No change for America without a revolution

No change for America without a revolution

How are my wonderful Crew ladies doing? It’s been a while. Time for an update. Well, the good news is that the dream about Syria came true ... almost fully completed. You know the interesting thing about that dream ... I was shown two kids playing with two fishes in an aquarium. The scene was on a wooden structure at the sea. And the kids were playing with the fish using remote controls. The fishes were as if ... they were trapped and wanted to escape from that aquarium. 

A typical Syrian situation ... America had no boots on the ground ... it was just remotely playing with the country. I don’t like the kids playing with the fish like that ... so what I do is ... take the remote from one guy ... and make my own moves ... and I help the fish escape into the ocean. Once I take the remote in my hands ... the fish flips out of the water and jumps into the sea. Do you know what these moves were ... that helped the fish escape? It was “The Lovely Jewish History”. Do you know who those two guys were? America and Israel. When I took the remote in my hands ... I brought Russia into the game ... and Russia helped save the fish. 

I wanted to tell you this while I was writing the Lovely Jewish History. I noted the changes in Syria while I was writing this ... I did not tell you about it because I did not want to disturb the progress in Syria. The Lovely Jewish History helped Putin understand the dynamics in Syria ... who these guys are ... what their intentions are ... and how to deal with them. It helped Putin enter the game confidently and win seamlessly. It also helped our American friends understand the scene and stand down while Russia did its job. 

And important point to note here is that ... in the dream only two guys are shown ... no people, no mass protests or anything. And all I needed to do was to get in touch with the White House and the Kremlin to get the job done. It was more than enough to save this fish. I was also shown using the remote ... even I was not on the ground ... I was myself working remotely. 

A huge portion of Syria has been rescued and now with the Trump Administration’s cooperation ... God willing, Syria should be fully rescued. Trump is not dumb enough to go on a collision course with Russia for a country like Syria. So, as of now ... we have one major dream ... that involved saving a country ... it has been realized to a great extent. 

Thanks to the Obama Administration, Putin and Kremlin for understanding the parameters at play and helping those that needed help. And my lovely Crew Teams ... kudos to you ... fantastic job done. And thank God for helping us and choosing us for these wonderful endeavors. All praise be to Thee.

So, that’s Syria ... we are coming to the closing chapter there. The thing with America is that ... it is not going to be a one guy game or two guys game. I have been shown waves of people rising ... you don’t raise these waves ... you will get no change. The game is far more complicated in America. There will be no change in America without a revolution. Just talking to the White House or Kremlin is not going to change America.

Look ... Obama tried for 8 long years ... was he able to make any major change in America? Nope. Syria we could ... America ... nothing. You have to work with me in raising the people against these malicious policies ... it is then only that you will get change ... without that, nothing is going to happen for America.

So, my dear lovely Crew ... its time to pull some strings.