Creation of Lines of Conflict

Creation of Lines of Conflict

Another interesting technique of creating Bullshit Strategies is the “creation of lines of conflict”. This strategy is basically designed to obstruct future constructive steps for the project ... just like all other bullshit strategies. But uniquely they are designed based upon creating “differences” among people. These differences create dislike and mistrust among the people involved. It helps them suppress the work successfully.

There are several levels of conflict that they create:

  • Political
  • Personal
  • Societal and so on

I will give some examples ... so that you understand the type of conflicts they create ... using their capabilities of networking into different societies. 


I went to Russia. I generally write against Satanism and Communism. In the place where I was staying in my first visit ... they were nicely planting Satanists, Communists and Atheists around me. Most of the residents that would come ... would be of similar background. Those guys have no idea why they are in that particular residence ... but once they know what I am writing about ... then the chemistry is obvious. 

In Russia, they couldn’t target me using my religion ... in some places they used my religion also to target me. Most of the Russians would be like ... the guy is from India ... so what if he is Muslim? He seems like a nice guy. The Muslim card really did not help. So, they used this political aspect from the content and tried to create a hate circle around me ... by pulling people from opposite political background. This is just one technique of “deliberately designing” a line of conflict. I don’t go out there and fight with anybody ... so they create scenarios of conflict around me. This is a part of their ideology “create circumstances of success”. They create the circumstances to facilitate their next planned move.

And their priority is ... to maintain the project in the Bullshit Zone using Bullshit Strategies ... and don’t let it move forward.


I did not talk about dating in the last page. The thing is I don’t date ... I don’t date at all ... I don’t care who the woman is or how she looks like. I have other stuff to do that I am busy with. I will date whenever I want to ... whoever I want to ... it’s none of anybody’s business. They already know this. Now, they use this information to create their own scenarios. 

At every place I go ... ah see, he does not like your women ... he likes someone else ... that is why he is not dating. He will leave you and go to some other place. In India ... ah see, he does not like Indian women ... he likes American ... that’s why he is not dating Indian women. Why do you want to help a guy who does not even like you? In Russia ... he does not like Russian women ... he likes Chinese. In Malaysia ... he does not like Malaysian women ... he likes Indian. This same Bullshit Strategy is played at almost every place. What are they doing here? Using data from my personal life to create a line of conflict.

Surveillance Based

They sit there and track everything that I do on my computer. I generally listen to music while working. I am interested in different cultures around the world so I listen to different music ... Latin, Korean, Afghan, Iranian, Russian, American, Indian and so on. I really don’t care what the lyrics are ... I just pick some songs that have a nice beat ... it is mainly for the music. They know this. Now see how they use this information to run their own scenarios. “Ah see, he is listening to Indian music ... he wants to go to India ... he wants an Indian girl. He is listening to Russian music ... he wants to go to Russia ... he wants a Russian girl. He is listening to Korean music ... he does not like you, he wants to go to Korea ... he wants a Korean girl.”

Lol. Yeah, if I want a Korean girl, I will come to Istanbul and listen to Korean music ... because that’s the best way to date a Korean girl ... go to a city where they are not found and listen to their music. Lol. So, what is this basically? It is a Bullshit Strategy used to create a Bullshit Zone using Bullshit Information. Observe how they are using all of the strings and information in order to control people and direct the process their way.


In the beginning of the project ... they were like ... we love you, come to America ... work from America. I am like ... yeah right, I will come to America and work from there ... these guys control everything right from politics to legals ... I will come there and place myself in their trap. I said ... no thank you very much ... it is better to start the project from the outside. They used this line and said what ... “ah see, he is not coming to America ... he does not like you ... he ran away ... he left you ... he doesn’t care.” What is this? A Bullshit Strategy designed to create a line of conflict.

They try to create lines of conflict at every place ... the main objectives of this is:

  • Remove support
  • Create mistrust
  • Suppress the work
  • If possible, even take action against the person

All of these are planned and designed by the same guys. This is the main reason I have picked the cities of Moscow, Belgrade, Istanbul and Kuala Lumpur. There is minimum Jewish political influence in these cities. The small portion of influence that is there ... it can easily be controlled. These cities will work as fantastic bases for the work. 

Here is a task for the American Crew. We have no issues with Moscow and Belgrade ... Putin has fantastic influence in both the cities and we should face no glitches there ... God willing. Istanbul and Kuala Lumpur a little bit closer to America politically. As of now Obama is in office ... we are content with Obama’s cooperation at an international level. We need you to make sure that Trump continues to support the project ... and he does not pull any string to affect the work in these cities. Because that’s the only way that our project can be influenced in these cities ... otherwise they have absolutely no legal or financial influence to affect the work. We might start some campaigns soon ... we need you to keep an eye on:

  • Lines of Conflict. Any local lines of conflict that they might create ... God knows under what stupid context it might be. They might try to create some stupid conflict targeting me or my work. 
  • Political Control. Any political strings being pulled from America that might affect the work. 

At every location, they are coming up with something stupid. Just keep an eye on em.