Breaking Syria into parts?

Breaking Syria into parts?

Guys ... take a look at what’s going on in Syria. I hope they are not using my dream to run their own agenda. Breaking Syria and Iraq into different parts has always been the Establishment agenda. Their plan is to break down these countries and create new affiliate countries for Israel that will supply massive amount of oil resources to Israel.

The dream said that “we freed the fish”. The fish went from being trapped in the aquarium into the open Ocean. Which implies we freed Syria from Western elements and control. Syria needs to be independent from any level or kind of Western control. That is the objective. The dream did not say that we cut the fish into 3 parts. The dream said we freed the fish. Don’t allow them to use my dream to run their own agenda.

No support for rebels under the Trump Administration

Russia is a fantastic power in Syria. After the Obama Administration, Putin will find absolutely no obstruction in Syria. Trump will not be supplying weapons and funds to the rebels. As per Trump, Syria is already Russian territory. The entire resistance will be smoothly wiped out from February onwards because there will be no supply of weapons and funds to any opposition group. They already know this ... they know that the armed rebels will be no more in Syria under the Trump Administration. You are being misled into the creation of 3 states in Syria. 

Clever Mind Games

And they are doing that in the name of peace and ceasefire. These are mind games. They play mind games when they cannot play the power game anymore. Assad will win ... Russia will win ... whole Syria can be yours. If they saw value for peace and ceasefire ... they should have come up with this plan 2 or 3 years ago. Assad called them for negotiations and peace dozens of times ... they rejected every peace effort. Why? Because they had access to tons of weapons and billions of funds. The only thing they were interested in was taking over Syria and booting Assad.

Look at the level of their mind games. They are making it seem to be “your solution”. You came up with this. This is “your solution”. You wanted this arrangement. They are using your hands to break Syria apart. This is not you ... this is not your solution ... this is not what you wanted. This is what the Establishment wanted ... this is what the Western intervention wanted. And now they are pushing it “through you” ... making you believe that “this is your accomplishment”.

Replacement of Assad?

You replace any Middle East ruler ... there will be chaos. There are hardly anyone capable enough to rule. Look at Iraq as a living example. Get the whole country under your control. Let Assad rule for another 20 years ... allow Syria to be fully stabilized ... allow Syria to fully recover from the chaos and damage of the war. And then we will think if we need a change in leadership.

There will be absolutely no support for the rebel groups under the Trump Administration. These are desperate clever games. You will get a sweeping victory in Syria very soon. Stick to owning the entire country ... stick to your rule and control over the entire country.