Pissed off at Obama?

Pissed off at Obama?

Well, the answer to that is yes and no. 

Yes because ...

His 8 year tenure as President is turning out to be a useless copy paste Presidency ... who didn’t do shit for his people. He promised them the sky and gave them peanuts. He is being a symbol of as pathetic a President can be. His signature punchline was “change we can believe in” ... and he is turning out to be a symbol of “doing no good for the people”. A pathetic stagnant phase of no change is what he delivered to the people. 

On top of that ... when Foreign Policy is concerned ... the guy turned out to be 5 times worse than George Bush. Kills 5 times more than George Bush and creates chaos in 5 different countries out there. The guy has been an utter total disaster.

No because ...

It is not fully his fault. People think that if you are the President then you are in charge ... but that is not the case of American Politics. The Jewish Establishment runs American Politics. The pathetic no results phase of the Obama Presidency only highlights how powerless our leaders are ... and how the entire system is run by the Establishment in their favor. Which brings us to a more important point ... nothing is going to be different with the next guy. The next guy is going to repeat the same damn shit. He will just cover it with different words that people like to hear.

Obama might have given results 5 times worse than George Bush ... but he is not George Bush. The difference between Obama and Bush is that ... Obama tried ... he tried to change the system ... he made an effort ... he made an effort as per his capacity. Yeah he failed ... but he knows the flaws in the system and he made genuine efforts in changing the system ... right from fighting against income inequality to auditing the fed ... to a peace deal with Iran. 

Yeah ... I am pissed off at the overall result what we have at hand ... but Obama is genuinely a nice person who cares at a personal level. Which brings us to some real time truths that we need to face.

Stick to your roles and stop trying to rip us off

Firstly, American leaders should stop trying to steal our work. It is not about credit ... I don’t even mention my name anywhere on the sites. I am not an author who is concerned about his book being plagiarized ... nor am I a News agency who wants credit. I tell you guys not to try to steal my work because it is simply NOT possible for you guys to accomplish this on your own. You guys are like little kids who steal someone’s laptop ... and they don’t know shit how to use it. You sit there staring at the screen not knowing what to do with it. The only thing you do is ... scream and tell everyone that “I have a laptop, I have a laptop” ... but you don’t know shit how to use it. Eventually resulting in no change and no result ... the Obama Presidency.

Audit the Fed

We talked about the Federal Reserve being a malicious system designed by a Jewish Family ... and some stupid advisers tell Obama to take up the task. And he goes about ... “I will audit the fed ... I will create history ... I will change the system.” And I am like ... “ow yeah really? Good luck buddy, good luck!” And bam ... he falls flat on his face ... he doesn’t have enough votes to even pass the bill. 

This is system control ... you can’t pull off this shit. Firstly, auditing the fed is itself the wrong move. You don’t audit the fed ... you nationalize the fed ... no more private control over the printing of our money ... the government needs to take over all monetary operations. Your first step itself was the wrong move ... forget about getting a vote ... getting a vote has several factors attached to it. You don’t press on getting the vote ... you address those factors as the next step. Like I said ... you steal stuff from someone else and you have no idea of how to work on it.

The Occupy Movement

Obama decided to address the income inequality issue ... using the 1% and 99% strategy. What he was actually trying to do was address the issue of Jewish Corporations ripping off the American people. And that’s the best thing he could come up with ... without being racist and keeping himself safe within the legal framework. Did it work? What are the accomplishments of the Occupy Movement? Nothing. 

Trump’s bringing back jobs

Those were just two examples from the Obama Administration. Let me show you one example from the future. Trump is campaigning on “bringing jobs back to America”. This is again a concept stolen from our site. This is the highlight of his entire Presidential campaign. Yeah, using this content he will definitely get votes. My work is fantastic for the people ... people will love it and support it like crazy. But the question is ... not about using the content ... it is the actual action that matters. Will Trump be able to realize this? Nope. I am telling you in advance. Even before he enters office ... I am telling you ... he will not be able to realize it. Because of the very same factors that Obama was not able to realize anything. 

Don’t steal my work ... you have no idea how to use it

In fact, all of the above tasks can be easily done. It is easy for me ... because I know how to do it. Once you know it, its easy ... if you don’t ... then you will be like a little kid staring at the computer screen not knowing what to do with it.

Costed $10 Trillion

This delay and Obama’s obsession to do it by himself has costed the American people $10 Trillion. Every single day they are paying about $2.73 Billion ... because a bunch of little kids are figuring out how to use something that they have no idea about. I know Obama was trying to keep me safe and trying to pull it off himself ... but trust me, I have a lot of very effective agencies protecting me. Safety is not a major concern ... getting the job done is.

American Politician’s Role – Connect and Enable

Let’s define some roles so that we stop killing time ... because it is the people who are on the losing end. The role of leaders and politicians is of “enablers”. Then connect and enable ... that’s it ... nothing more than that. You see the project ... you see the laws and framework ... you see how it benefits the people ... you interconnect and enable it. That’s it ... you don’t step forward trying to play the hero. There is no hero here ... the only hero in the entire project ... are the people. The people are the heroes here ... not you, not me, not any intelligence agencies ... it is the people who will fight and it is the people who will win this. 

And you have no idea how to involve the people in getting this done ... nor am I interested in giving you the details ... coz it will take another book for me to write. The important thing for leaders and politicians is that ... your role is simple ... connect and enable ... but you get all the credit. All of these new laws and regulations will be signed off by you ... they will be done under your name. History will remember that you signed off on all of these laws ... people will remember and applaud you. But in the initial stage ... you need to freaking back off and let us do our damn job. Don’t be an Obama ... trying to be a hero and take up something that you can’t deliver. You will end up being a loser who didn’t do shit.

As far as American leaders are concerned ... the only thing we need for them to do is ... connect and enable. We have several other entities with us from other countries that work on this project ... without them the project will never be realized. You can take as much time as you want to understand and realize this ... but the more time you take, the worse situation we face. There are too many factors why this project cannot be simply done by anyone in America or from America. This is the main reason we are trying to setup offices in Moscow, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur and Belgrade. Because we know the shit that goes on in America and how America is run. You can pick anyone in America ... any politician or leader or celebrity or any freaking hero ... and he will fail pathetically in this project. That is my guarantee ... because that is how exactly the Jewish Establishment works in America. 

Problem Definition

And yeah ... we just talk about the problem definition on our sites. We don’t give more details than that. Because the solutions need to be executed ... not just talked about. And that’s exactly what we are preparing for. It is not something that will happen in just one or two months ... it requires massive level of campaigning in almost every city in America ... so that people realize what needs to be done and they are prepared for it. You are looking at a duration of about atleast one year and then the changes start rolling. It has to be a massive people based operation. If I start talking about that then I will end up writing so many books ... and my lifetime will be spent on just writing books. If I choose that option then I doubt if there will be any countries that need to be saved by then. If the countries won’t even exist then what is the fun in writing the books to save them?