associate chaos with Trump. This is their formula to fail Goyim leaders and systems ... “using chaos” ... these leaders and these systems should not succeed because of chaos. They create chaos under Christian leaders and systems in order to destabilize them and remove them ... and they setup puppet leaders and systems that benefit them. 

Trump + Chaos = Disaster

That was the equation that they were using in order to derail Trump and make him fail. 

Establishment techniques used to pull down Trump

We thought that Trump was getting immense media coverage owing to Jewish support. But that was not the case at all. Trump was getting immense media coverage because of his killer instinct ... because of his slit throat style of competition. Trump was a media magnet and the media was crazy after him. They had no other choice other than cover Trump. Trump’s style and his battle was immensely entertaining ... it was giving the media immense viewership. The media companies were actually benefiting by covering Trump. It was the other way around. 

Our lovely Jewish Establishment saw Trump’s immense fame and they resorted to drastic measures to pull down Trump.

  • Design of chaotic racist policies. Firstly they gave him a long list of racist policies against Blacks, Latinos and Muslims in order to create chaos. 
  • Immense Negative Coverage. Trump was immensely popular. Using these racist policies, they gave immense “negative” coverage to Trump ... in an attempt to demonize and remove Trump’s support. “This guy will break families ... he will deport 11 million immigrants! He wants to ban Muslims! He hates black people! He is a racist and bla bla bla”. What was all of that ... it was massive negative publicity only to tarnish the fame that he was getting.
  • Massive Finance for Hillary. They demonized Trump in the media and showered Hillary with a huge lead in campaign finance. It helped Hillary spend hundreds of millions in ads and media coverage. 
  • Scandals – Tape. The tape with sex remarks ... only two entities can get that. It is the Jewish Establishment or the Crew Network ... as even you have access to the same system. Both of you have very detailed and close information about every individual out there. I will explain who did this in the next points.
  • Scandals – Women. A series of women came forward to demonize Trump and derail his Presidency. Will let you know who did this in the next points.
  • Zero Support from Republicans. Who was campaigning for Trump after these scandals? Not a single Republican was campaigning for Trump. Trump was completely on his own. Even we fled to Hillary God-Damn Clinton. We were shocked at the possibility of her becoming President. We had to save America from a conflict with Russia. We immediately started reaching out to Bill Clinton and the Obama Team in making Hillary understand the situation. We knew that Trump was good at heart but our priority shifted in making sure that Hillary would not start a nuclear war with Russia.
  • Zero Spending from RNC. The Republicans were literally spending zero in promoting their candidate. They pulled off efforts in helping Trump. In fact, several Republicans asked Trump to step down.

Who rigged the election?

Despite all of the above efforts ... to derail and fail Trump ... Trump still won. Obviously, it was rigged. But a more important question is ... who rigged it? We initially thought that the Jewish Establishment outsmarted the Crew and they rigged the election in favor of Trump. But that was not the case. In fact, the Jewish Establishment did everything in their power to fail Trump. It was you guys who rigged it ... it was the American Crew. 

You saw that Hillary was a regular Establishment candidate with no vision and no plan. She was a total puppet. There would be absolutely no change under her and she would most likely destroy the country with her opposition against Russia. And you saw that Trump was being unfairly demonized and rattled by the Jewish Establishment in every way possible. You wanted Trump as President ... you knew he had the will power and killer instinct to go all the way. 

I got this doubt that the Jewish Establishment did not rig the election because if they were so desperate in getting Trump elected that they would rig the election in his favor ... then why did they pull off all of the support? The Republican Party is the Establishment hub ... they control the majority of the candidates out there. If they so desperately wanted Trump as President then why didn’t the Republicans fight for Trump despite the scandals? Why was RNC spending zero for Trump? At least they could spend money on his campaign. They demonized him ... ridiculed him ... pulled off all support ... and left him for the dogs. 

At first I thought it was the American Crew that unleashed these scandals against Trump in order to help Hillary. But it wasn’t you ... you were the one who put the FBI against Hillary and rigged the election in Trump’s favor. You were just showing off, heh? Like usual. The guy enters a helpless position and you sweep in like a guardian angel and lift him to victory? This was so you.

