The Bullshit Zone Superior Process Management

The Bullshit Zone – Superior Process Management

To understand what is going on in the above illustration ... first let us take a look at another illustration below. This illustration will help us understand why they are doing the above.

This illustration shows how the Jewish Establishment controls the entire American system. It also manages any “changes” in the system using the very same control factors.

  • Cash Flow. These guys have unlimited access to cash via the Federal Reserve System ... using which Jewish groups own the majority of the largest corporations in America. This “cash flow” helps them control the campaign finance of almost every Congress member. This is how the Jewish Establishment manages to control both the parties ... Democrats as well as Republican.
  • Politicians. This is why you will find 70-80% of the Congress is controlled by AIPAC. This is why you will find politicians from both parties to be unusually Pro Israel. They stand there promising unbreakable support for Israel. Why? Because their campaign finance comes from corporations run by Jewish Groups and Jewish lobbies like AIPAC.
  • Media. This is another major effective tool in controlling the political system and managing politicians in America. Jewish groups own more than 90% of media entities in America. Tens of thousands of media outlets are owned by Jewish groups. If they want to eliminate any politician from the race then they simply activate this control factor against that person. They pick any of his faults ... it might be personal, business or political ... they give it widespread publicity demonizing the person publicly and thus eliminating his public support.
  • Surveillance. They monitor every single phone call and email sent by every single American. This surveillance helps them in collecting personal data of every individual ... 
    • Activity Monitoring. They get to know the activity of every person and organization in America which helps them monitor every anti-Israeli or anti-Establishment activity.
    • Personal Flaws. This surveillance also helps them collect the flaws or personal data of the individuals which can be used to pressurize the individual into silence. This surveillance is itself a change management tool used to monitor the people at a national scale ... at a personal level as well as at an organizational level.

If the people want any change in the system ... then who will they go to? They expect their leaders and politicians to provide the change. But look at the illustration again ... the system has been rigged in a way where the people cannot do much other than “hope and pray”. Because their votes end up falling into the hands of the same Jewish Establishment ... doesn’t matter which person or party they vote for. And this Jewish Establishment is a criminal organization that only caters to its own personal interest ... they don’t give a damn about the people.

Now, let’s go back to our first illustration. What are we trying to do? From our current level, we are trying to move forward by taking two simple steps:

  • Get Political Connections
  • Get Sponsors / Advertisers for the project

It is very simple and very easy ... not rocket science. Once you create a political circle that supports your project and get sponsors ... you go full fledged in the media with your project. But these two simple steps are like dynamites for the Jewish Establishment ... and they are freaking out over it. They are going to great lengths to stop us from accomplishing these two simple steps. Why? Take a look at this illustration again:


This is how they own the system ... this is how they control the system. Once we start generating our own cash flow ... start pulling politicians in our favor ... and going widespread in the media with our project ... then the system would be out of their control. Their very rule and control over America is threatened by our project. We would root out their control over America. This is what scares them the most. We are working on the very factors that these guys use to control the entire system. 

Now, let’s look at the first illustration ... you will understand what they are doing and why they are doing it.


Read about the Bullshit Hero Theory here:

The Bullshit Hero Theory shows how these guys are creating bullshit scenarios in order to stop the progress of the work. In our work, we need to take only two simple steps forward ... connect with politicians and sponsors. But these two simple steps will be the beginning of a nightmare for their malicious systems ... they come up with a long list of bullshit scenarios in order to stop us from taking these two steps. 

Superior Process Management

These guys are able to control our future steps ... they are able to control what we can do and what we cannot do via “Superior Process Management”. These guys control systems by taking over the entire process. Through their surveillance activities ... 

  • They know exactly what we are doing
  • They know who we are getting in touch with
  • They know which organizations are involved

Through their widespread network ... they control “decision making” at these organizations. They plant one or two members whose primary objectives would be to derail the project. They are using two important factors here:

  • Surveillance
  • Networking

Using these two factors, they are able to control the decision making at every organizational level possible. This is Superior Process Management ... they are succeeding by keeping themselves one step ahead of us. 

