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House of Knowledge – People Intelligence Network

Here’s an interesting thing that I realized. You remember the dream that I told you about “the roaring lion”. Let me give a brief picture of the dream so that you know what I am talking about. In India I used to go to an orphanage now and then ... to donate some books or toys or food. But the thing was ... there was only one orphanage that I knew and I wanted to find out some more places where I could contribute. So, in this dream ... I go to this orphanage and ask them if they knew of any other similar places ... they tell me ... go to so and so place. 

I reach the location and there is no one in front of the building. I enter the gate of the building. When I enter the gate ... I get a feeling that there is a dog or an animal somewhere ... I look around but there is no dog. (I don’t want to be bitten by a dog not on the leash.) I move towards the staircase ... and I hear the voice of an iron chain moving ... I figured out that the dog is near the staircase. When I reach the staircase ... I don’t see a dog ... but there is a wild animal ... like a hyena chained closely towards the wall of the staircase. I am like ... what the hell is this? And there is not just one animal ... there are several different wild animals chained similarly along the staircase. And I am wondering ... am I at the right place? Should I just leave? But I really wanted to find out another place to contribute at ... I decide to step forward. 

When I step forward ... the animals were not able to reach me ... I walk up the stairs ... and I see the line of wild animals chained along the flight of the stairs. It was like a few flights of stairs. And then when I am walking on the last flight ... I feel as if I am walking towards a stage. I am like ... is this a house or is this a stadium? At the end of the stairs ... there is a huge balcony spread out like a stage. I walk towards the center of the stage and from the other side ... comes a lion ... a male lion. It is not chained ... and it is walking towards me. I am not afraid of the lion but I am actually amazed at the lion ... because it was so stunningly beautiful ... the most beautiful lion that I have ever seen. It was radiant, glowing, with fantastic fluffy silky hair and a beautifully formed body. Somewhat like Mofassa from Lion King but ten times more beautiful.

And then the Lion opens its mouth ... about to roar ... what goes in my mind is. Okay it is going to roar now? Like the Lion in Tom and Jerry ... a big roar? I am expecting the loud “Roaarrrr” ... but instead the Lion roars out the word “Darul Uloom” ... in actually a Lion’s voice. If you see animated movies ... a talking Lion has a human voice ... but this Lion actually spoke in a Lion’s voice ... it was loud and coarse ... he says “Darul Uloom”. I wake up with goosebumps all over my body ... with hair rising all over my hands and legs. I was like ... damn, it’s a Lion’s voice! It was a dream but it was so real. 

The next few days ... I am wondering what is the dream about? Who are these wild animals chained to the wall? Who is this Lion? And what is the significance of Darul Uloom? It was easy to figure out that these wild animals had something to nasty to do with them ... because all of them looked quite nasty. It was easy to understand that these wild animals represented the “exploitation systems” ... that we are working on to eliminate. I am hoping that we will lock down several of these exploitation systems. The Lion probably ... I think so ... refers to the Christian and Non-Jewish Crew System that is working with me to stop these exploitation systems. 

“Darul Uloom” was a tricky one. I Googled Darul Uloom to understand what it means ... it translates into “House of Knowledge”. I am like ... House of Knowledge? The Big Guy wants me to work on something related to education? I obviously understood that ... okay fine, the dream is showing the sequence of the work. All of these exploitation systems will be locked down and then you have to focus on “House of Knowledge”. But what is this “House of Knowledge”? Once all of the bad guys are taken care of ... I am supposed to setup a school or a college or a University? What is this supposed to be? I could not connect it to anything.

I got this dream several years ago. I understood everything ... about this dream ... I knew the wild animals, the Lion ... but the Durul Uloom did not fall into place. If I was required to setup a school or a college ... then why would I need a radiant beautiful talking Lion to come in my dream and announce Darul Uloom? There are already tens of thousands of schools and colleges out there. If you setup a few schools or colleges as an investment ... I understand. But the Darul Uloom did not connect with the regular school or college. 

Sometimes, I actually felt bad. I was like ... I picked this project because it helps billions of people around the world. That is my specialty ... if it is an exploitation system and it is affecting billions of people ... then that’s my arena. That’s what I work on. A college will contain a few thousand kids. Once I lock down the bad guys ... I am supposed to work on a few thousand kids in one corner of the world ... and then that’s it? That’s kind of a huge demotion. Another bad thought I would get about this is that ... may be is someone telling me ... okay fine, we got the bad guys now ... chill, go run a school? Is this one way to take me off the project? Am I not doing what is required of me? But then again ... the dream was not presented in a negative light ... it was more in a congratulatory tone. 

So, basically I had no idea ... what it meant ... I knew it would have something to do with knowledge. I was like ... okay fine ... I will know once I reach that stage ... once the time comes, you will know what it is. So, I played along ... continued the work ... focused on exposing and halting the bad guys. And then recently ... I wrote one page for Russia: Take a look at that one.

I wrote that page because ... I knew we were going to handle America and Europe quite successfully. But then what about South America ... what about Africa ... what about Australia ... what about Asia ... what about the hundreds of other countries? How are we going to fix those systems in those countries? How are we going to make these countries as best as they can be? America is itself consuming so much freaking time. How will I take this data, reforms and policies to those countries? There is so much amount of information ... that pertain to every aspect of public life ... how will I provide this information to all of these countries? Then I thought ... I need to create a “People Intelligence Network”. I need to centralize ... collect the best practices in every domain from every corner of the world in every aspect of public life ... and then provide this information to each country in a customized manner that suits its requirements. This way I could reach every possible country in the world. It has to be a People Intelligence Network.

And I wrote that page for Russia ... I know Russia is going to be simply fantastic and fabulous in the East ... it is going to be awesome. But then after a couple of days ... I realized ... hello ... this is it ... this is it ... this is Darul Uloom ... this is the House of Knowledge that I was told about. Now, this is something unique ... something new ... that will lock down almost every malicious system and change lives for billions of people in almost every country in the world. This is Darul Uloom! And yeah, its worth being announced by a radiant beautiful talking Lion. 

I was like ... ah, thank God ... it is not just some school. It is a parallel intelligence system that we will be working on while we free America and Europe from their malicious systems. The work in the West will result in massive collection of data in various spheres of life ... of policies, regulations, impact on people ... and how all of this has to be replaced by new and fantastic policies. All of this will result in massive cataloging of data. What’s good and what’s bad ... and how to make it even better. This will lead to the formation of a complete intelligence system ... that works mainly focused on “people centric issues”. You can plug this system into any country and it will create wonders for that country. Welcome to the House of Knowledge ... a People Intelligence Network. 

I think we are quite close in locking down these malicious systems. 

Merry Christmas!