Make sure Trump remains Pro Russia

Make sure Trump remains Pro Russia

Alright guys ... its time to activate Plan B. We have a very short duration for Plan A and even if we get the funding ... by the time we setup and launch ... the next guy will be elected. This is what I need American Crew to do ... get in touch with Donald Trump and make sure ... make very very sure ... tune it in his head ... lock it down ... fix it in an unbreakable manner ... I don’t care what you have to do ... I need you to make sure that Donald Trump does NOT get in a conflict with Russia. 

Doesn’t matter what bullshit happens ... it might be in Syria or Iran or Poland or North Korea ... I don’t care which part of the world it is ... make sure that Trump does NOT initiate a conflict with Russia. This is exactly what they will do in the coming months ... they will try to move Trump away from supporting Russia. Right now, Donald Trump is in his right head ... at least about Russia ... but they will use techniques to make Trump against Russia. Some of these techniques are:

  • Family Advisers. Trump has a lot of Jews in his family. This is one of the reasons he is a candidate ... and this is one of the reasons he is getting free media coverage in America. They think that Trump is a part of the Jewish family. And these Jewish relatives are directing Trump’s policies. All of these ideas that he is getting about deporting immigrants to banning Muslims ... he is getting from his family advisers. Don’t allow these “family advisers” to change Trump’s stand with Russia.
  • Policy Advisers. The Jewish Establishment has a lot of members associated with them in the political circles. All of these members coincidentally promote the same agenda. See that he does not change his stand because some idiot out there is advising his something else.
  • Media thrashing. Most of the mainstream media is owned by Jewish groups. They have thrashed Trump several times about his stand with Russia and Putin. And they have also started inquiring relations between the Russian block and Trump’s businesses and party associates. This demonization and thrashing in the media is one of their tools to make politicians change their stand on certain topics. Even if you are right ... they will make you feel as if it is wrong and you have to change your stand. It is just a gimmick.
  • Events – Syria & Iran. If advising and policy change does not work then these guys use “events” to prove their strategy. They create events as per their strategy. So, you have to be very careful about reactions to future events in Syria and Iran. They might create events in these countries which will lead to development of tensions between America and Russia. 
  • Events – Poland and Eastern Europe. Poland was used to start World War II. These assholes started massacring residents of German descent in Poland to piss off Germany and Hitler. Hitler did not respond so they started killing by the thousands ... and started raping and looting their properties. They literally forced Hitler to take action against Poland. These guys are war designers ... they are heartless, evil, cold and ruthless people. You cannot predict the extent to which they will go to. And Poland is one of their major pawns in Eastern Europe. If they make any dickish move against Russia then sit back and let Russia teach them a lesson. Do NOT get involved. Just request Russia to keep the response proportionate. 
  • Events – North Korea. You know why North Korea remains pissed off at America right? It is a Communist country ... and Communism is a Satanic Jewish product. This is the reason why all Communist countries hate America. One reason is because Communism is Jewish ... second reason is because America had a major role in the downfall of Communism in the East. Our lovely Jewish Establishment actually hates America and the American people. That’s why they have designed such a disastrous economic system there. However, if this cranky leader of North Korea is used to do something stupid ... then make sure ... whatever you do ... don’t get in a conflict with Russia. 
  • Events – ISIS uses WMD. ISIS is created, controlled and run by Israel. Our lovely Netanyahu is already saying that ISIS will use WMD. Which means that Israel will supply WMD to ISIS members. This major attack can be used to escalate the conflict in the Middle East and possibly used as an excuse to go after Iran. You need to prepare Trump before hand for a cool, responsible and a peaceful calculated response to such an event. He can’t go gaga over it and take a freakish outrageous response. Try to teach Trump to go after the guys who are buying oil from ISIS and cut off the financial routes for ISIS ... rather than being violent and aggressive which they want him to be.

What you need to note here is that ... once Obama is gone ... they will look for excuses to create the next war ... they will look for excuses to destroy another country. You need to prepare Trump to handle these “preplanned events” with a cool head. Obama was a super cool candidate ... I didn’t need to give him these lessons. He is already cooperating with Russia with just a few articles published. That’s one of the good things about Obama ... he is good with Diplomacy. 

The only mistake Obama made was try to hog the limelight and tried to do everything himself. They actually encouraged him to do that ... you know why? “They get to control the process”. If they get a guy within the system ... then they get to control the outcome of his efforts ... because they control the entire system. They will tell you:

  • Aww, he is not ready
  • He should come to America
  • He should date American girls
  • He should be a politician in America
  • We can give him a TV Show of his own in America

You know what happens with all of that? They get me in their system ... they get to control the work ... thus they control the outcome of the work. Obama tried and then? He failed. That’s what they will say ... ah we tried, but you know ... we failed. That’s one of the techniques to brush off the work below the carpet. When I don’t agree with their stupid terms of ... dating their women or working in their companies or being a politician in their rigged system ... they will say ... hey, hey we got another guy who will do this ... they will take him up and then after four years ... no result. These guys are experts in fooling and misleading people ... that’s how they are sustaining their systems.

The thing ... Obama failed and the only thing we lost is some money. We can take care of the money we lost. But if Trump fails ... if you by any stupid wildest rarest of chances ... initiate a conflict with Russia ... then there won’t be an America left to save. This is not about saving $2.73 Billion per day ... this is about being alive tomorrow. If you want to see the sun shining ... then get this message to Trump and tune it real hard in his brains. Do it repeatedly ... every month of his Presidency ... that the last thing he has to do is go with a conflict with Russia. That is something off the table ... and it should not be considered under any circumstance.

These are the next steps that they will try ... 

  • Demonize Trump’s support for Russia and Putin ... they have actually started doing that in the media.
  • Make Trump disconnect from Russia and remove his support for Russia
  • Create events to make him dislike Russia or Putin
  • And before you know it ... we are at war.

So, these mild suggestions that they are putting in Trump’s head against Russia ... eliminate all of those stupid suggestions ... show him who the real rascals are and make him aware of all of their techniques. Even if they try to turn Trump against Russia ... Trump should be able to see through their moves. It might be his family advisers, policy advisers, military advisers or any god damn person that is in touch with him. And you make sure ... on a monthly basis ... that Trump is Pro Russia ... and he will work peacefully in cooperation with Russia at all times. This is no joke ... your very existence depends upon this.

And this is one of the reasons, you should boot Hillary from the race. She has no commonsense at all. She will not understand this. Trump being a businessman has at least some sense of what is right and wrong. Hillary is a total corporate puppet. She does not calculate anything ... she does not measure anything ... she only dances as per the tunes played. She will be a disaster for America. I know Trump is not perfect ... but if Trump is there ... there will actually be an America to save.

And Obama dear ... kindly stop supporting Hillary. She is a monster. She is sucking up to you now because she wants to remain out of prison ... but the moment she is elected ... she will not even recognize you. She will stomp over you and do her own thing. You know she has zero leadership and vision. She is just not right for America. Help out Trump.