Strategy: Promote Hillary and Misguide Trump

At first I thought it was the Jewish Establishment that rigged the election but it did not add up. I saw all other factors ... and all of the other factors were showing the opposite. Terrible policies, massive demonization, immense donations to the other side, scandals, no support from Republicans or RNC ... if Trump was their candidate then none of that should have happened. The strategy that was followed during the election was “promote Hillary and misguide Trump”. They did everything possible to promote Hillary ... with a team of Democrats going on the campaign trail, massive donations, huge publicity and support from every angle. But when it came to Trump, they tried to attack him in every way possible trying to take him down.

Crying Over Loss

Never before a failed Presidential candidate has cried so much like right now. This is actually not Hillary crying over her loss ... this is not the Democrats crying over their loss ... this is actually the Jewish Establishment crying over their loss. They are like “damit, we did everything we could and even then we lost”. There has to be consequences.

  • Protesters. The moment Trump won ... they put protesters on the streets. Who was leading those protesters? No one was leading those protesters. Not a single Democratic candidate was leading those protesters. These protests are “Establishment” designed. “Not my President” ... who is saying that ... it is the pissed off Jewish Establishment that is saying that. 
  • Recount of votes. They were so shocked at their failure that they raised funds for a recount of votes. 
  • Russia Meddled! If Hillary would win then she would continue with the aggression against Russia. Hillary was their candidate. That’s why they are using every single remaining day of the Democratic Party in demonizing Russia and worsening relations with Russia. Friction and conflict with Russia is an Establishment agenda. 

If Trump was their candidate then they would never bother about protesters or recount or any Russian propaganda. They are freaking afraid that Trump will turn upside down many things that they have designed for their benefit. Because a Trump Presidency is totally against their ideology. Making America great again is not in their plan. Trump’s victory was a major loss for the Establishment. I think even Trump does not know that.

Jared Kushner in the White House

This is what Donald Trump should realize ... your victory was great for the country ... but the Jewish Establishment does not like it. There will be several repeated attempts to misguide and derail your Administration in several ways. It will be difficult for you to figure it out ... but we will be there to help you see through the skin ... we will help you see through these malicious policies. 

When a dad loves his son-in-law ... it means that he really loves his daughter. I am not saying that Jared Kushner is wrong or bad in any way ... but just keep an eye on everything that you are being advised upon ... the advice that especially comes from the Jewish Establishment. It might be any Jewish connection ... advisers, relatives, intelligence, media, sponsors and so on. A simple way to handle it is ... just evaluate what you are being advised on ... evaluate it practically and logically ... see how it impacts the people ... see that it benefits the people and it does not target any race or religion. There have been massive attempts at your Presidency already. You are not even the President yet and see the extent to which they are rattling you. Once your Presidency begins, there will be a lot more at the table for you to deal with. Fighting for America will be a struggle. 

But the good thing about Jared Kushner in the White House is that ... Ivanka Trump will be there. She is a good soul ... she has a caring and supporting heart just like her father. She is a true Trump. And guys ... she could be a fantastic asset in reaching out to Trump and keeping him in the loop. Trump needs to be surrounded by good and positive people who are willing to fight for America. Well, at least now Trump knows what he is dealing with.

Who is the Crew?

Just so that Trump understands, Crew is like an intelligence system ... with very good connections and very detailed information about everyone out there. They can be good friends once you get to know them. But don’t trust anyone blindly ... always evaluate from the people’s perspective ... don’t take any chances ... always evaluate everything.

Note: What is going to happen under Trump is a little bit more complicated than Trump himself. Obama is a good soul ... but look what happened under his Administration? Look what happened under Bush's Administration. What will happen under Trump's Administration depends upon the interaction of several factors ... it is more complicated than just Trump making the calls. Trump was supposed to be a positive candidate ... look at the way they have successfully trashed his candidacy even before he became President. The fight is much more complicated than just right and wrong. Details later. When it comes to Trump ... just like I advised Trump, I don't trust anyone ... I don't believe anyone's words. I believe in actions ... what is Trump, who is Trump ... everything will depend upon his actual actions and policies. So, fingers crossed ... nothing is confirmed and nothing is certain yet.

Turks and Russians

Both of you are lovely, simple and positive. Don’t over react to the stuff that I write for America. Each country has its own culture and style. The content that I write ... it is mainly meant for the American audience. So don’t freak out on the stuff that I write. Take it easy ... Americans have a different political culture.