Lions Vs Tigers Christians Vs Satanic Jews

Lions Vs Tigers – Christians Vs Satanic Jews

You know something ... I used to wonder what the hell is going on? How is a lion any different from a tiger? Both of them are wild animals ... both of them are from the jungle ... why would any of them treat you differently? If you put yourself in a cage with tigers or lions ... why would they show different treatment to you ... both of them would pretty much do the same thing. 

But what I am seeing in the dream is that ... the lion is shown to be my guardian angel ... and we are collectively ripping the skin off tigers and breaking them apart. I used to wonder ... why would a lion protect me and why do we need to break down these tigers? Who are these lions and who are these tigers?

Then I saw another dream ... where we had broken down the tiger ... the individual parts of the tiger were on the floor ... heart, lungs, liver and so on. Interestingly, those individual parts of the tiger were not dead ... the heart was still beating and all other organs had movement in them. And there were about a dozen people sitting around the place were this breaking down was being done ... and I was instructing them on the work. I figured out that ... these might be the members of the United Nations and they are collectively working on an issue that is plaguing their countries. 

But then these members were shown as human beings and not as lions. So, technically lions were not the ones who were directly breaking down the tigers. It was the leaders of the UN that broke down the tigers collectively. So, who are the lions? 

The lions and tigers are shown to be animals of the same jungle and of the same wild nature. But the lions are shown to be the good ones who are breaking down the bad ones. This helped me figure out that ... it is the Crew System. It is this Joint Intelligence System that they have created to control and direct people. The lions are the ones with the right ideology ... based in Christianity, based in God, based on loving and helping people. While the tigers represent the systems created based upon the criminal Satanic Jewish ideology that is exploiting the people. Both of them are branches of the same Crew System ... both of them have the same tools ... both of them have the same techniques ... because both of them are animals coming from the same Crew System. The main difference is in the ideology and the resultant impact on the people.

The lions are basically the Christian wing of the Crew System. The tigers are systems created under the umbrella of the criminal Satanic Jewish ideology ... these are hardcore exploitation systems. Even though the lion is a part of the same Crew System ... having the same set of tools and techniques ... it differs in its results for the people. 

Heh ... initially I was like ... hell ya ... get lost ... what the hell ... the Crew System will protect me? Why the hell I will need the protection of the Crew System? I don’t need protection of the Crew System ... I need protection from the Crew System. What I was seeing was that ... the behaviors of the Crew System around me were totally identical to the policies run by these guys at the top political level that we wanted to break down. They were running almost the same policies ... but in different terms and levels. I had no idea why would one branch of the Crew System protect me and work towards breaking down another branch? 

But when you put all of it together ... this is what you get. The tigers are nothing but the exploitation systems that have been created directly via Satanic Jewish ideology. The leaders of the UN will work on it collectively because if you see ... all of them are Christian countries ... from left to the right of the globe ... right from America to Russia. And it is this entire Christian zone that is affected by these criminal exploitation systems. Which is why we got the “lion” that branches out from the same Crew System and stands against these exploitation systems in favor of its people and country. Technically, they might not be as religious ... but they still follow the same path of loving and helping people ... believe in making a better world. They themselves are unaware of the Satanic Jewish roots of their own system.

Why the lion becomes the perfect guardian angel is because ... it is totally aware of all the tools and techniques of the game of its system. Yes, the lion will be critical in getting all of these leaders and politicians together in taking a collective action against these systems. But it is these politicians that will be seen on the frontend making the moves against these tigers ... which is why we have the leaders of the UN in the scene.

One small obstacle

You know how these guys manage to run all of these systems ... media, politics and corporations in their favor? Via monopoly ... monopoly is the key to their unshakable existence. The moment you break their monopoly ... all of their systems collapse. 

Facilitate Independent Action

For a collapse in their systems ... you need to facilitate “independent action” ... independent presence, independent voice, independent action. The main objective of their monopoly is to eliminate independent action. Which is why they have bought out 90% of the US media ... 70-80% of the Congress and most of the largest corporations in the US. The moment you enter in their system ... as an employee ... in their media companies or political system or corporations ... then you are owned. You end up sitting in a roller coaster ride ... with a pre-designed path where you have no possibility of independent action ... and you are totally dependent upon the guys who are controlling the roller coaster ride. They might speed it up ... they might slow you down ... or they might stop you all together ... in all of these scenarios ... they make sure that you are on a path that they want you to follow. This is how monopoly works in the US ... this is how they are able to control the masses ... via monopoly in politics, media and corporations.

So, my dear lovely Crew ... don’t try to get me employed anywhere. I don’t care if it is the White House ... I don’t care if it is the job of the President itself. It is totally contrary to my grain ... I am not interested in being a part of any slave system. Some guys might try to make this move ... “ah, this guy should be in the White House ... he is perfect ... and bla bla bla.” The moment I will take up “a job” ... it will be the death of my work. They will kill independent voice ... they will kill independent action ... and make me one of the guys on their stupid roller coaster rides. 

Obama himself was on a roller coaster ride for 8 years ... if you did not notice. Lol. Did he make any change? Yeah, it is because of this that he was not able to make any change ... it is a freaking roller coaster ride. You have no voice ... you have no independence ... you have no discretion. If you try to do anything different then you are outdone by the other guys.

This is not what you have to facilitate only for me ... but you have to facilitate this for every single American citizen ... if you want real change. Because ... trust me ... the change will not come from the top ... it has to be initiated and demanded by the people ... it is then that our leaders will move into action. And if the people don’t know where the flaws are ... and what exactly needs to be changed ... then you will get no change. Obama spent 8 years learning and experiencing this. He didn’t lose much ... but it’s the country and the people that lost ... and we have $20 Trillion in debt and we have the same systems that continue to exploit us.

Denial and Deflection

“No, no ... we are not Satanic ... this system is not Jewish.” Denial and deflection is a pre-planned response when each of their tactic or system is exposed. Just like a criminal would do ... “did you rob the bank? Oh no, we did not rob the bank.” Do you think they will accept and own this? No, they wont ... that’s a part of their strategy ... to lie, to fool and to continue to mislead and exploit. That is how their systems are established and continue to run.

Why will the lion win over the tigers?

Another interesting thing is that ... there are several tigers shown but only one lion. How will this one lion win over several tigers? This one lion is shown to be far more superior in power and action than the tigers. Why and how? This lion is the collective force of the Christian people from the most developed countries of the world. This one force outnumbers the malicious Jewish elements by a massive factor. That is reason number one. The second reason is that ... all of these Satanic Jewish systems are “criminal” in nature. The tigers are powerful only by their mere existence and monopoly. But they have no authenticity or benefit for the people ... they are essentially “exploitation” systems ... these guys only drain the wealth and cause debt for the countries. Despite being as large as tigers they will be scared like cats at the thought of their examination and breakdown by the Christian force.