Handling Security Parameters under Trump

Handling Security Parameters under Trump

Alright ladies ... coming to back to my wonderful guardian angels. How u doing? A very Happy New Year to all of you and your families. 

The security parameters will be changing once Obama leaves office. The White House was doing a fantastic job. I hope Obama left a team in the White House that follows up on the work that has been done till date. That would be a fantastic way of carrying forward the work done. However, we need to maintain a team close to Trump that updates him on what we publish. Trump will be aware of the dangerous steps ahead ... he will be able to act more intelligently. 

These are guys are freaking criminals. They will use any and every excuse to stop the work. On one hand they will call me a hater and racist to stop the work. Or they will create fear and suspicion by calling me Muslim and associating me with some bad guys. And on the hand, they will also come very affectionately with a lot of love ... saying ... he should stop ... so that he can move on ... you know ... start dating, have a family ... so in this case “for my good” ... I need to stop the work. Do you see their mind games? For my good, I should stop the work and allow them to destroy the world and allow them to continue to leech countries off their wealth.

These guys are criminals. Don’t follow them under any pretext. America is entering one of the most dangerous phases under Donald Trump. He is entering under very turbulent waters. There is absolutely no guarantee of what will happen tomorrow. Till today, Obama was cooperating with Russia in Syria and today he kicks out 35 Russian diplomats from America. Do you see how the “flip” is designed? They made Obama flip ... a highly diplomatic guy with the coolest head in Washington who is already aware of many Jewish Establishment schemes. They made him flip. Now, imagine what can happen with Trump. The threat level of drastic actions is 3 times higher under Trump. Not for me ... for you guys ... for America and Russia. The major impact will be on your countries. 

We are one of the biggest obstacles for malicious Establishment plans. There will be attempts to stop our work under any pretext. I need you to setup a team that will neutralize these threats at their origin itself. With the limited resources that we have ... the only thing we can put in our time right now ... is to stop America’s destruction. That’s the only thing we can inform you about. If something more than this has to be done ... we need to move on to the next phase. We already informed Obama and kept America safe for 8 years ... and you saw how that went. It’s like being stuck in a lift ... the top floor is on fire ... you are glad that the lift has not yet caught the fire but you are still stuck in the lift. That’s the Obama Administration in one line. You are glad that the worst has not happened and you are still stuck about many things. 

If we don’t move on to the next phase then you will remain stuck like this ... but the threat level will keep on increasing ... because the debt is not stopping any time soon ... the fire is still increasing in the top floor and anything can happen. You need to pull Trump in the program and we need to get this done. 

If we don’t initiate our measures ... then they will initiate their measures ... which they are already continuously doing. More and more terrorist activities ... more and more aggression against Russia. All of this is just building more fire for America to burn into.

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