Bullshit Scenarios

Let’s go through some of the Bullshit scenarios that they use to control decision making in their favor ... so that you understand what is going on.

Hate Based

  • This is Racism
  • This is Anti Semitism
  • This is Hate Speech

First of all ... we are not Anti Semitic. We love Jews. Jews are our brothers and sisters ... they were born from the same Adam and Eve just like all of us were. And they deserve to be loved and invited to the right direction just like anyone else does. We love Jews and we are not against Jews. But we are against crime and Satanism. And I think, all laws are created to combat crime. In no law in any land it can be said that ... you cannot speak against crime. We are speaking against crime and criminals. And just because these Satanists have embedded their criminal ideology within Judaism ... it does not mean that we should turn a blind eye to it. We love Jews and we all need to save Jews from this criminal ideology that has destroyed them again and again. So much for hate speech.

Security Based

  • It’s a risky project
  • We need to protect him
  • We cannot allow him to do this

This is actually reverse psychology. I don’t need more protection. I already have fantastic entities protecting me. It is these criminals who need protection and they are protecting themselves by holding back the work. 

Control Based

  • He should come to America
  • He should be a politician in America
  • He should run a TV show in America
  • He should work in our company

Once they see that the people like the project and they want to project to be accomplished ... then these guys try to control the process. They either 

  • Put me in a system that is controlled by them or
  • Use someone who is controlled in their system

This is why they want me to come to America because America is already controlled by them. I should be a politician in America because the political system is already controlled by them. I should run a TV show in America so that they can pull it off whenever they want and they can dictate me what I can or cannot say. And lastly, I should work in one of their organizations so that I am again under several organizational control factors. All of these scenarios are designed so that they get to control the process ... if they control the process then they control the outcome of the process ... and they will make sure that the project fails. 

And when I don’t agree to work with them ... they just use another guy to do the same work ... on the pretext of protecting me. And they make sure that the guy fails ... “ah see, we took all of his ideas and it did not work.” Firstly, you are not supposed to steal my ideas. Secondly, I talk only about the problem definition. I don’t talk about how it has to be done at all. If you take partial information, obviously you will fail.

Fear Based

  • Ah, he speaks against American politicians
  • He is Anti American

Just now, I was a prospective politician in America ... and now I am an Anti American? Lol. It’s a hypocritic scenario ... and they come up with such scenarios because their objective is to derail the project. Their objective is to stop me from taking the next step and all of this helps them in the same.

Torpedo Help

  • We will finance him if he dates our women
  • We will finance him if he will stay in one place

Torpedo help is like ... they actually get some people who are interested in financing the project ... and then they use a condition to eliminate the help ... making sure that you are where you started. They attach conditions like ... I should date their women and stay in only one place. Why do they come up with these options? If I base the work in one place, they can easily pull strings to affect the work in that place. Which is why I plan bases in about 4 different cities in the world. 

Super Fantasy Steps

  • He should be the President
  • He should get Honorary Citizenship for America
  • He should get Honorary Citizenship for Germany
  • He should get the Nobel Prize

These are Super Fantasy Steps. Sometimes they get people who are 100% ready to work with us. They are ready to finance ... they are ready to build connections with us. In such scenarios, they use super fantasy steps to hold off the next immediate steps required. Instead of working on politicians and sponsors ... they say ... no, no, no ... hold off on this ... we have something even better for him. We know he is a great guy ... we will make him the President of America ... we will get him the Honorary Citizenship of America and Germany ... we will give him the Nobel Prize. These steps are like lightening from the sky ... imaginary stuff that is not even required. But they are used as successful deviations from the next steps required to be taken. These are recognition based deviations ... if we have not accomplished anything then what recognition do they talk about?

Faith Based

  • He is a Muslim. Why should we take advice from a Muslim?
  • He should convert and become Christian.

Another cheesy deviation tactic that they could imagine. 

Surveillance Based

  • Use of personal data to deviate

They try to use my personal data in order to control the decision making process. 

If you see ... all of this process management is possible for them only via surveillance and networking. They are a bunch of criminals ... sitting there ruling over an entire country ... using a bunch of tools. They have established their superiority over the people using these control factors. They are holding the people hostage via this systemic control.