Bullshit Strategies Sympathy and Stays

Parallel Intelligence Systems – Track and Control

Yes, my dear lovely ladies ... I am talking about our lovely Crew System here. Lol. Don’t worry, I won’t be going in too much detail. The topic is too lengthy and it would lead into a different direction all together even if I attempted to give details. But what you should realize is the origins of your system ... it is Satanism ... it is illegal and wrong ... just like all of their other systems. But understanding your system and working with you guys together has given me a much better understanding of the issues that Americans face. It puts us in a much more favorable position to deal with the miscreants. 

Will keep you guys posted about it ... till then take care of the Bullshit Strategies that they design to maintain the work in the Bullshit Zone. They will show the aim of the action to be something and it will aim at doing something else ... these guys are experts at misleading people. Below are two of their recent strategies.


“Aww ... look at the guy ... he is living alone ... he is all alone ... because of this project ... he has already spent so many years on this ... for how long is he going to be alone? We need to get him off this project ... he needs to live his life ... he needs to enjoy life ... this is not the way to live.”

Bla bla bla ... bullshit. The show that they are trying to help me ... but this is another attempt to stop the work by misleading people. Our next steps should be designed to obtain sponsors and politicians in our favor. They try to stop us from achieving this while creating distractions ... and deviating us into something else. Moreover, this is not “work” for me ... this is lifestyle for me. This is exactly how I will be for the rest of my life ... trying to make systems better around us. I don’t need anyone’s sympathy ... if you want to help ... then look at the next steps that have to be accomplished for the project.


Another Bullshit Strategy is ... “ah, he loves the country so much ... he wants to settle down here only ... we need him in America ... we need to get him out of there.” And then they will design rude and negative elements in the atmosphere to get this done. 

In Malaysia ... ah he loves Malaysia too much ... we need to get him out of there. In Russia ... ah, he loves Russia too much ... we need to get him out of there. In Serbia ... ah, he loves Serbia too much ... we need to get him out of there.  

Every place I go ... it seems I am crazy about that place and I want to settle down there. Therefore, they need to create hate circles around me ... create negative elements to take me out of that country. Why? So, that I will come to America. Is that even logical? No, that’s bullshit. It is basically designed to obstruct my work ... render me unable to stay and work from one place for a while. Come to America ... for what? So that these guys can flex their muscles and show me what they can do? Its ridiculous ... first get something started then we will look into it based upon the progress of the work. 

I am myself saying that I have to travel ... this work involves more countries ... I cannot remain fixed at a place for years together. But this is another bullshit strategy designed to create a bullshit zone to adversely affect the work.

Try to eliminate such bullshit strategies and focus on the next immediate steps to be achieved. The only two main things that we need right now are sponsors and politicians. And it can be done via simple phone calls. I will give the list of milestones so that you know where we are headed and what needs to be accomplished. Focus in that direction and eliminate any deviations.